And the winner is…

Our original Saab readership was amazing for many reasons. We, the blog team, have learned a lot about our readers, which we did not know before. Who are the visitors on the blog, which cars do they drive, why are they traveling in a Saab?

Ursaab - will soon be in new hands.
Ursaab - will soon be in new hands.

Each article was an individual argument for Saab's passion; instead of our perspective, 30 suddenly gave us additional opinions about the brand. A win for the blog, the community - and a testament to the vibrancy of the brand.

It would be nice if what started with this action would go on. Other readers' reports and experiences showing how much Saab's heart beats are welcome. Saab, that's us and what's on our doorstep. We keep the brand alive.

Of course we have an idea in this context ... There will be a very Saabian thank you for future reader stories from life with the Sweden brand. What we have come up with exclusively for this is - with the support of Orio Deutschland GmbH - already in the realization phase. At a later date, maybe later this week, there is more to learn.

A little statistic: The most read articles, by far, ran outside the scoring. He came from blog supporter Johann Taubenberger and was a clear proof of much Saab enthusiasm. Of the Saab stories that were in the rating, "3 x Saab = dream car"Most requests.

Why the vote was not at the forefront is still a mystery. I had chosen an article as my personal favorite and had a good finish, but it ended up far behind. Granted, the election was very, very difficult. When you realize how much passion and work is behind every story, then it does not get any easier.

Two articles delivered an exciting head to head race over several days. Won the contribution of Thorstenjust behind 2 is the article by Andreas, follows 3 rank Ziehmy with his story.

Unfortunately, we only have one Ur-Saab, no 35. Actually, every participant deserves such a prize. Our unique piece goes to North Rhine Westphalia, congratulations from the blog team!


In the Orio Germany One reads along, and was thrilled with the readership. Spontaneously, the almost finished new edition of the customer magazine of the Saab Service Clubs "Rebuilt" to make room for the impression of the winning entry. Thorsten can look forward to a print version of the new Saab Inside!

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  • I thank all who voted! How much I look forward to the Ursaab, which will fit in excellently in my living room. Congratulations but also from me to the authors of the other 34 Saab stories, all of which are very worth reading and confirm what we have in our brand. This Saab community is something unique and contributes significantly to the ideal value of our vehicles. Let's Saab!

    • My congratulations ... a deserved winner (even if I voted differently). By the way, a similar sign hangs over my garage ...

  • Congratulations to the 3 winners!
    THANKS to ALL who have brought their SAAB story to Tom !!! So the blog got an intense "vibrancy" that is fun! Show the positive ..., as always!

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