Apple iCar - Part II Opportunities & Consequences

While in Trollhättan the development slides into the unknown, another Swedish manufacturer is testing the future. We remain true to the topic Apple iCar, look in the continuation of the article from Wednesday to Gothenburg.

iCar and PowerBook G4
iCar and PowerBook G4

Volvo gave a press conference on autonomous driving a few weeks ago. Exciting, and of course I joined. Autonomous driving is a big topic, at first glance it is impressive what the Swedes have put on the wheels. At second glance, the euphoria is relativized.

The situation: the systems work on the city ring in Gothenburg. The road is multi-lane, the oncoming traffic separated by a Mittelleitplanke- so it likes colleague computer in the Volvo. Without separation, without multiple lanes, autonomous driving does not (yet) work. Also in snow, in poor visibility. If the sensors can no longer detect the lane markings, the system switches off. Man has to take over.

Navigation through tight inner cities is (still) not possible at Gothenburg. Bad situations that suddenly appear must be learned yet ... says Volvo. That's supposed to happen to 2017 - to be where the software industry is today.

Google is already sending its vehicles through Californian inner cities - and it works. Why?

Because Google and Apple have resources and server capacity that you can only dream of in Gothenburg and elsewhere. The advantage in the field of infrastructure, the experience in the operation of data centers is hard to catch up.

The exciting question: where will Google and Apple stand with their dynamic development and almost unlimited resources 2017? Where the vehicle industry 1.0?

Who actually builds the iCar?

That Apple could treat itself to its own production, is unlikely. You will build, as with the other products, where you understand something of it.

Two rumors are circulating. A Bavarian radio broadcaster said BMW could build the iCar and it could be based on an evolution of the i3. Another source, taken up by Swedish media, sees Volvo as a partner. The unused capacity in China could thus be better utilized.

The likelihood that Apple trusts BMW is higher than the possibility that Volvo will partner with the Californians. BMW has already proven its expertise in new materials and alternative drives with the i3 and i8.

There would be another alternative. An empty factory in Trollhätten, a company that would like to be a contract manufacturer.

Chances for the design

A computer is a box, is a box. No more. Therefore difficult to design. Apple Lisa and Macintosh set standards, the Power Macs as well. 2001 showed Apple the powerbook G4 ... the first Mac notebook with a metal case. A principle that has remained true to this day. My powerbooks have a hard life, accompany me everywhere. When I check them out, they have seen many miles in planes, cars, trains and quite a few countries. They usually go to a new owner who continues to use them.

Apple delivers good design as well as high functionality. If Apple builds a car, you should expect high expectations. The iCar will not be a playful, driving egg like Google. But a valuable, functional multitool. A technically undercooled product, a Saab 9000 transformed into the present.

Just as Cupertino 2001 dared to leap from plastic to metal, so could new materials characterize the interior. There are many ideas, as well as templates. Fisker used ecologically harmless materials. Open-pore deadwood, natural leather. On request, the interior (vegan!) Was free of material of animal origin configurable. A south German manufacturer copied some Fisker ideas for his electric car and was praised by the media for so much creativity.

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Tesla took a 19 "screen, set it upright. Naughty and at the same time simple idea; nobody has dared to do that before. Saab worked on the 9-4x Concept and Aero X with interior glass elements. Part of so much outrageous coolness had almost flowed into the series, but failed because of the circumstances. From Apple, the undercooled technology brand, something similar is expected.

The consequences…

Once the iCar has arrived in reality, it will change life in the metropolitan areas. Driving will not be as it was. The last refuge is conquered, man always and everywhere reachable. The interaction can no longer escape, companies will love the rolling consumer.

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At the same time, driving is dramatically safer. Vehicles communicate with each other, warn each other, accidents fall drastically. Traffic jams can be avoided, traffic flows can be steered intelligently. A gigantic infrastructure in the background will keep vehicles and flood of data going, with all the risks and dependencies.

And there are new opportunities. For people who are limited in their mobility, open up new opportunities to preserve their autonomy.

At the same time, there are many unanswered questions: who will reliably service the rolling computer? Who enter the updates and patches? Who will make sure that the iCar and passengers are not hacked? If you own an iPhone, you have some idea of ​​what attention an iCar might require.

Whether the journey into the future like, whether you pay the price, everyone will have to decide for themselves.

Die rebellen

One thing is foreseeable: a countermovement will establish itself. There will always be people who see driving as a pleasure, as a hobby, or as a haven of human autonomy.

Rebels do not want a car sharing 2.0, not a rolling computer. No patronage, no exaggerated care. They do not want to see the car as a disposable product just because the latest OSX does not run on the old platform.

The end of the article. Switch off!
The end of the article. Switch off!

These annoying individualists will be looking for the old, analog cars. The somewhere in the countryside, far from the metropolises, have survived by collectors and Consumption objectors. They will love an old Saab, they will want to take the wheel in their own hands. The consequence:

Ren Gladje! Analog driving, controlled by a human being ...

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  • Sounds to me like the story behind the musical "We want rock you" from music to the car. I can not imagine sitting in such a rolling computer. As in the musical, the rebels will win.

  • Again a horny article and much more interesting than any SOFI. Cool guy 🙂

  • For me, however, a fact speaks decisively against the vacant factory in Trollhättan. For example, NEVS has no core competencies compared to BMW. They tried to do everything a bit, but there was never anything outstanding. Apple has been making its products for years with "contract manufacturer" Foxconn in China. Can therefore imagine badly that Apple intends to build their own factory / buy and operate. The search is therefore well in the direction of a contract manufacturer MIT experience and certain skills.

    • You are right in theory. But: This company NEVS will / must change if it survives at all. The new owners / partners / cooperation partners will give the company a different direction. One should not fix his opinion on the current status. On Monday, the decision is to cut the debt, with the entry of legal effectiveness NEVS wants to leave the reconstruction. Shortly thereafter, they want to announce the new partners.

  • The last paragraph I like best.

  • Then I already belong to the rebels!

  • I know it
    limp and worked off I let myself fall Friday evening in the best seats of my "... Car`s" and THINK me, that would be nice tomorrow morning in the castle park of Miramare to enjoy the sunrise with a cappucino .. But, home waiting Work, this and that; also the garden wants to be cleaned etc, etc
    Guys, you must believe me now! I really got into Miramare. My smart always_dabei_Gerät showed me just on the screen, as the Scarifier back to its charging station.
    when the aroma of coffee rose to my nose.
    I know, we'll get used to a lot.
    Brothers Grimm looks down.
    I go today still unchached in the woods.

  • My conclusion: If it allows the petty cash 😉, I'll buy myself to prepare for the future two or three other Saabs to my convertible. A station wagon, a new 95er and possibly also a newer convertible with fewer kilometers.

  • Looking to the future reminds me of my collection of "Hobby. The magazine of technology ". Especially in the 60 years there were such articles to find a one-sided belief in the future.

    Realistically, autonomous driving today does not fail because of the possibilities that are technically feasible, but because of the legal hurdles.

    Where an Apple car is cobbled together, it should also be clear, namely, where the workers have no rights and are gekeichtet for the famous apple, but without an egg, so that the overpriced final product corresponding profits.

    Previously, Apple products were indispensable because superior.

    I made my start in the digital world.

    Today, it is just overpriced and does not offer any better benefits, except one needs for the ailing ego.

    • "Today, it is just overpriced and no better use, unless you need for the ailing ego."

      You can not see that, but you do not have to. I think so for me: Calculator all with Windows system, because better for working (mE). However, there are also people who put more value on processing quality and operation for some products. That's why I only had iPhones so far. They were always reliable, they are good and valuable in the hand and are great to use. This type of satisfaction does not currently offer me any other smartphone. In addition, the Werverfall is not as strong as on Samsung smartphones. Everybody as he wishes…

      • Even WIN computers / laptops can be of good quality and easily beat Apple products. But they are not found in the relevant electric supermarkets for "stinginess is cool" prices.
        Quality has nothing to do with the operating system.
        I think that also means sesi and I have been using it for years. This manufacturer is more comparable to SAAB in terms of durability, thoughtful features and distribution.

        Albert is right, we certainly need not hope that Apple will ever produce in a high-wage country.

        • Everyone has a different quality concept, that's okay too. Do not think that Samsung, Sony, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba produce in high-wage countries. Why then the criticism with Apple?

          • Nah, I do not think that of those one produces expensive, of which I did not mean any.
            My criticism is directed against the arrogance of the group and many of its users (disciples), who always mean to show individuality and quality, a kind of status symbol.
            It is simply an overpriced mass product.
            The associated data octopus - as described in the articles - scares me off rather.

    • I agree!

  • and interesting is vlt. Also, in space missions for decades always folding computers of another renowned manufacturer find their way into space - no, not prettier, but technically better. They also think in a saabic way: form follows function!

  • Exciting thoughts on the future of movement on the roads! On the 45 km to work driving, even in the Saab, makes only very limited fun, that would be a field, because you could be completely mobile, 90% is limited to the distance to the anticipated to regulate a reasonable level. Today's car industry gives me the impression of having perfected existing technology very far, then there is often a change with completely new technologies. Because of the significantly longer life of cars not quite as fast as computers, but it will come. If Google and Apple with lots of money and people to develop ideas will eventually come to the application, whether there or in classic car makers without not-invented-here syndrome will put out.
    The Saab for the weekend and otherwise the car-mobile? From time to time I also enjoy analog film.
    Exciting will be how the mix of iCars and conventional vehicles works.

    • Not at all, it's the same as the paperless office;)

  • to all those who want to rebel and get a largely elecronikfreies Automabiel, at the latest when the autonomous driving has been enforced and regulated is the driver of old vehicles committed to a device behind the windshield to clamp the position and distances to the other road users radio and the driven route immediately to the tax office, ... .. just do not make too much hope that we get away with a 901 or 9k!

    • Right now and from there on I go on foot or by bicycle. Without electric motor. Point.

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