Saab 9000 CC and the remembered reading lights

Saab Story by Marc

A warning - or is it the explanation? - in advance. I am a car junkie. Already as a child, I got on my nerves in the car with my parents and my brother, so that I could recognize all oncoming vehicles in the dark from afar on the headlights.

Saab 9000 Turbo
Saab 9000 Turbo

And at the end of the 70er / beginning of the 80, the car industry was still a long way off from the light design of today's cars. Swedish cars were always quite easy to recognize by the separate parking lights. The difference between Volvo and Saab was then harder to find, but I managed quite well at the time. That was one of the reasons why I was familiar with the Saab brand as a child.

In our neighborhood or in the circle of friends and acquaintances Saab was not driven. That changed in the year 1990. My dad was looking for a new car again (and that was quite common). And it became one of those Swedish cars with the separate parking lights. A Saab 9000 with 128 turbocharged, manual and cat clean PS. Anthracite gray the paint and velor seats. In addition, the rear spoiler of the turbo variant was installed. Of course only, so that when reversing and parking the tail end was clearly visible.

At this time I was 16 years old. I remember that in the 80 two 123ers were the predecessors of two Mercedes W9000, one Opel Ascona and one Honda Accord. Even without ever having driven a car myself, I immediately noticed that this car was different, no, the Saab seemed like a quantum leap to me. The backlit and cocked to the driver cockpit, the fuses in the glove compartment, the comfortable rolling of the car and the low interior noise. Most remembered, however, are the ingeniously placed reading lights in the rear of the C-pillar. Coupled with the large interior and the comfortable rear seat, the 9000 was really "at home on long journeys".

When I finally had my driver's license, the Saab was also the first car that I was allowed to drive myself. What can I say? I also liked the driver's seat. Also for my father the Saab must have been something special. In any case, he kept him about 4 years. This is a lone record that was never broken by either a car before the Saab or after it.

This ended my active acquaintance with Saab for the time being. But as it is with childhood and youth memories. At some point they make their way to the surface again. The brand Saab I came back close in the year 2010, when I was looking for a four-seater convertible as a recreational vehicle. It was for me only Saab 900 in question. After many months of searching, I found a 1992 900 convertible at a well-known car dealership in Kiel. This time it was even a Saab with the brand-typical turbo. There it was again, the Saab gene. Every time I took the 900 convertible, I had to think of my father's 9000er. And I started to search. It should be an 9000 CC. If possible anthracite. Engine and transmission were secondary.

2,5 years and many disappointing visits later I found one. Saab 9000 Turbo in anthracite with the full Airflow 2 Kit. Hand switched, no cat and red box. 212.000 km run. However, in Madrid. What does a rational person do in such a case? Sure, he buys the car without ever having seen it live and has it brought from Spain to Northern Germany.

That said, the 9000 was on time for Christmas 2013 on the driveway. In a surprisingly good condition. By no means a new car, but a car with potential. The purchase was not a letdown. In the spring 2014 became quite fast and uncomplicated the techn. Decrease made in D'land and the 9000 got its approval. In addition, fluids, filters, spark plugs, etc. were changed. The biggest item was the silencer of the exhaust.

The first season 2014 then ran smoothly with the Saab. But only 3.000 km came together well. At the beginning of this year, the slave and master cylinder of the clutch were ready. Technically, the 9000 should now be prepared for the next few years. Rust is not an issue thanks to its Spain origin. Actually, there is not enough time left to move the vehicle enough. Incidentally, today I prefer to sit in the front left. The wonderful reading lamps in the rear are now used by my eldest daughter.

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  • Safe in THE color? Maybe we should talk, sesi… 😉

  • Oh, because I would know someone who still has such a CC in exactly the color, with turbo, with almost no rust to give

  • Congratulation. Forgive me, but if I could choose between the AeroX and the 9000CC, I would take the gray one. I would also like one of those ... another 😉

  • The reading lights!
    Yes, they immediately caught my eye as a little Stöpsge when my father rented a white 9000 from a car rental company for someone - no longer a memory - visit to the relatives for our family. Nowadays you search in vain at Sixt and co 🙁
    What a jump it was from 900er to 9000er.
    ... and yes, how wonderfully easy it was to see from a distance whether the next car was really from mom / dad or just a normal car driven by the people.
    Volvo Saab? Easy. Some had the parking lights above, others below 😉

  • The daughter will also be a 9000er (Saab) fan if she sits further back and uses the reading lamp ... LOL

  • Have you retrofitted the Aero seats? awesome car !! Have fun with it

  • I saw him in Kiel, great part, congratulations!
    You also have the right music system ... 🙂.

  • A wonderful lunch break story. The 9000cc is beautiful. I would like to have one myself

  • Hi Marc,
    I look enviable at the photos, exactly this model, "only" a 9000i but with Airflow was my first SAAB. Unfortunately I exchanged it for a 9000-2 Turbo, which I sold again after 3 months and massive visits to the workshop.
    Currently I own for 15 years! my 20-year 9000 Aero, which I certainly will not sell anymore.
    LG. Mike

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