The Andi (and the Saab) is back

A black Saab 900 Turbo is an architect car. If you search Google for the term, you will find two 900er, a Volvo, a Mercedes among the first four results. So much for the cliché.

Saab 900 in the movie
Saab 900 in the movie

Last week “Andi is back” ran in the first. A film with Saab participation and with beautiful 900 scenes. Why is?

A Berlin architect, around the 40 years old, is practicing the art of failure and flees to his family in the province. There the suppressed youth and the expectations of his parents catch up with him. With all risks and side effects. The film is neatly told, if not a top recommendation. It lacks a bit of wit and speed.

There are tons of clichés. The main character is always dressed in black. Just architect. The apartment is full of Danish design classics, because architects always live like this. And the Saab is a black 900 Turbo Coupe, the Golf GTI of all architects.

Less would have been more ... but sponge over it! The sound alone, when the Swedish total work of art drives into the yard, makes our hearts beat faster. Nice ! From a Saab fan point of view, a successful film. The 900 itself is shaped by hard life. The sky is hanging, the black paint is long past its best days. That's authentic, because that's how they drive around in the trendy districts, not just in Berlin.

The Andi and his Saab are available in the ARD Mediatheque until 25.03. More about Saab as a movie car on Sunday on our classic cars and classic blog.

8 thoughts on "The Andi (and the Saab) is back"

  • ..well there are definitely worse films, ... ..but also better! with Saab glasses on his nose he was good 🙂

  • My uncle, also an architect, also preferred to wear black - but as a shirt. In the past I also liked to wear screamingly colored ties ...

  • i like colors! I don't quite fit into the cliché. If Saab number 3 comes, an old 900 turbo - it will be the white Aero T16. 🙂
    ps the film was (except Saab) unfortunately really bad ...

  • Thanks for the help ... Our architect only wore black, with a turtleneck and such. But it has been a few days, so nice that there are courageous and evolutionary tendencies in this professional group too 😉

  • Actually, it was Mark, the good ghost behind the blog, who thought and made me aware of the movie

  • So, I'm an architect and fit into the cliché so far as the black 900 Saab is in the garage. But I have to fit the black robe. More and more architects dare to wear gray, in confidence, and the brave dare to go over brown and blue. Besides the Saab, I also have a dog. However, he is black and has, how could it be otherwise, long hair, even very long.
    As far as the assistance for the clarification of prejudices.

  • Have seen the movie synonymous and wanted to tell it already.Du Tom, of course, were faster. There were some nice Saabszenen here.
    Today at 20.15:XNUMX p.m. there is a D \ S production on ZDF. The film is set on the Swedish island of Gotland. Great opportunity for another "Saab film"
    All fans have a nice evening and a nice sunday

  • .. Unfortunately, not a single one of my architectural clients drives a SAAB, an old Volvo. For this, the structural engineer 4 SAABe in the garage 😉

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