Saab Pictures & Blog Supporters & Mahindra

On Friday the news comes from the section “Miscellaneous”. It's about the inaccurate Mahindra Pininfarina rumors and blog supporters. First a look at Trollhättan! Saab fans from Hamburg were in Saab city a few days ago and brought Pictures from the factory mit.

Saab test vehicles in Trollhattan
Saab test vehicles in Trollhattan

One picture showed Saab 9-5 test vehicles and prototypes. One reader was of the opinion that there could be a 9-5 NG hatchback ... Unfortunately, that's not the case! Only limousines that Saab used for testing are parked on the site. The two Hatchback prototypes, they were several times topic on the blog, have disappeared.

Our last contact with the vehicles was 3 years ago. They have not appeared on the scene since. It is to be feared that the insolvency administrators have cleared the Saabs for scrapping.

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New blog supporters

Attentive readers have already noticed: since the beginning of the blog has gained three new supporters.

There are big Saab tradition names among them, which makes us especially happy. The Saab center in Bamberg by Ralf Muckelbauer is one of them, Saab in Dortmund has gone on board. As in Bamberg, so also in Dortmund Saab passion is already lived in the second generation. Ruth Zabel from Saab Zentrum Dortmund is the daughter of Saab collector Josef Zabel.

Till Drescher knows the readers as SU bloggers. With CardyourCar he realizes his dream and has made a profession out of passion with his shop. Saab rarities from Hirsch Performance are with him, he sends to fans worldwide.

We thank you, every support is welcome!

As in real life, so too is not all sunshine with us. The new supporters fill the gap that will open up with the end of the month due to the elimination of previous sponsors.


A few more words about Mahindra. On Wednesday the news went around the world that Mahindra wanted to buy Pininfarina. She was caught 24 hours later. Pininfarina, highly indebted and dependent on the well-being of the financing banks, denied with “not now". According to Reuters, Pininfarina's share price promptly fell 7% after gaining 26% the previous day.

The acquisition of Pininfarina was not indispensable for Mahindra, was to be read. In addition, both parties would be far from a contract.

Pininfarina is a smaller investment; at normal times the capitalization is around the 130 million €. Interesting is the well-filled purse of the Indians. 1.3 Billions of US dollars in cash and short-term liquidity are said to be available from Reuters sources. If you have such a comfortable cash balance, you can see many things more relaxed. In Turin, as in Trollhättan.