My Saab story

The story of Carsten actually belongs in the chapter of 35 good reasons a Saab to drive. By mistake it ended up in the wrong mailbox and goes online as a straggler of our Ursaab campaign outside of the rating.

My Saab story started in September 2013. And I came to this passion, like the proverbial "maiden to the child".

Saab 9000 by Carsten
Saab 9000 by Carsten

My whole life, or at least the part that I can remember, I have a special relationship with the car. Infected by my father I started getting interested in cars early on. Even in my professional life I have not done anything else but to devote myself to this topic.

Even at a young age, I "devoured" my dad's rally yearbooks and all sorts of motorsport magazines, which were then subscribed to by my old man.

A highlight were the rallies, which I was taken with at an early age.

Only the Saab brand was almost non-existent. It was always a marginal issue - my uncle once had a Saab 99 Turbo - but not much more. At a young age, I was a fervent Alfa Romeo fan. Then in between times Opel, later Citroen to, and in the end I was even enthusiastic Toyota driver. Not because of the charm and certainly not because of the look. Both are not necessarily properties that are in a Toyota in the specifications. I was just impressed by the quality and reliability.

At the end of 2012 I suddenly realized that I always wanted to drive a convertible.

But since the Saab story was only indirectly initiated, I also want to keep this episode as short as possible. After all, this is about the small fine brand from Sweden.

In quick process I bought a Mazda MX-5. Unfortunately, the car was not in the condition that I had imagined. Basically, he had pretty much all the quirks that such an MX-5 can have. But that belongs in another blog. After about 8 months, which were accompanied by ever-increasing hip and knee pain, because I was simply too "big" for this car, I made the decision, the maintenance backlog and the optical defects on the MX-5 after and to take off and buy me a winter car.

Then I would drive my little car for fun and buy me a real car.

At that time I also told Dieter. One of my customers, a fiery Saab fan. Dieter has 3 Saab himself and his son also drives one. The fact that I always had an open ear for his hymns of praise and he obviously enjoyed it when he was able to tune the high song for the Saab brand again without the listeners turning away annoyed, must have given him the idea of ​​giving me one of his to offer three Saab's. A 9000 2.0 liter vacuum cleaner with 131 HP from 1993. I should definitely take a test drive.

Since I didn't want to disappoint him, I said yes. What the hell, I thought to myself. You will survive for half an hour.

Said and done. Sunday afternoon at the agreed meeting place - the winter residence of the 9000-er - we met for a test drive. Only the 9000 did not play along. The ignition lock stuck and the fat wanted to partout not start. In fact, he made a very miserable picture. Torn door rubbers, 15, - Euro seat covers from Aldi, a saggy headliner and a generally unkempt condition did not just invite to boarding.

Nice, I thought to myself, one more reason to be able to cancel after a few days thinking time. But he did not give up.

He said he had an ignition lock at home and could rebuild it. I should then come back in the evening.

That made me even more suspicious. Why the hell do you still have an ignition lock at home? Do you have to buy a second Saab as spare parts warehouse?

For compensation, I was allowed to make a round in his 9 5 3,0 liter TiD. That was ok, just like I had imagined a Saab. It did not knock me out of my socks. Especially since I am not a friend of auto-igniters and never was.

On the same evening, when I drove up the approx. 200 meter long driveway to the yard where the 9000-he was "temporarily stored" for the second time that day, he was already standing at the entrance to the yard with the lights on and the engine running.

Dieter said I should get started. When I opened the door, I saw that a not inconsiderable pile of metal shavings added to the unkempt general condition of the afternoon, which had spread on the driver's doormat.

Where in the afternoon still the jammed and hooked ignition lock was now a deep hole. But he ran. That was the first thing that impressed me.

When asked how he would have started the car now, he picked up a screwdriver and said: "hereby". And he said it as a matter of course, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. I just drilled out the old ignition lock and took the screwdriver to start it ... If everything were so easy, I thought to myself!

At that moment, the next backups burned through my system.

A car, what can be started with a screwdriver, something I find practical and great. That's something for me! Let's be honest; who is stealing such a car ?!

So go for a test drive. A bit I was already reconciled with the actually grubby vehicle. But what awaited me on the test drive cut me completely. I always describe it like this; There you drive this old and rancid car, which does not make any sense, but you have the feeling of moving an annual car. Similar to advertising where blindfolded people are sitting on greasy sofas and smelling old socks, it all smells wonderful after spring and summer, thanks to the magic powder from the pump spray bottle. Exactly this magic agent was the 9000-er.

Completely overwhelmed by this unique driving experience, I went in search of a properly maintained copy. And so I finally came to my thickness. Gepfleger business car, driven by the managing director of a Saab service in Dusseldorf.

Alone the first question at the agreed date was divine. I stood there in jeans with tennis shoes and work vest next to my MX-5, as he turned around again on the way to the office from which he wanted to get the key, looked at me with a serious expression and a puzzling look and asked: "why want You actually buy such a car "? For me, the question was like a test to put my knowledge of the Saab brand to the test. I briefly had the feeling that I did not get the car in case of a wrong answer. It seemed as though he wanted to make sure his car was in good hands.

I quickly gained all my knowledge of Saab (which was not much at the time) and the 9000 in two sentences, saying, "Saab is on my way to becoming a cult brand and the 9000 is the biggest and best Saab, which was ever built. The fan community just did not recognize that. "

He raised his forefinger, pointed to me and said, "you're right!"

Phew. Exam passed, I thought.

Many people already know the rest, since I have had a small part of the public relations work with my experiences and photos since I got my height, which is unfortunately only done by us enthusiasts. But I like doing it and out of conviction. I have not been impressed by any vehicle in its entirety, like my 9000-er! And the mere fact that I discovered our small manufacturer and the 35-er for me after about 9000 years of automotive passion already says a lot about how one can be "infected" by this car.

Especially right against the background that the whole topic of car is so important to me. If a car fan only discovers a brand after 35's "fan-life", and is completely overwhelmed, and if it is still a brand at the moment it is really, very bad, then just have to good cars be. Or?

At the 29.01.2015 I picked up my "Daily Driver". A neat Saab 9-5 from 1999 with few kilometers. With the thickness then happens what was originally thought of with the MX-5. He is gradually brought to a perfect state!

The fuses have burned out, and it feels good. 😉

10 thoughts on "My Saab story"

  • Good story… .. Sorry, my 9000 is not for sale !!

  • A very extraordinary and exceptionally good car, the 9000. Even without turbo you can enjoy it. The eye is that anyway anyway.

    Always enjoy it and have a good trip with it.

    • PS

      If I were a collector, a 9000 would be a must on my farm. I have to. But unfortunately without. For how much longer? It always itches, I have to say ...

      • Herbert, dare you!
        An 9000 is a hobby with unbelievably high practical value, which hobby can be said for that.
        You have (free for Tom) a multitool, a great travel car and is always individual but stylish on the way

        • Yes, no, don't know ...

          Everything is correct. But if you don't want to collect and still have more than two cars, only one of which is interchangeable, then that's a damn difficult decision ...

          Will the next one be a 9000, a two-door 900 Turbo, a saabrio and if so, one of the last or a classic or ...

          You just want to have them all.

          And if I'm to be completely honest, then even irritate me a few vehicles from the automotive history, which were not built in Trollhättan.

          The next one is probably just the one you see in the right place at the right time - an offer that you can't resist at this moment ...

  • Great story, beautiful car and - what would have happened to you if your first experience had a 200 HP turbo unit under the hood ...
    Have fun, this car never really gets old!

  • You will have a lot of fun with the fat.
    There are no longer such well thought-out cars, not just driving, even screwing them together is a pleasure - somehow everything is logical.

  • Have fun with the SAAB 9000! Take care ... and THANK YOU for the messy story! 😉

  • Really nice! Happy to read something .. All time good ride in the thick! Greetings from southern Hesse

    • Thank you and best regards back!

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