Saab reader cups for the fans

Not everything in life is for sale! These cups, for example ... Our new project is about Saab cups that we want to give away in the future ... to our readers. For an article about her life with Saab, about her Swedish cars.

Impact protection 1947
Impact protection 1947

A Saab is more than a car, Saab can be a way of life. The slogan "Saab - more than a car" fits perfectly there. But he belongs to the Orio AB, is protected against reprinting and misuse. For our campaign with the readers cups, we have received the clearance for use. Thanks to Eschborn!

Before we commission a limited edition, we ask which cup our readers find most appealing. We have selected Saab ad motifs from the year 2005, which are special and very saabig. To choose - and there have the fans the floor - are the following variants:

Saab video game
Tested on the computer. Saab video game

Version 1:

Tested on the computer ...

Saab relied very early on computer assistance in the construction of vehicles. The Swedes were also pioneers here; the motif reminiscent of a video game of the 80 years stands for it. A Saab Cabriolet can be recognized on the right side of the monitor.

Impact protection 1947
Impact protection 1947

Version 2:

Impact protection 1947

Already 1947, with the Ursaab, Saab introduced the side impact protection. No joke, but 25 cm gap in the doors made for the first construction for a survival zone. Incredible !

Green or blue?
Green or blue?

Version 3:

... see things different!

Green or blue? In this ad you can see both things. "... see things different" ... recognize nuances. Saabs had the best aerodynamics, the greatest turbos, the craziest Cupholder, origin in the aircraft industry. Built for people who recognize the subtle difference.

Which readers cup would the fans like? The choice is not easy. Our readers have one week to form their opinion. Then a limited edition of the most popular cup goes into production. This action is made possible by our blog supporters, who allow their promotion on the blog, the continuous development and this action. Thanks for that!

Saab readers cups. Which should we commission?

  • Motive 2: impact protection 1947 (74% 177 Votes)
  • Motif 1: Tested on the computer ... (16% 38 Votes)
  • Motive 3: ... see things different! (10% 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 239

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Question to the end: How do readers get the cups?

We wish Saab stories from everyday life, regardless of the occasion or with which Saab you drive through life.

Ideal are compact narratives, with at least 400 up to a maximum of 700 words in Word or OpenOffice format. We wish the pictures in the format 1280 x 850. For each published article, we will send you one of the exclusive and limited edition Saab reader cups - while stocks last. Please do not forget address when sending. Please send story and pictures to: saabstory (at)

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  • Awesome & cool. Gives a unique favorite I think

  • That's great, I'm looking forward to new stories that are important for a good SAAB day

  • I would like to have the photo as a poster.

    Where does it come from and what is the story behind it? Is it really an old ad?

    Brilliant picture ! ! !

    • The campaign is only 10 years old and plays with the Saab story. Was so in the Saab Brand book by 2005 to find.

  • Very nice idea,
    My favorite is clear because it is an extravagant presentation, just saabypisch.
    Since it pays to write a story.

  • Once again a SUPER idea! THANKS to the sponsors "in the background"!
    My voice is placed. I'm looking forward to the end result and now think about which SAAB story I can contribute ....

  • Hi Tom,

    super action and my taste I share with 90% of readers !!! Best of all, I've had a nice story on my laptop for weeks: o)

    Saabige greetings


  • Great idea!
    Motive 2 I would take immediately without further writing as a poster.

  • Hello.

    Very nice idea!
    "Impact protection" is a great motive - great picture!

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