Saab at the Techno Classica 2015

Review of the Techno Classica. What's up with the little brand from Trollhättan? Somehow it seems to have come under the wheels, because the Sunday ended the fair offered the fans very little on the subject of Saab.

Saab 99 Turbo at the VW Autostadt. Image: Richard
Saab 99 Turbo at the VW Autostadt. Image: Richard

There were the members of the 1. German Saab clubsthat kept the Saab torch on as light in the dark. They couldn't do anything with the “30 years Saab 9000” topic, which is a shame, but they were still very Saabian. Thanks to Jens and his team for so much continued Saab passion!

The booth in Swedish colors explained the origin of Saab to every visitor, great job! Two wonderful Saab 99s were eye-catchers, and the majority of all Saabs at the fair were 99s. Two on the club stand - another 99 Turbo was on the stand of the VW Classic City. Kind of cool - and sad too. Because Saab, the Swedish company that gave turbo and downsizing as a pioneer to the automotive world, no longer builds cars. At least not at the moment.

Two Saab at the club, one at VW. Saab number 4 stood on the outdoor area. An 900 Turbo, Last Run, ran extremely little with less than 25.000 kilometers. At the same time with an extreme price. First 40.000 €, then 36.000 €. Of course, he stopped. I am pleased when Saab classics are valued and when prices express this. In this case, you have to ask: Hello, are you still working?

The offer brought it as fair flop to questionable celebrity at the Autobild, Not undeserved. A fifth Saab, an 900 convertible, should also have been for sale. Unfortunately, our photographers Jürgen, Richard and Götz (Thanks for the pictures!) it does not catch, so it remains at lean 4 vehicles of the brand with the griffin.

That's not enough, there should be more going on in the future. 2016. Since the cards are shuffled.

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  • In my opinion, VW has two main problems:
    The disadvantages caused by inefficient structures are attempted to be offset by cost reductions in purchasing - but this also ruins actually reliable systems (the best example is the control chain disaster for the small TSIs).
    Secondly, people in Wolfsburg don't really seem to sell their own products - except to take 15 to 20 minutes from their own home in Suburbia to work.
    It is noticeable that a considerable amount of constructive and creative effort is made at VW, but obviously without experience of what is important when designing a driver's workstation. Apart from the grotty seats caused by all brands and models, they are actually only minor details, but they can drive the driver crazy on a long stretch of motorway at night.

    I had missed it last year on the occasion of the spare parts situation at 9000 CC and the resulting replacement car week on this subject before:

  • The prices would only be excessive if not a single buyer could be found within the time frame set by the seller ...

    I also find the price of the above Quasineuwagen under no circumstances covered. Of course, there will be few people willing to spend so much money on such a car, but on the other hand, who wants to have a comparable car should not have much choice.
    It only takes a single buyer to conclude a contract - if he is willing to pay the price called (or something in the region), then it doesn't matter whether a thousand or ten thousand others think that is excessive or not.
    Just because I would get a Gerhard Richter 8 to 50 Yuki Itodas for the price, and neither could nor want to afford it, that doesn't mean that a Richter is overpriced - one single buyer is enough for unique items. One.

  • I deliberately did not document the 900 convertible on the outdoor area, the wheel arches came towards you for 14.800 euros ......

  • At KdF, however, they seem to have forgotten how to build engines after the nine-inch TDI ... You can't ergonomics there either. (If it's consoling: not at Opel anymore either.)

  • Please deal with the expressions a little more “chosen”. Thank you!

  • ... a daring thesis! Especially since the club has plenty of ……. Can be found. Example management level: How is it that corporate management today is blood related to that of 75 years ago? The ownership structure, which is common in medium-sized businesses, does not justify this ...

  • I think the number of Saab with 4 but relatively good. Or did you even see a single Panhard?

    Essen has developed into a trade fair with many very high-priced offers. I've seen a lot of Lancia Aurelia (mostly convertible) this year and estimated 30 Aston Martin. And they weren't the same cars as in previous years.

    A great show, you just can not be frustrated by the high prices, these are bad times for buyers.

  • In Switzerland there are currently two 901 CVs with similar mileage for sale at such a price ... but have also been around for a long time.

  • Since we live in the PlemPlem age (according to Grünwald), everything or nothing is possible.

  • Aaach stay fluffy, what is worse than GM? At VW work smarter heads.

  • The classic city has some beautiful vehicles that have nothing to do with the group. Simply show taste and interest in special vehicles. I would not interpret anything in it.

  • If that happens, Saab is bought by VW, I'll sell my 900er and NEVER get a Saab again!

  • At VW can be found among the classics a SAAB 99 turbo?

    Since my steep thesis in the last week on VW and SAAB was a self fullfilling prophecy, or is there more behind it?

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