Saab mug 2015 - Saab mug for readers

Whether deliberately or by accident: 1947 already had the first Saab side impact protection. The word was not invented yet, as the Ursaab already provided 25 cm extra survival zone. The choice of our readers was clear, the victory at no time endangered.

Impact protection 1947. Saab reader cup 2015
Impact protection 1947. Saab reader cup 2015

The cup with the charming motif is our reader cup for the year 2015! The order is placed, the cups go into production.

As soon as we have received the delivery, we will ship the first Saab cup from the limited edition to the Netherlands. "A Smile Every Mile”Was the reader story for the premiere. It's about a 9-5 with high mileage. 438.650 kilometers on the display are proof that a high mileage does not stand against driving fun in the famous Saab that is at least as great.

Saab readers cups. Which should we commission?

  • Motive 2: impact protection 1947 (74% 177 Votes)
  • Motif 1: Tested on the computer ... (16% 38 Votes)
  • Motive 3: ... see things different! (10% 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 239

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There are even more stories in my mailbox, they will go online in the next few days, and more Saab fans will be able to enjoy their coffee or tea in an individually Saab way in the future.

This action has been made possible by our blog supporters in Hamburg, Vienenburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Emmerich on the Rhine, Bad Tölz, Bamberg, Kiel and Stuttgart. Also the suppliers for Saab spare parts Skandix, SKANIMPORT, Sweden parts, cardyourcar and of course Orio Germany and Switzerland. With your donations, you help us to deliver the daily dose of Saab and a little more to the fans. Conversely, it would be a fantastic thing if our readers returned the favor to the supporters the next time they have their inspection, repair or spare parts order.

Fancy one of the limited Saab readers cups?

Here again our conditions of participation: We wish Saab stories from everyday life, regardless of the occasion or with which Saab you drive through life.

Ideal are compact narratives, with at least 400 up to a maximum of 700 words in Word or OpenOffice format. We wish the pictures in the format 1280 x 850. For each published article, we will send you one of the exclusive and limited edition Saab reader cups - while stocks last. Please do not forget address when sending. Please send story and pictures to: saabstory (at)

You are looking for the international version? Here you are!