Calendar: SAAB meeting at Höbolds

For the seventh time, the Höbold family invited to Bitterfeld - Holzweißig for the SAAB meeting last Saturday. In perfect weather, over 40 saws came to the free SAAB service.

Group photo at Halle / Oppin Airport
Group photo at Halle / Oppin Airport

Already from 10: 00 clock arrived SAAB drivers from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. For a delicious brunch there was a lot of SAAB talk. Man knows each other. The meetings with family Höbold are legendary and almost family.

Once again there were many different models - from 99, over 900 I and II, some 9-3 I, many 9-3 II (whether as a sedan, station wagon, X or convertible), a Turbo X and a 9-5 II Shiny vehicles and shining eyes wherever you looked.

The main street in wood white soon turned out to be a bottleneck again. According to unofficial counts, there were 44 saws that were parked and admired on or on the company grounds of the free automotive master workshop - with a love for the Swedish cold brand SAAB.

For the joint exit (which in my opinion was a bit too short this year) we went to Halle / Oppin Airport this time. The route was well chosen and had little traffic. So all participants quickly reached their destination ...

A big thank you to family Höbold for this really great meeting !!! Keep it up. We are looking forward to 2016 !!!

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  • Oh no ……… I was in Oppin on Saturday and didn’t notice anything …… what a shame.

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