Exciting times

Finally ! Yesterday NEVS went out of the reconstruction, promptly it became more alive in the Saab world. Relief was palpable, in Trollhattan and elsewhere. The reactions from Sweden were one-sided. They were all positive.

Saab factory
Saab factory

If you clicked through the Twitter and press releases, not a single negative word was found. Paul Åkerlund, mayor of Trollhättan, emphasized the importance of NEVS to the city and the good prospects that are now emerging. The unions are in a good mood anyway, a restart at NEVS could bring jobs. 1.000's mostly older production workers of the former Saab Automobile AB are still parked in retraining, qualifications or unemployment. Skills that are broke. Every hope counts.

Fredrik Sidahl, representative of the Swedish auto industry, tweeted his inbox regarding NEVS. If his members got as many commissions in the future as he does mails today, yes ...

OK. So much Swedish exuberance and good mood is unfamiliar. What happened yesterday was a first step in the right direction. There is a schedule that needs to be adhered to. NEVS intends to announce the names of the partners in the near future. So Mikael Östlund yesterday opposite P4 Väst.

The facts continue to blur. The funding of the next time, funds are to be available for 6 months, comes from owner Kai Johan Jiang - said Östlund yesterday in an interview. The speech is equivalent to 50 million €; the sum is unconfirmed and comes through the Swedish media.

What happens - it will be exciting. For NEVS, for Trollhättan, for the Saab world. Alone the mission of retrieving the lost trademark rights is a challenge in itself. To move the factory and the brand towards the future, much more.

Open is also after yesterday's day just about everything. One thing we should not forget about our thoughts on the future: a single right decision could turn the perspective of NEVS by 180 degrees. Whether new major shareholder, co-operation partner, whoever. Many things would be possible.

What are we doing in the meantime? We keep our grip on the ground and have an open ear towards Sweden. Like for almost 5 years. Is there anything to write, Michèl, Mark and I are there. Otherwise it continues as usual. With cars, made by Trollhättan. Tomorrow is my next story.

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  • If this goes on at NEVS with the secrecy until May, I will not comment on that company.

    Besides that, then it's really time for me to buy a suitable car from another manufacturer (although difficult - but nothing is impossible).

    • Because of NEVS a different car, a life without SAAB? That does not work!

    • NEVS has announced plans to publicize its investors / partners or whoever this month. Let's wait and see!

      • The location Trollhättan is to take this breather. Will that also become something in the long term?

        EVERYTHING is possible and NOTHING is decisive. A solution will be presented sometime. Or not. And if it is not the one partner, then it is just another. And if it's not plan A, then plan B. Or we conjure plan C or D out of the hat. You are flexible, the customers are patient, the world is big and life is beautiful. That's the way it has been.
        And Swedish politics always speaks up only when there is something to celebrate.

        That's so pathetic! I could not ... Do you really believe that this way you can ever pull the money out of your pocket?

        If I were to play the lottery today and win the jackpot, tomorrow I would have millions and could make the SAAB world a pleasure. However, I do not have the liquid funds for my own use, I'm looking for investors first. And if not Lotto then stop ... .. And if not this year, then stop next.

        Since the Muppet show has even more entrepreneurial substance.

        NEVS has already announced a lot - for example last December that in January, the investor introduces the January, the payment of running costs. He should have signed after the clarification of the last details only. Bad luck - that has not turned up yet. The named "hot candidates" have all denied.

        In the meantime, the suppliers can contribute to the costs - if in 60 days any of them sees any money, I believe only when it is reality.

        NEVS is a completely speculative, elusive entity. A real, sustainable business model or performance for a real market has not been seen so far.

        All that has nothing to do with SAAB. This manufacturer does not exist anymore. Or rather with Orio, who supplies the spare parts and helps to keep the SAAB vehicles in operation.

        I am still driving a vehicle of this brand, fortunately in an exceptionally good condition, however, with a fairly advanced mileage. If this vehicle gives up the ghost, there will be a switch to a marketable manufacturer. There are several alternatives that are readily available without accompanying fuss and serve the purpose. Passion I felt for SAAB. This will be over in the foreseeable future. There has never been a relationship with NEVS. NEVS did not try. I'm sure I will not throw money at Hazardeurs.

        NEVS has nothing to offer today, which would be worth waiting for. EVERYTHING is possible, NOTHING is decided.

        • + 1 very good comment. ORIO has a lot more to do with SAAB than NEVS ever had ...

    • Nothing is impossible - so Toyota?

      • The comment should be an answer to Detlef Rudolf. Just queued up somehow wrong.

    • I have for lack a gscheiten Saab here in Austria to find a Lexus CT200h found and it was the absolute lucky grip of car buyer life, as far as previous owners, condition and price.

      The car itself is a hammer and therefore I really wish Toyota would make something out of NEVS / Saab.

      • Well, Lexus is not a bad brand, but they are not so successful, except in Amiland, I think at least?

        • That's why Saab would go very well with Toyota. Then they would have a decent premium brand

          • In the early days of NEVS, the name Toyota was mentioned as a partner. Then it was very quiet on the subject and Toyota was only mentioned "under the hand". As I said, everything is possible. NEVS does not look at the cards.

          • Hahaha, I agree with you!

          • Toyota's premium brand is called Lexus ...

        • Well, Lexus is already relatively successful worldwide only in German-speaking countries. Anyway, after I've also looked at the German premium brands I have to say that Lexus is already top.

        • In "Amiland" Lexus is in terms of customer satisfaction quite far ahead, ahead of the German premium brands!

      • But in times of a so-called single market, that sounds a bit like saying that here in Munich I did not find a clever Saab, so I bought something else. I searched Europe-wide.

    • It should be noted that it takes a very long useful life, until a new purchase actually makes financial sense. I have my 9-3 scrapped with 334000 km, and paid for a used 9-5 14000 Euro. With the 14000, I could have made the 9-3 but easy fit for the next 150000 km. I'm pretty sure.

      • There are certainly many ways to keep a vehicle running for a long time. The rust prevention and cavity treatment are 2 of it.
        This will certainly keep my SAAB for a while.

        At some point, however, can also come to the point where you can not identify with the monkey theater around an opaque manufacturer simply and therefore wants to get away. At the end of the day, it's all about a car. So nothing really important to life.

        • Let us be influenced by this ... ..theater? Not me, otherwise I would not write SAAB for a long time. SAAB is just around the corner, and in the automotive heart. Then nothing.

          • I admire your stamina, no question. On this way a thank you, good job.

            I still drive my SAAB and have recently invested in value preservation. My SAAB has until today in the service book the stamp of the same dealer.
            Now there is still an HU, that should not be a problem.

            For hobby riders, youngtimer fans and 900 fans this can go on for a while. As you have already written elsewhere, you can also have car body parts pressed elsewhere if the lights go out at NEVS.

            If you need a vehicle professionally in everyday life and scratch your own but slowly at the limit of life, it can not be avoided in spite of all steadfastness, to think about an alternative. A youngtimer can not be there for everyday life at some point. I have been working for automotive suppliers for several years on the farm. When the SAAB image was still good, that was not a problem. Today I am sometimes asked if my company is no longer running because I drive SAAB. From the original sympathy for the brand SAAB is not much to feel. The last remnant of it, NEVS has still used up with its business practices.

            If an alternative would have come from SAAB, this would always have been at least in the short list. Unfortunately, neither NEVS is a company that I can identify with, nor does it have a marketable product for a long time.

            Unfortunately. I still like my SAAB and runs flawlessly. However, I may not deal with this topic at some point but buy a vehicle that serves its purpose. Point and off. The whole speculative drumbeat from Sweden only goes to my mind.

          • Fully agree with you. The problem affects everyone who needs their car professionally. We have this in the blog crew, where a Saab is exchanged for another brand. (The hobby Saabs but stay). A Youngtimer does not always fit, which was a reason for me to buy the 9-5 NG. So I am out of the discussion, and also out of every drawer regarding the category of the company car. And the fuss from Sweden is really (almost) on everyone's mind. Did not deserve the brand like that ...

    • Moin moin, Detlef Rudolf!
      I can understand you well! The negative measure of NEVS is indeed more than full!

  • Quote: The reactions from Sweden were one-sided. They were all positive.
    I think about this:
    A swallow does not make a summer! 😉
    I will not let myself be "crazy" anymore and wait and see what happens.
    Until then, I continue to SAAB!

  • So for lack of a gscheiten Saabs to switch to a Japanese ... Since I judge myself or let me prepare a gscheiten saab ... So thin, the market is now again not ... Apart from .... The newer the saab the less emotion, the more diluted, the more GM ...
    And japanese means zero emotions anyway ... My opinion ...

    • And for the purpose of NEVS ... Those are already decent Wappler we would say in Austria. It's just not enough to constructively sell 10 years old cars as a new car and spit in a few batteries and an electric motor ... That's what a couple of TU students get ...

  • If even the greatest ideas are discussed here, I also add a wild speculation:

    Mr Piëch is looking for a new toy and wants to take over SAAB. Now that he has failed to buy Alfa Romeo with all his attempts, SAAB will find his interest. The discussion about Toyota would even support this idea, as VW is in the fight with Toyota for the top spot of the world's largest car manufacturer. The trademark rights should not be a problem in such a case, with the SCANIA takeover one has best contacts to SAAB AB.

    By the way, Mr. Winterkorn does not think anything of this idea. Therefore, he may, with the expiration of his contract, "reorientate professionally".

    As I said, it is a wild speculation!

    More likely, NEVS will tell us over the next 4 weeks that a decision can not be expected before the end of the summer vacation in Sweden ... (the marmot thing - you know).

    • 100%! NEVS is heading back to the summer holidays. There is no decision before the end of autumn and then the Christmas break comes in between.
      In recent years we have learned how NEVS works 😉

    • red99; that is not thought so bad. Even if it is not so, a great story is for sure.

    • Somehow, the idea is actually more interesting than I would have thought before thinking about it

      On the one hand, one would of course immediately argue that Volkswagen already has a "sporty" oriented mid-front brand with front-wheel drive (Audi) in the portfolio, which also has a factual image with rather simple design. Alfa would have been more emotional and a chance for rear-wheel drive, the classic Alfa technology.

      On the other hand, Swade on Saabsunited asked the readers many years ago which brand they would buy if Saab hops were to happen. And then I bothered to recount and, surprisingly, Alfa was named the most frequently, not Volvo or Audi (the main competitor self-proclaimed by Saab). And I remember that I even postponed the decision to go for a Saab 1998, because I wanted to see the Alfa 156 station wagon before (mini suitcase, so Saab). So there are similarities, of whatever kind.

  • Saab at VW - please not. For that reason alone, as I believe, there are nowhere else so many brands under a corporate roof as at VW. That was the case with GM a few years back and that pretty quickly reduced to half of the brands. But it will not happen, but in the VW group Saab would go down as well as GM did.

    • But I think VW is more capable than GM. In addition, a kit Saab is definitely better than a Saab a la NEVS from the stubble field. After all, VW is familiar with the car business.

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