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When I was in kindergarten, I was often brought by the carers and caregivers for my afternoon nap, because I always knew what kind of car was in front of the door. From the Fiat 600 to the Lamborghini Countach (the supercar that day par excellence), nothing was unknown to me. I first heard about the Saab when I was an 1985 / 1986 exchange student in the US. There was talk of crash test safety results of the US Department of Transportation, in which the Mercedes S-Class ranked first, but right after a so-called Saab 9000 second place, the safest cars in the world.

2 Saabs in Sweden
2 Saabs in Sweden

I remembered that when I was 10 years later, one day looking for a replacement for my first own car, a black Peugeot 205 GTI. I tested a light brown 900 SE hatchback of a newer genus in a North German FSH and, as a complete Saab beginner, had difficulty removing the ignition key. I was not very enthusiastic when the FSH opened to me that the purchase price would be added to various repairs. The only thing that was done at the time to present the car is, in addition to the general cleaning, coloring the tires black.

Nevertheless, I was basically willing to get involved more with the brand and, above all, with the 900er. At this dealer, I also saw a brochure of the predecessor model of an 900er turbo coupe in black. And so my search for exactly this car began. One motivation to want a Saab and not a Golf was my permanent fear of death, which I no longer have today. But this is another story.

At last I found what I was looking for in the north of Germany with a family man who now needed a successor to his 1989 900 16V and had already decided on a Volvo station wagon. I took a friend who knows cars. He certified to me that the clutch of my future second own car was in order. With a mileage of about 169.000 km and a price of around 10.000 DEM I drove happily away and was pleasantly surprised on the highway by the big turbo. Even when accelerating around the 180 km / h rum, a lot of horses were loosened and only at 220 km / h was over.

Later, my father also decided to buy a new Saab car to replace his bright red Audi 80 1.9. He opted for a 9000 CSE with 146 non-turbo hp.

In addition, my parents had bought a house in Sweden for their retirement. There we were with the whole family and two Saabs in front of the door (photo).

One morning, after a very frosty night, they had an enormous layer of ice, but they both jumped like a one. Super thing with the local cars.

What I liked the most was the cutter-like running sound of my black 900 coupe, so one day I was all the more sad when I had a sheet-pressing touch in Berlin with a smart driving too fast (which resulted in a total loss) and an economical one Total loss suffered (The repair costs exceeded the value of the vehicle). That's why I sold this car for 800 DEM to a hobbyist in southern Germany, who organized a trailer transport. My car went there as a source for spare parts.

Many years have passed since then, but recently (late 2013) there was a good opportunity to buy Saab chrome glasses. Since then, I have been enjoying small clever design details by the Swedish engineers from Trollhättan.

But I wish very much that the 9-5 NG (especially the station wagon) would be rebuilt. The organic hybrid is also a great concept. May the rights to these vehicles fall into the right hands and the brand name Saab be released from the military division. Then for me the Saab world would be alright again.

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  • Chic picture above with the Sweden cottage, as in the picture book!

  • The 900 has somehow succeeded from every perspective.
    Thanks for the report and especially for the beautiful Fotis!
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