Stay Original - a Saab for Ida

In Sweden there were these nasty story with the “Katastrophen - Saab”, which went through the media. Readers remember: A Saab 9-5 sports suit, just 16 years old and 200.000 kilometers on the road, caused a lot of annoyance.

A Saab for Ida
A Saab for Ida

Maintenance backlog and lack of affection of its owners had made the once proud Swede a sad car. There was a wave of negative headlines until the Orio AB pulled the plug on the problem.

The Saab was repaired with original spare parts. They came from Orio from Nyköping; the working time set tuner Maptun. At the same time the engine was overhauled, the air conditioning put into function, the list of things became infinitely long.

A supporter network took care of the body, the Saab was repainted. Sense of action: Make visible that no Saab on the scrap must. But on the contrary ! You can be stylish and well on the road with an older Saab.

All this is Orio marketing, logical. But of the good sort, and positive for our brand. The 9-5 is now on the road for more 16 years on Swedish roads. At least!

The result is a huge, early Easter gift for the owner's daughter. Ida was given a new 9-5 in front of the Örebro Castle. The operation was 100% successful. As I said, the 9-5 station wagon is 16 years old. What you may not believe when you see the pictures. Was his debut really back in 1999? The design is still fresh, timeless, Scandinavian. The interior, with new used seats in the old glory, as well. The new Saab rims do the rest. He looks good ...

Saab has always had a tendency towards oversized Easter gifts. In the 90s, customers could buy their Easter Saab from local Saab dealers. More on this on Sunday on our classic & youngtimer blog.

Allen Saab drivers, the blog team wishes you a happy Easter!

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  • Thank you for the helpful answers. At least they encourage so much that I can "safely" also take a vehicle with a mileage from 200tkm + for little money and then systematically repatriate, if something arises.

  • Marketing campaign all well and good, but it hurt my soul to see how carelessly this beautiful vehicle has been neglected. The most ingenious marketing campaign would have been: Buy 9.5 at the current “scrap price” by ORIO, repair it as happened and auction or sell it to an enthusiast who appreciates such a vehicle. With “Ida” I am not so sure that the necessary maintenance will continue after the initial enthusiasm. It would be desirable to stay up to date on the further vitae of the 9.5. All SAAB continue to have a good trip!

  • I can only confirm that from my own “experience”, also with regard to the level of spare parts prices.

  • Saab (Orio AB) has dramatically adjusted prices for a lot of parts, which has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, not all dealers give / give the price advantage. Keeping an old Saab on the road is definitely affordable.

  • So, although I would describe myself as technically savvy and artisan, and I've already done one or the other tricky repair on my SAAB, I stick to my mantra:

    Steer clear of braking and steering!

    Even with the simplest problems, I would therefore go to the workshop.

    Incidentally, I can reassure you ... completely overhauling the brakes does not cost 3000 euros ... unless you have a very exclusive SAAB. Mine was about a fifth.

  • Such an action is really cool and praiseworthy. Would it be interesting, what has this reconstruction cost.

    I have often considered buying an old generation for little money - since it doesn't work that way with the 9-5NG. Also with a high mileage and one or two flaws (as long as it drives, steers and brakes), as long as it is cheap. Then repair the car piece by piece and sometimes have the engine completely overhauled.
    But what use is it to me if I buy a car for 5000 €, but then pay 3000 € for a medium-sized repair (e.g. changing the brake discs and brake pads front and rear) because the parts are so expensive and the vehicle so Is “exquisite”. I can't repair it myself - at least. not alone - because I lack both the knowledge and the possibilities (workshop, tools, ...).
    Even if you spend a bit more money for a hobby.

  • So, if the spare parts supplier and a recognized SAAB tuner (Maptun) almost completely dismantle my car, weld the body, “renovate” the interior and replace practically every larger part, then I would also be available as an actor.

    As a promotion, how good the supply of spare parts is and how good the repair options are, even for vehicles in poor condition, in my opinion this is all legitimate and in the interests of all parties. Other manufacturers and workshops shrug their shoulders at something like this and give the advice that was already addressed in the earlier article: "Off to the export."

  • Hello 9-5 NG Aero,

    The whole thing is only to be understood as a demonstration to the effect that older and somewhat unkempt SAAB vehicles can be brought back to life (in beauty and without technical flaws) - a support from Orio AB, which is intended as a pure marketing measure understand is. There will probably not be any other advertising measures of this kind.

    Certainly the buyer of this aged 9-5 took great advantage of this thing - but was also somehow active as an actor in this advertisement.

  • I dont understand it completely. I had ordered and bought my 9-5 NG in 2011 and unfortunately had two parts to replace shortly before bankruptcy. (My Autu is well maintained and I am a Saab mechanic myself with heart and soul. Although as I said shortly before bankruptcy, I had to myself pay everything yourself.
    I can not quite understand the actions of Orio, since there is also self-neglect due to maintenance deficits.
    All a nice Easter Monday still.

  • I hope he has not scraped the chic Alu26 rims.

  • Water pump and thermostat sometimes need new cooling water

  • A funny marketing gag. Still somehow surprising how many parts were actually broken. Water pump? Is this a part that needs maintenance? A thermostat. Air mass sensor (oh, the part I know of the 9-3 yet

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