The past few days have been about old cars. Not the everyday topic on the blog, actually our classic & youngtimer department is there for that. Old Saabs are passion for me. For other people they are daily business. Or the future.

3 x Saab 900, 1 x Saab 9000. Full workshop at Saab Service Frankfurt
3 x Saab 900, 1 x Saab 9000. Full workshop at Saab Service Frankfurt

Trade and service with classics and youngtimers is lucrative. So much so that more and more car dealerships are giving up their low-yield new car business and getting on the rusty track. That works, (almost) everything that is 30 years or older seems to be in demand. At least for manufacturers who have always focused on maintaining tradition. Old Porsches and Mercedes are in great demand, sometimes at low prices.

For the Swedes this is not quite the case. Neither Saab nor Volvo had in the past relied on the care of their great past. The result is a few old Swedish cars on our streets and classic events. That is changing in the long term.

The proof: Our youngtimers & classics blog. It went online on November 23.11.2012, XNUMX, with a clear background: fun… and the pleasure of writing about cars because you don't want to hear about business news. The thought of whether someone would like to read what is written there on old sheet metal was not present. A blog for personal enjoyment. If someone reads it, it makes things even better.

The saabblog.net project itself is a life in the niche. Less than 60.000 Saabs are traveling in Germany. Already that is hardly measurable. Writing about classic Saabs, therefore, is the niche in the niche. Who the hell cares about that? In December 2012 117 readers found the topic good. After all !

Things develop. The long-term trend is crucial. In March 2013 there were already 2.886 readers, 12 months later 5.387, another year 10.083. Old Saabs are no longer a niche, and compared to other youngtimer blogs we are doing well.

It's easy to predict that the trend will continue. Because it does not go in Trollhättan because old sheet metal is trend. All the more shaken up, what does in Nyköping in terms of classics. Or do not. With our 9000 CC project, there was nothing to be gained apart from the parts for an inspection. With the successor, the 9000 CS, the bearings become increasingly empty, a subsequent production can not be determined. You get headlights; not at Orio, but via third party. Not an isolated case.

A friend restored a classic 900. He ordered parts for over 6.000,00 €, 10% of which came from Orio. Not more. Because nothing is available in Nyköping anymore.

That worries me. Orio has shown very clearly, very impressively, that you stand up for the name Saab. Bought tools for classic Saabs from NEVS before they disappeared to Asia. It's good. On the other hand, the trend seems to be ignored. Sales are lost every day, although customers would like to buy “Saab Original”.

Classic, that could be the future of the brand. If visions at Göta Älv once again failed due to the harsh reality, then our Saabs are still on the street ... and should remain so.

At the Techno Classica, which had just ended, there was little to see from Saab and nothing from Orio. At the most important classic show in Europe, the 1st German Saab Club held the flag up ... and the Autostadt. It had a nice Saab 99 Turbo from 1979 on the stand. Autostadt = VW. Amazing !

Yes, yes, Eschborn is reading along. Nyköping too. You are capable of criticism - I hope. And everything is not what it seems. Classics are a topic there, they are working on them. Maybe not with as much emphasis as I would like. But you do something.

My wish and the wish of many Saab drivers could become a reality. A clear commitment to the Saab tradition, not just with words, but really show the flag. Maybe at the Techno Classica 2016 in Essen. Then with a Saab 99 Turbo at the Orio stand, not just at the VW Autostadt.

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  • Great topic, that has been scratching me for a long time! At that time from 2000 disappeared after the GM takeover many parts!

    Orio is a pharmacy! Too expensive, little available! You have to get parts from junk cars. There's no other better car brand from Europe like that. This is also known to many SAAB customers. They just give up the vehicles quickly. They go to the scrap press or are cannibalized!

    Too bad for the beautiful SAAB vehicles that still disappear from the road. There are daily less. Everyone could notice that.

    Orio is required to re-produce all parts! The tool costs have long been amortized. The tools could certainly be adopted cheaply.

    Interior carpets, rubber seals, side windows, most important plastic inner parts! Türkeder etc. This must be available if you want to keep the vehicles on the road.

    A restoration costs without cheap parts suppliers simply too much and is then too expensive to find the parts. Firstly, without a classic section at Orio, a real vintage car market will never develop. Since you have to be too insider and that keeps others from buying and restoring an old SAAB despite the interest!

    If Orio does not manage to tackle this quickly and really raise a SAAB Classic spare parts division, then it will soon be too late, because the vehicles will therefore go back! If Orio does not invest quickly, it's over! There does not have to be a business economist to recognize this.

    Therefore, tackle the topic! But no lip service! With quick implementation!

  • A good topic! In the classic scene, overlaps between SAAB and VOLVO are the order of the day, which is also the case with me.
    Clearly in this case is the advantage of SAAB. While VOLVO does nothing, absolutely nothing, ORIO at least tackles the topic. The VOLVOs, on the other hand, are simply slaughtered which is no longer good, otherwise the boxes are not kept on the street any more. Thanks ORIO, please keep it up, the course is right!

  • Too bad that so many 142er, 144er and 145er mercilessly as an organ donor were killed and exploited alive.


    These were also fine cars. Especially the early years of construction with thinner bumpers, smaller exterior mirrors and exterior door handles make beautiful classics.

    Well, after all, their gearboxes and engines live on in the humpbacks and amazons, which, it is true, are still seen quite often and are usually well represented at classics meetings.

  • Hello Tom!

    A Beritrag to my taste. All my 9 saws are from the last millennium and 7 are 20 years and more (up to 48) this year.
    Old Saab have something that other cars (and - in my humble opinion - also many newer Sääben) lack: individuality, solidity. And one thing above all: character!
    That Saab has forgotten about its own history has been Saab fan and collector since I was. If not for a private network of enthusiasts and freelance suppliers, some of whom stick with the brand's extreme commitment, that would not even be that small percentage of old Saabs on the road.
    The near-destruction of the museum was the culmination of this sad denial of its own history.
    And so I'm interested in the continuation of the Saab brand - it no longer has anything to do with what Saab means to me anyway.
    The seeds that mean something to me, unfortunately, mean nothing to Saab for many years ...


  • I would also be very grateful to the company Orio, if they would discover the classic parts trade as a business branch for themselves!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Good to know that ORIO has the thing on the screen. We would like to drive as long as possible SAAB!

  • I can not confirm that with the few Volvos at Oldie events. The humpbacks and amazons are always well represented. In addition to my 3 Saab, I also have a 122S 1965 built by Volvo. Needless to say that the Volvo is running very well and does not cause any problems. I certainly do not give it out!

  • That is not very pleasant ... Unfortunately, one also has to say that the ORIO is “pushed” a lot. There are, and this is very annoying, dealers who send customers from the farm with “no longer available” or with incorrect prices. Both things are annoying, especially when the blog team finds out that the parts are available after all.
    Our advice: If in doubt ask the blog supporters who live Saab and are the right person to contact.

  • Well with Orio u. the Saab parts. From my own recent experience I can understand that sales are declining ... but ... because of the very high prices !!! ??? . Had ordered a windshield for my daughter's 900 I from Bj '93 from a Saab dealer, original cost € 175.– Two days later came a recall, the windshield will now cost € 275.— from April onwards. I could give further examples.
    Now everyone can form their opinion or hold against it.
    Anyway, I got the W-disc for an even cheaper price at an accessory store but Original Saab.

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