Saab 9-3 design packages

It's spring, winter is a thing of the past - our Saabs are ready for a long, Swedish summer. What could be more obvious than giving the vehicles a design upgrade? From model year 2003 there are several ways to customize your Saab.

Saab Turbo X
Saab Turbo X

Aero optics

Let's start with the Pre-facelift models. There are special design packages for these vehicles, compiled by Orio AB, our original Saab parts supplier. With 9-3 II Sedan and Cabriolet up to MY 2007 an update to Aero Optik is possible. Front spoiler and side skirts give the Saab a sporty appearance. With new rear lights, the rear of the sedan can be converted to the fresh look of the model year 08.

Turbo X optics

The TX package was optionally available from the factory, and it was popular with new car buyers. Matt accents in a titanium look give the 9-3 a special, sporty, cool look. TX grill and fog lights are available as an upgrade kit. In addition, the matching TX emblems, which were placed under the side indicators in some markets.

For further retrofitting TX bumpers and front spoiler are on offer. Can be combined with either the TX Grill or the standard grill for all Saab 9-3 from model year 2008.

Saab 9-3 Griffin
Saab 9-3 Griffin

Griffin optics

Who has the choice, has a hard time. TX or Griffin optics? The bumper of the Griffin Aero models from model year 11 can be found in the action, as well as the special frame of the fog lights. This would be the 9-3 on the last, visually up to date.

What you might miss to make the design action perfect are the ice block design spotlights and the Griffin Grill. These parts are also available from stock Nyköping for Orio, the headlights can be quickly mounted on any 9-3 from model year 2008.

Fancy a Saabiges Upgrade? Details on the scope of the campaign, availability, installation, painting are available at all participating Saab partners.

The Saab 9-3 design packages campaign starts immediately and runs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland until 31.08.2015.

15 thoughts on "Saab 9-3 design packages"

  • Wow, you could not do that sooner, like 1-2 years ago ^^

    How much does the Griffin Aero apron normally cost? Does anyone know?

    And also: Why can you pack the TX inserts for the side lights on a normal front? These are the "old" aero borders only in gray, right? Then should the chrome aero parts also fit on the Vector front? Can someone say something? I was always told that I needed the complete aero apron !?

  • Does not NEVS have to react slowly anyway ?! Or is the court no longer interested in it?

    • 32 days to the first installment.

  • With the upcoming ugly monotony of SUV creations it would have been sensible for SAAB / NEVS (is it still) to put a nice 9-3 hatchback (of course with 5 doors) on the wheels !!!

    • Absolutely correct. SUV is not my world right now. But there is also something else coming from Borgward, the SUV is just the beginning. But just on the subject of SUV there was nothing exciting from Saab. 9-7X a converted Chevy and 9-4X had no more chance, and without diesel at least for Europe not very promising.

    • That's the way it is!

      But to top it off please also a nice 9-3er hatchback coupe (of course with 3 doors).

  • This SUV looks like a mix of Volvo and Toyota. With innovative technology (plug in hybrid), the thing is still interesting. And I hope that Borgward will be successful, for the very reason that such mischievous as Mr. Dudenhöfer with his predictions, as he has given them to Saab and Borgward lies to punish. As it looks, he was right at Saab.

  • Actually a tragedy! You do not have to blow your money into an 2011 outfit! Well, a matter of opinion.
    Now, silence is an absolute statement. It just does not bring anything anymore.
    It's enough now and no fun with this restraining tactics. There are no nice things from ORIO AB helping any more.

  • What should fascinate us at Borgward?
    Pontoon body with rear-wheel drive?
    Baroque gel-like gondolas?
    The philistine's dearest child.
    I do not see anything at the historic Borgward which reminds me of SAAB (in the same era).
    Are we now so far that, out of sheer nostalgia, we cling to every pseudo rebirth thing?
    SAAB has always been something different - far from grandpas - Ardennes drivel. (Seen from an automobile, of course!)
    Borgward will not give it anymore, at most as a new soda. (Drink, not car)
    And if, then it has nothing to do with SAAB!

    • The Borgward Revival is certainly exciting, but you should not expect exceptional vehicles like Saab. First spyshots show a conventional guessed SUV.

    • Deliciously written comment. Of course, Borgward will see things differently, but I like him.

  • With such a design package you could bridge the time ;-)), until the new ones are ready! I'm practicing as a dream dancer !!

    • Actually we all expected a statement from Trollhättan - Plan A or Plan B or what?

      Slowly it is probably really time to look seriously for alternatives. Is quite difficult to find a real alternative (at least I feel so), but should be able to get over with eagerness and perseverance.

      Let's see if something useful comes up with the name Borgward - but I'm afraid it will be a pale event there too.

      • NEVS is silent, still. Maybe because there is nothing to say.

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