Schwedenparts & Hirsch reproduction

The Saab spare parts online shop of Kunert Automobile AG was very popular in the community. Because there were parts for classic Saabs that can not be found on every corner, and the advice was always very good.

Saab impression in the evening
Saab impression in the evening

The Autohaus Kunert is unfortunately history, the shop, however, there are other signs as before. Gert Waldorf, customers know him as a consultant at the former Kunert Online Shop, ventured a few weeks ago with the leap into self-employment. With parts for Saab and Volvo he has remained faithful to the Swedes.

As a partner of Orio Germany GmbH Swedenparts original Saab parts, and a little more. Special parts for Saab classics are as before on offer. If you can not find what you are looking for in the webshop, please contact Gert Waldorf by phone or mail. As previously at Kunert AG, he also supplies the Saab drivers in Switzerland. The Blog Team wishes Swedenparts good luck in the future!

Reproduction: Hirsch Performance Exhaust System

Another interesting Saab project is running at blog supporters Till Drescher plans the reproduction of the Hirsch system for the Saab 9-3 2.8 V6 FWD.

Hirsch's exhaust systems have always been a good investment in the past. High quality and durable, good for many years Saab fun.

In cooperation with the Saab specialists from Switzerland, the system, which has not been available for a long time, could be reissued if at least 10 pre-orders are available. A solvable task, right? Till will gladly answer questions about the project by e-mail:

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  • Great idea to resurrect the deer exhaust system - unfortunately the wrong Saab for me! I'm desperately looking for a Hirsch center silencer for a 9-3 I AERO / VIGGEN…. I've already bought the rear silencer, of course from Till. So if anyone here knows where I can find one - also in a good used condition - please let me know!

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