Saab 9000 CC - where are the survivors?

The public premiere was 1984, delivery began a year later. The praising articles of the trade press were at least as long as the waiting lists. Who had placed his order in time, could sell the new Saab with extra charge.

Saab 9000 CC
Saab 9000 CC

The 9000 CC, that was great career and a Saab-typically long construction period. A statement for courage and unconventional thinking. The hatchback concept of the Saab 900 has been transformed into a higher class in conjunction with a performance engine. Neither before nor after many manufacturers have dared to do so. The success assured Saab survival for further years; without the 9000er, the lights in Trollhättan would have been extinguished in the 80 years.

It was expensive, the 9000 CC, which sets it apart from the other hatchback cars of its time. Saab played in the major league, while Renault 25 and colleagues were at home in the district class. For a 9000 Turbo with air conditioning, the buyer had to invest more than 50.000,00 DM. A Mercedes 280 S was similarly expensive. With one big difference. The entry-level S-Class was just a big car, but Saab customers got three vehicles for the price of one for their money.

The rear decides: Saab 9000 CC
The rear decides: Saab 9000 CC

The happy Saab owner received the details: a sports car, plus a moving van thanks to a hatchback and folding rear seats, and a prestige sedan that was easy to travel in. For those who found the turbo too expensive, Saab later expanded the model range with a 128 hp injection engine. These customers then got two vehicles for the price of one for less money ...

Today, around 30 years later, the last survivors are heading for the H license plate. State recognition as a rolling cultural asset could be the salvation of the surviving specimens. A rescue harbor for the few brave Swedes who could defy rust, consumption, export and the madness of Merkel's scrapping scheme.

But where are the last brave Vikings? A look around, at the parking lots and the streets - it looks sad. The first big Saab seems to be extinct.

We are talking about the Saab 9000 CC, the Sweden with the ingenious tailgate and great variability. Not the 9000 CD, which later premiered. The search, a look into the usual portals, does not really bring it.

At least as I write this article, I find 2 interesting copies. A 9000 Turbo, which many fans should be familiar with, and a 9000i from a 2nd hand with less than 100.000 kilometers.

Another search on, in the homeland of Saab, does not exist anymore. The selection in recent months has gone back.

The first examples of the 9000 series were not really resistant to rust. If you wanted to prove that Swedish steel is rusting, you would have succeeded here. In the years, with the second generation, that changed. Lack of rust protection was the end of many earlier 9000 CC. Too bad, because the CC is the last representative of the old “Sweden style”. The turn signals, shared with parking lights, were the distinguishing feature of a whole generation of Saab and Volvo vehicles.

Saab 9000 CC - Troll Rally 2014
Saab 9000 CC - Troll Rally 2014

In Scandinavia, a rethinking started a few years ago. Previously as cheap consumption vehicles on the way, began first restorations. Certainly the events in Trollhättan were also responsible. The historical significance of the large series was recognized. Outside of his homeland, the Saab 9000 CC is rare. At the 2014 Troll Rally the Saab friends Erftkreis were two early 9000s, which made me more happy than all 900 Turbo 16 S together. But otherwise - none.

We want to write the 9000 CC back in the minds and hearts of the fans ... if it's not too late for that. Reason enough to tackle two things.

I went looking for a Saab 9000 CC with a friend. A story developed from this, the end of which is not yet in sight. For once we will not tell them on our classic & youngtimer blog, but here, where we have a greater reach.

And we hope for the support of the fans! We want readers to know if they have an early Saab 9000 in your garage, collection, or barn. Does the Saab 9000 CC still live in the community, is it present in the Saab hearts, or is it already the past? We are very excited and look forward to every letter, photo, and story on the topic.

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  • Hello
    would like to the address u. interested in the name. Have also an old 9000 CC from year 87 u. look for some parts for it
    Thank you

  • I contacted someone on Facebook who lives in Luxembourg and collects 9000cc. He even has a red turbo 2.0 lorrinser with 204 hp. He wanted to sell one, but unfortunately the effort for the car is too great for me because I don't screw.

    If somebody or you want to know Tom more I can (will ask him!) Give his name and maybe someone is lucky. He has many spare parts in his warehouse. He also has several 99 and a total of 4 9000 cc.

    Have a beautiful Sunday

  • At that time I found the Lancia theme more beautiful, the Saab had the same door handles as the Fiat !!!

  • Hallo,
    yes, think about whether I should keep it. But sometimes the euro triumphs over common sense ...
    Greetings Michael

  • Thank you for the mention!

    “Veronica” is almost sold - unfortunately only almost, so the ad is still online. We actually agree, but there is currently a problem that the prospective Swiss buyer needs a confirmation from the (no longer existing) importer that the car corresponds to the 9000 turbo for the Swiss market in terms of emissions and noise behavior. (The car is too old for a CoC.)
    Otherwise, exhaust and noise reports would be necessary, which would triple the purchase price and render the action highly uneconomic.
    There seems to be little experience with imports into Switzerland, normally we Germans tend to buy Swiss cars - but good CCs seem to be becoming rare in Switzerland too ...

    For pertinent hints I praise in case of success, three to five beer in the Tiergartenquelle.

  • I suppose it's about this Saab. Transfers are allowed if it's private and saabisch. I like it, was traveling yesterday with a 89er CC with identical engine. Is still a very pleasant vehicle, drives very relaxed. I would keep it

  • Hello Satan's roast,
    Sorry for the late reply. Have only just read your mail. The 9000CC can be found under the location: Bad Bergzabern u.Braun / Braun is a mistake of mine that you have made me aware. Brown outside u. Inside blue velur. Must change that. Now that I've read so much about it, I wonder if I'm not keeping it. He is really top, no rust. But must renew the sky or gluing. Then he is almost there as well as new but not very well needed.
    Greeting u. happy Easter.
    I am going to Sweden for 12 days tomorrow. Of course, look at the museum and u. I know Saab dealer

  • Thanks for the little information. I briefly suspected that it was a 9000 CC Turbo, also acquired from Berlin, which was then registered and driven in Jena (and hopefully will still be) - but that's how they say there is one more. Well, a few can still be gathered together.

    The driver of the 9000 CC from the district of Ebersberg then at least always fine greet with a raised thumb, if you meet only in driving. This keeps the love for the car even longer.

  • Hello Saabansbraten,

    the 9000 is currently my everyday car and on the road in the Erding - Munich area. From May the 900s will be in use again and the 9000s will be kept as they are for as long as possible.
    Incidentally, our car for all cases is a Volvo 945 from 1994.

    I now and then see an apparently top preserved
    9000 CC from the district Ebersberg. Unfortunately, had no way to talk to the holder.

    On the other hand, you can hardly see any Saab here.

    Greetings from Erding to all Saabfahrer / inside

  • Michael, I can't find a matching brown-brown SAAB 9000 on mobile ... do you have a link to the ad? Thank you.

  • @ Tom and in the round:
    This one is new advertised and probably also at least to name as third in the small list of good 9000CC in Germany:

  • Where is the car now traveling, tripped 90?

  • Dear Florian, Of course such stories and pictures are welcome! The blog lives on it

  • That's a great find - congratulations!
    I would be interested in a photo reportage
    The cars from southern Europe can be interesting, if they were not too exposed to the very aggressive UV radiation and the sea salt on the coast.

  • A beautiful article. We are currently restoring an 9000 D5 from Italy. The car comes from Italy and has allegedly only 45000km. He was in a hall for almost 10 years. Yesterday I completely screwed him apart and he will be delivered to the painter this week. Photos follow if desired.

  • I think the 9000 topic is great, had 2 itself. Actually deserves more attention, but does not come. Neither the SAAB seal keepers of ORIO make of the 30 years SAAB 9000 what, nor the clubs. Or is there a 9000 CC on the stand at the Techno Classica? Would surprise me enormously

  • The slaughter festivals that are currently being offered on well-known internet platforms are scary - the inventory of our brand is being really decimated.
    Incidentally, the 902 is far better than its ailing reputation. The rust prevention was very good, in any case better than the 9-3 I and the engines of the 9000er-generation have just such mileage behind them.
    At any rate, we do not volunteer our 902 Convertible.

    I have never regretted switching from the 9000 CC at the last moment (1998) to the CSE and there was never any thought to a return exchange. The CSE is simply great revised and the ingenious interior remained untouched.

  • A year ago I found a 9000 Turbo CC, built in 1989, in Berlin. From first hand with original 52000 km and well maintained. Color silver metallic, leather dark gray, automatic air conditioning. This car just looks good and drives wonderfully. It is the fourth Saab in our family in addition to a 900 2.1L five-door and two 900 convertibles (year 1990-92).
    On this occasion I would like to thank the blog team for the work done!

  • 24.02., About 18.30clock on the A25: golden CC with slanted front sighted. Must be judged by the extent of the tailpipe after an 2,3er i been.
    Unfortunately could not formulate meaningful greetings from my foreign brand, but would have liked to do so.

  • I would like to draw my attention to my CC u. tell the little story here. In the year 78 I had sold at the company Engelhardt for 1Year Saab. Was then parked directly at Saab u. not in the dealership. Here I sold a 9000 CC in brown with blue velor. I've owned this super-neat Saab for 5 weeks myself. I've come to the attention of Mobile. According to the old car-letter it is the former buyer who had driven the car until Sept. 2014. A complete service booklet to 177000 is available u. The car now has 188000 km. Have it now ried for sale. If you are interested just have a look
    I am now looking for an 9000 Aero from the last two years of construction as well as a Monte Carlo. Drive even since 1978 continuously Saab uzZ a 9-3 Convertible Aero from Febr. 2005 with now 357000 km

  • I think the 900-II was not that durable. His disappearance from the street scene in DE began years ago and earlier than the 900-I. The 9-3 I seems to beat better, even though I had to give my further (Auschlacht? -) use a Saab dealer, sniffing.

  • I have a '86 CCi, Odoardograu, km. You already have pictures 😉

  • ... above all, make sure that the parts are available if you want to restore. The 9-3 is already pretty bad. My SAAB needed a new dual mass flywheel. 🙁
    About 14 days delivery time !!! What is ORIO doing then ???
    My FSH tel. then through “all of Germany” and found the last two-mass flywheel with a colleague in the warehouse. 🙂 Service by ORIO, I imagine different!

  • What you write is correct. There are now reproductions, for example. Headlights for the 9000 CS, from third party suppliers. The products are of acceptable price and quality. Of course, “Saab Original” would be better. We'll see what's coming from Nyköping soon.

  • Yes, even here you rarely see a 9000 CC! I also had one and I loved it! Pity!

    In general, SAAB will be significantly less ... the 900 II and 9-3 will also die out ... 9000s will also be less!

    SAAB or ORIO should do spare parts and maybe an action for all SAAB drivers so that cars can be freshened up again ... and above all make sure that the parts are also available if you want to restore. The 9-3 is already pretty bad.

    The workshops would also benefit from this. High prices for spare parts or missing parts ... put people off.

    I know of some who drive even older SAABs as soon as expensive investments are pending .. some SAABs will disappear from the scene again ... and this will also have more and more negative effects on the workshops.

    ORIO is required! Otherwise sooner or later the spare parts business will collapse.

  • Would it be possible to upload official pictures, which are also included in the calendar, as wallpapers?

  • Men both ... Women invented diffuser lighting for make-up mirrors 😀 😉

  • Women (practical) the hatchback, men the turbo. Or was it the other way ???

  • I haven't seen anyone around Lüneburg for ages… 🙁
    Who actually “invented” the hatchback (basically) ???
    Men or women brains ???

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