STCC season 2015

The start into the new STCC season was from Saab perspective at least expandable. At the first race last weekend on the new airport course in Skövde, the other Swedish brand won the day in style. Nevertheless, the PWR team of Peter Wallenberg had a gratifying start to the racing season and kept all chances open.

STCC 2015. PWR Racing Team
STCC 2015. PWR Racing Team

The two PWR Racing Saab 9-3 with Emma Kimiläinen and Daniel Haglöf drove into the points, despite all adversities. Haglöf was the best Saab driver in both races and is ranked 5.

At the start of the season, the PWR team made a contribution to the web on the new high-speed course on the Skövde airfield that captures the racing atmosphere. Anyone who has always wanted to be a co-pilot with Emma Kimiläinen and likes a committed driving style will get their money's worth. Fortunately, for the international audience, the drivers don't speak Swedish in the post ...

The credits list shows the sponsorship list of the PWR Racing Team. From the Saab AB on Combitech known names from last season are there. No longer listed is a company that has nothing to do with Saab, because it has lost the brand rights in the summer 2014. You could see that as a clear sign.

The next runs will take place on 29. and 30. May in Anderstorp.

Result: Run 1 Volvo Race Skövde:

1. Thed Bjork, Polestar Racing, 20: 18.378

2. Fredrik Ekblom, Polestar Racing, + 1.454

3. Mattias Andersson, Dacia Dealer Team, + 18.021

4. Daniel Haglof, PWR Racing Team, + 26.310


6. Emma Kimiläinen, PWR Racing Team, + 38.337


10. Roger Samuelsson, Team Tido, + 2 Laps


Result - Race 2 Volvo Race Skövde:

1. Thed Bjork, Polestar Racing, 24: 07.136

2. Fredrik Larsson, WCR / BMW dealer team, + 1.348

3. Mattias Andersson, Dacia Dealer Team, + 6.014

4. Erik Johansson, Team Kia, + 4 Laps

5. Daniel Haglof, PWR Racing Team, + 6 Laps

6. Roger Samuelsson, Team Tido, + 8 Laps


Scoring after 2 runs - STCC 2015

1: Thed Bjork 68

2: Mattias Andersson 45

3: Fredrik Ekblom 43

4: Fredrik Larsson 38

5: Daniel Haglof 30


7: Emma Kimiläinen 14

8: Richard Göransson 12

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  • If you want to see a sign in the credits regarding NEVS, how could you interpret Scania as normal in blue and with griffin and Saab AB was only allowed to use NEVS with gray Saab lettering, and not her normal logo that is still kept in blue and with griffin?

    • blank

      What do “if” and “then” mean?

      The company - whose name is increasingly difficult to name - has apparently withdrawn or even excluded. This circumstance may well be pointed out.

      On the basis of the credits, whoever would like to, of course, can make further speculations about SAAB and Scania. But what does that have to do with the concrete hint?

    • blank

      Some of the individual sub-divisions of Saab AB still use the old color scheme with blue & griffin. If you drive from the airport through Gothenburg in the direction of THN, you will pass the corresponding buildings. The gray lettering stands for the Saab Group as such.

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