Saab Festival 2015: Saab Rally Plates

As already 2013 there will be again personalized Saab rally platters for the participants of our pre-tour from Kiel to Trollhättan to the Saab Festival. The design focused on 30 years of Saab 9000.

Saab Rallye Plate. Tour Kiel - THN 2015
Saab Rallye Plate. Tour Kiel - THN 2015

These are the years of the Saab-Scania era that we want to honor. The 9000 was the first contribution of Saab in the upper class, so he will be in Kiel theme. In a little over 2 weeks, the time has come, on the 4. June from 10.00 clock turns on the site of the Saab center all about our brand from Sweden.

A first look at what is waiting for our guests and fans, is this week on the blog to discover.

Saab Name Plates
Saab Name Plates

In addition to the Rally Plates we have prepared for the almost 100 participants Saab Name Plates. Again, we play with the 9000er and Saab-Scania theme. Both name and rally plates were designed by Wolfgang Gilde, who supported us with great love for the brand during the preparations. Many thanks to Hamburg, dear Wolfgang!

The Saabi program for the pre-tour, refined with our suggestions for the days in Trollhättan, is fine-tuned and will also be featured here in the coming days. We are also looking forward to news from Sweden, updates on Saab Festival 2015, For Saturday, a big, traditional dinner is announced at Folkets Park. Saab legends tell about their active time in the factory, a glimpse into the past of the brand. The tickets are always sold out quickly, prospective buyers should book quickly!

Before we tell you over the next few days what we have planned for June 4th, an important note on travel planning: If you travel to Kiel for the pre-tour, you should plan plenty of time for the journey. The A7 between Hamburg and the Bordesholmer Dreieck is a major construction site that requires a lot of patience and time. Some participants arrive the day before with their Saab - a good idea!

And there is still the matter with the Saab Premiere countdown, which runs since Saturday on the blog. The secret, or at least a small part of it, will also be aired during the week

12 thoughts on "Saab Festival 2015: Saab Rally Plates"

  • The plates look really great, I'm looking forward to it ...

  • Is the 9-3x Concept from 2002. A cross-over study by Michael Maurer, today at Porsche.

  • That would have to be a picture of the 9-3 Concept dashboard

  • You can be damned jealous! The Rally Pltes looks great.
    Unfortunately, it does not work for me this year.
    I wish you all great days. You will be unforgettable for every participant.
    Saab is the main thing but Trollhaettan is well worth the trip.
    What is that for a 9.3. Cockpit with start button, great steering wheel and large screen in the “saabblognet start screen”?

  • Brutal is probably the right word. What are they hatching again? Waiting is not our strength

  • In 2013 the tickets could be ordered online and then picked up at the museum. Unfortunately there is currently a bit of a lack of information, but we still have a relaxed 17 days until Kiel ...

  • If I got it right, then the tickets for the dinner at Folkets Park will only be sold locally at the museum.
    Does anyone know when this will be the case? Not that everything is gone on Friday ...

  • Good design! CLASS !!!

  • We already hinted in winter that something is going to happen. Unlike NEVS we keep our word.

    The first spyshots are on the blog this week, and as far as the new Saab model is concerned - don't underestimate us 😉

  • Coooool & very SAABIG 🙂

  • But I'm so excited about the "Saab Premiere". What could we have in store for us? If that comes from the Saab blog and has nothing to do with NEVS, it can finally mean something good again. But Tom makes it really exciting. I think and think, and really can't find any idea what to celebrate there premiere. It can't be a new Saab model.

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