This week in Trollhättan

The weather suits the mood of many fans. It is gray in gray, rain is falling. At the main entrance is an 2014 Saab 9-3 Aero, without registration. It is quiet these days in Saabvägen.

The week at the Saab factory.

Attentive observers see light in the rooms where the management of Saab Automobile AB used to be based. They are working and it would be interesting to know what is going on in the plant. Or maybe not ...

Prior to 31 days, NEVS left the reconstruction and wanted to announce the names of the cooperation partners in April. Done that is not, in Trollhättan there is silence from official side. And what we experience under the hand is not good for the blog. Those who thought that by the end of the reconstruction NEVS would have severed the Gordian knot were disappointed.

So we wait, again. In 29 days, the week after the Saab Festival 2015, NEVS 50 must serve% of outstanding claims. There will be no grace or extension. Let's hope for a positive outcome of things, whatever that looks like. For the municipality Trollhättan, the jobs and the future of the car factory at Göta Älv.

The next articles will go on with more positive things. With dreams that we make reality and take to the streets. An exciting thing 🙂 ...

7 thoughts on "This week in Trollhättan"

  • Even if you let Saab fans hang around the world, for suppliers / suppliers, as well as workers in this environment, NEVS is really slowly the biggest imposition imaginable.
    An end soon is more than desirable ... you need a perspective!

    • Totally in agreement with SaabFan. Everyone needs a perspective, employees, suppliers, Saab fans and everyone who is interested in cars.
      You can tell about Muller that he was too open but that was a thousand times better than this.

  • Just embarrassing what's going on! Even if Saab should build cars again, I will only buy one when Nevs is out.
    Who knows if after 2 years the lights will go out again and you hope again and again for something! Pity about the brand but I think it was probably the final for Saab.

  • After the masterful transfer of SAAB Automobile by GM to Spyker with subsequent insolvency, there was then, as is well known, the green light for Kai Johan Jiang as investor and new company leader - Bergqvist & Co. acted as specialist lawyers.

    What felt like an eternity later - during a period of financial weakness (with so-called reconstruction) for the selected company leader - the green light shines again for said investor. The whole thing, however, without any visible positive interim result - this time under the aegis of other specialist lawyers.

    What is actually being performed in Sweden? With the best will in the world, this theater can no longer be called anything other than public mockery - just horrible!

    • I can only agree with this comment.
      We will continue to have a lot of patience and confidence for the SAAB car brand. The competitors are happy !! Just brutal what's going on in Sweden. Not to mention the suppliers…. What's going on with them?

  • Hand over broom clean, followers will build the cool SAAB's, so I hope!

    Keep on SAABING!

  • They are cleaning up! I can not really imagine anything but nothing at NEVS. Not even something bad !!

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