Saab 9000 CC Adventure ... reload

Days ago, I've read a good sentence regarding old cars: we're just temporary agents, responsible for handing them well in the hands that follow us. There is truth in it. Another thing is whether old cars have a soul. The Saab 9000i from 1989 could mean it.

Saab 9000i on the trailer
Saab 9000i on the trailer

After we stand with Saab, transporter and trailer at the Saab Hangar, one question arises: Does he jump or not? The dealer had started disassembly because the Saab gave the stubborn system objectors. We want to know what's going on, give the Swede a new battery, start and ...

... the box is running. With brutal sound, because the exhaust is through. But he lives. Why he stubbornly refused before, is still his secret. Maybe he had no motivation to end his retirement career in Kazakhstan. More likely, it was our positive Saab vibrations, or the joyfully waiting Saab crowd in the hangar. These considerations are stupid, already clear. Nevertheless, I have the impression that the other Saabs are happy when a newcomer enters the hangar ... End of the philosophical part.

First test passed, down to the hangar, inventory. The sky is hanging, the stuffing in the doors as well. So soon the sky has to be dismantled, and how the inserts of the doors will be re-occupied. The fabric is 26 years old, not cracked, can be used again. The originality is preserved, our saddler does it for little money.

It lacks an inner fender, a wiper on the headlight. All liquids and filters beg for change. Urgent! The ventilation works only at the highest level, a known error. The paint is stained white, the oil dipstick for the ZF automatic by eaten down dripping battery acid. On many things we notice the neglect of recent times. Little things that will cost a lot of time, but only little money.

Otherwise, the condition is very good, and on stage will later show that there is no rust. 26 years in the Rhine-Main area, which is low on road salt, have had a positive effect on the state.

What rocks is the red-brown interior. That makes good mood and desire for this car generation. Whether with or without turbo! Unbeaten impressions of the 80er years interior and the state, as I bought the 9000i - recorded in the hangar - can be found on our Youngtimer Blog.

One thing is for sure: it will be a project, which will keep us busy longer. With which three 9000er projects run in parallel, which is not so great. So, to speed it up, we give it to friendly, external hands. Another Saab story that runs on the blog from June.

Before we start working, we want to go on a test drive, get an idea of ​​the mechanics. In order not to be involved in a neat conversation with the race management, it is advisable to change the exhaust. We need a new center pot, the old one is through.

The Orio AB can not deliver, looking into the 9000 CC spare parts inventory in Nyköping drives us anyway a flood of tears in the eyes ... .When I will come back again this week. A large provider of exhaust parts says he can deliver, but has to back down. There are two versions for the Saab 9000i, with and without catalytic converter. Our blog car has a cat, the variant is not available.

Blog supporters Skandix has what we need from stock. After I had in Kiel the correct part number to avoid the bad buy out have (Thanks to the always patient helpers Lafrentz), the exhaust and assembly parts are in the incoming goods the next day. Quality, price, delivery service at Skandix. Excellent!

The installation is without problems; a free workshop - a few meters away from our Saab Hangar - takes the old Swede on stage. Exhaust fits, all disassembled parts are reassembled. Saab is running!

On to the test drive! How does the 26 year old Swede drive, does he drive at all? Or does the stupid blind purchase take its revenge, and the adventure ends in disaster?

The first trip will be very, very short. After a few meters the Saab reports "Check Engine". Not good at all ! Normally, the engine then jumps into an emergency program, only runs with reduced power. In our case, he just keeps going. Nevertheless ... we cancel the trip, fly to the Saab Hangar.

What now? But bought scrap? Problems with old cars have to be relaxed. First we fix the maintenance backlog, order via a Saab partner at the Orio all filters and parts, change all liquids. So we bring the Saab to a good status. Then we fly out again. In the next few days we start to the last part.

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  • I'm looking forward to the sequel.

  • Congratulations, that sounds promising.

    But honestly, you start for a first test flight after (how many?) Years without first changing filters and fluids? Hardcore.

    • No, the 9000i was still moved four weeks earlier. So we are not really hardcore

  • What about dealer warranty and repayment? Or were the two points "bargaining"?

    At Skandix I have already bought one or the other part ... if it was not original, then just OEM or their home supplier. Everything has worked and fitted - a real alternative if you want to screw yourself.

    By the way ... you're talking to us here watery mouth from the interior - but where are the right pictures? Is the best at the end?

      • Hm, everybody knows, right? 😉 Well, as I said, as long as you know what to do and have the money ...

        To be honest, the interior really disappoints me a little ... as much as I appreciate a deviation from the unity black / gray / anthracite, the more the stalls remind me of worn-out cinema seats. Pretty dripped into the faded red. Or was it because of the camera?

        • That's pretty blasphemous. The pictures were taken in the hangar, bad light, no external flash. Better impressions are replenished.

  • The color combination takes some getting used to but sometimes I even shudder when I see pictures in which outfit I dared to hit the street in the eighties. And a Saab definitely has a soul. I do not know what it is, but sometimes, when I have not moved it for a while, it makes me sounds that sound like a sigh, as if to say to me: Boy get the key, I want to let off steam again.

  • That's pure joy if you read something like that, who has already bought an old car recognizes every sentence that Tom writes here.
    Great; I am looking forward to read on.

  • Very cool box ... and please leave it exactly like that!

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