Höör has SAAB heart in the right place

"Just like last year, everybody's welcome with or without their SAAB. The most important thing is that you have your SAAB heart in the right place”Was the opening sentence in the invitation for a SAAB meet that attracted more than 150 SAAB's on Saturday when they gathered in Höör, a small town in the center of Skåne county, Sweden.


Passion spreads almost
Local SAAB Enthusiast Mikael Petterson What the first spontaneous meet last year and when he created a Facebook event to announce his plans for another year, the word spread really fast. "Let's meet, exchange experiences, check out our SAABs, but most of all try and put a face to a name.

143007328060316300_resizedWell, that worked out really well: the group was a great blend of people from all over the southern part of Sweden. The fact that affection for SAAB is not just limited to "middle aged men" what proven by a great age mix with "boys and girls" ranging from teenagers to 70 +.


Not just the drivers were a great blend ... the same applied for their SAABs, with everything stretching from 95,96, Sonett III, Toppola, 900, 9000, 9-3, 9-5 and 9-3X to the most recent 9- 5NG, 9-4X and of course the 9-3N. A great event indeed… a big thank you to Mikael Petterson and crew for hosting, Dennis Svensson Dufva for the video and Jonas Åberg for the pictures!


5 thoughts on "Höör has SAAB heart in the right place"

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      indeed i will ......
      and maby there is somthing recommendable saab´ish gooing on in Scania-Land this July to …… 🙂

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        I am sure there will be! The two events that I am currently aware of in that period are the “Saabsnacket” meet on July 18th in Södertalje (at the Scania factory) and the annual meeting in Gävle on July 26th.

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          sorry, with scania I ment Skåne :),
          Gävle and Södertälje is too far away for me this summer

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    hehe funny, have lived in Germany for 5 years (with my SAAB). I grew up in Höör. In 9 weeks I'll be on vacation in Skåne. It's a shame that I missed it ......

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