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Last Wednesday, SAAB drivers from Central Germany met for the fourth time at the regulars' table - a young group from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia - this time typically Swedish at IKEA.

Photo to the meeting from the TA
Photo to the meeting from the TA

If I didn't miscount, we were 16 sows. In the great and warm spring weather there were not only really beautiful cars but also lots of great SAAB stories! Then we moved to the restaurant. Contacts and addresses were exchanged and an appointment for a SAAB trip on June 13th was agreed. More will not be revealed here (yet) !!!

The next Saab highlights are the regulars' tables in Erlangen, BI / OWL and Rhein / Main this evening. Then tomorrow, Saturday, THE meeting at Höbold's in Bitterfeld / Holzweißig and of course the screw meeting for the season opening of the SAAB friends Cologne ...

Maybe there are readers who send us a short report with some photos about the meeting !! ??

You can read all these dates here. with us on the blog. If your appointment is not there please write a message to

Have fun all Saabisti on the weekend and always accident-free ride!

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    I would be happy about the original article to complete my folders with publications about Saab, which I lead since 1994.
    Maybe you can bring the article to the Junammammtisch.
    Until then.

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    Was very nice and sure the basis for many Saabevents in Erfurt and the surrounding area. Thuringia has many beautiful routes and destinations. We are looking forward to June!
    PS: Too bad that the report in the Ta was only in the Erfurt part, many disappointed in Thuringia the next day the newspaper searched in vain.

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      Hello Wolfgang, I think the small Stammtisch in EF was a good start and the Thuringian Saabians will be the next time determined in even greater numbers. I thought it was a great thing.
      If you want the original from TA? I can definitely get you. Thanks to everyone involved :-)) not least Mark

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    Manfred from Salzburg

    Hello Tom and all Saab interested people (especially in Austria),

    Unfortunately, there is apparently only in Vienna a club. Of course this is not very effective for SAAB drivers from the western states.

    From my own point of view, there are - relatively - many Sääb in the Salzburg area.
    Even if one is not Vereinsmaier I can imagine that itself
    organize some meetings or club evenings for an exchange of ideas.

    Greetings to everyone.

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    I think there should be a lot more advertising for the get-togethers. Most of the Saab drivers I meet in the parking lot, petrol stations,… don't know that there is a very active regulars' table here in the region.
    Maybe stickers with “Saab Stammtisch (e.g.) Munich! Appointments on ”helpful.

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