NEVS reconstruction finished

The district court in Vänersborg has decided to end the reconstruction for NEVS. In his decision, it sees the goal of the reconstruction achieved, and dismisses NEVS from the process.

NEVS © 2014
NEVS © 2014

NEVS has been around since the 29. August 2014 in reconstruction. Thus, the debt haircut is final, the company has 60 days, until it has to serve the first part of its liabilities.

Attorney Lars Eric Gustafsson will accompany the company's development and ensure that commitments are met. Trade unions and the Association of the Swedish Auto Industry commented positively on the end of the procedure. It is expected that NEVS will now rapidly complete negotiations with potential partners.

Times could be exciting. On Monday it was read in the local newspaper that the future partners "coming from another corner than expected". Hmm We are open to any kind of surprise if it is positive.

With Stefan TilkFormerly with Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses, NEVS will in future strengthen the management team with a member of the auto industry. A good sign for a new beginning in the stablebacka.

21 thoughts on "NEVS reconstruction finished"

  • Toyota will be ...

  • Volvo ……… ..mmmmhhhhh …… something we never expected will happen?

  • Maybe it is a Swedish furniture store, then we can build our new SAABs ourselves and they have funny names like “Billy” 🙂 😉 🙂
    Personally, I can no longer hear or read the name NEWS ... only believe it when a NEW one !!!!! Model is in the store, everything else only damages the brand more and more!

    • blank

      If Billy, but then please BILLY JOEL, I can enjoy my whiskey relaxed, on top of that, if I know that my SAAB is safe in the garage.

  • blank

    It can only be that Borgward as 2. Brand of Daimler or Foton uses the plant. Where and how else does Borgward want to manufacture, if the beginning wants to deliver 2016? Likewise, Tesla is also eligible, as Daimler has shares.

    Everything sounds utopian, but after many years of standstill, it can only go on with utopia.

  • We've heard it all for a few years now. Please no more bubbles. Now there is only one clear message for me. Otherwise, a reorientation comes. Have also bought in the epidemic years again and again SAAB. Now finally our dealers and we as a customer should feel an interest. It can not just go in one direction. So far zero points in this regard for NEVS. Greetings from the north

  • Last chance for NEVS to start now. Fingers crossed!

  • blank

    I see that positively. Thanks to Tom & Michel for their ongoing SAAB enthusiasm!

  • blank

    Quote: It is expected that NEVS will now bring negotiations with potential partners to a quick conclusion.
    We will see, hear and read ... what the “expectations” of NEVS bring with them ... In the past there was a lot of wind about “nothing” ... Let's see what the learning effects are at NEVS!
    I sit back and enjoy my SAAB!

  • I'm looking forward to the new partner, who comes from a different corner than expected. Should NEVS be good for a positive surprise?

  • blank

    Well, I'm curious to see if something SAAB will come out. It would be like a miracle .. However, the preliminary work was good! and when spirit and money come together again ...
    "Everything is possible, but nothing is fixed" loosely based on a song by Reinhard Fendrich

  • blank

    We are open! we are curious! we are patient! we are loyal! We are enthusiastic !! What else is missing ???

    • blank

      Money, money and good will and faith with confidence, perseverance, desired technology, in an irresistible design.. So to speak, the "old love - NEW."
      First of all, we enjoy what we have.

  • now it's exciting ...
    Plan A or Plan B that's the question.
    There is nothing just for A or B ...
    Please do not B !!!

  • I'm curious if we'll even hear the next 60 days from NEVS.

    • It has to, and it will. There is no other chance. Let's stay tuned!

  • That’s a start - there’s still hope!

  • It remains exciting, but I do not believe that NEVS creates it on its own.

    • The lifting of the reconstruction would certainly not have been allowed if no evidence had been put forward that the money could be paid.

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