Saab Roadster & Saab Festival

The Saab Roadster by Playsam is a tribute to the Ursaab. In Kalmar, they are certain that there will be no new edition with the Saab griffin and lettering on the steering wheel. We were able to buy some Saab Roadsters at a particularly affordable price - we are passing these on to the fans.

Saab 92001 Roadster from Playsam. Developed for SAAB Automobile AB
Saab 92001 Roadster from Playsam. Developed for SAAB Automobile AB

The roadster was developed for Saab Automobile AB; almost every Saab partner had a copy in the showroom. The offer is limited; There is no cheaper way to get a Saab 92001 Roadster from Playsam. If you want to fulfill a great Saab dream, you shouldn't hesitate long. The offer in our Saab Fan Shop is only valid while stocks last.

Saab Festival 2015

Yesterday it came from the official side! The traditional Saab dinner on Saturday in the Folketspark does not take place! The rejection is difficult to understand. Dinner always poured money into the not-so-well-stocked museum coffers, and for many fans it was a highlight of the festival. Even if the organizer gives health reasons for the cancellation, the museum is largely the responsibility of the municipality, which wants to attract tourists to the city in the preseason.

Too bad that the event could not be saved. But there is very good gastronomy in Trollhättan and the surrounding area - which will be happy about our visit. In 15 days we start via Kiel to Trollhättan. Anticipation is the greatest joy!

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  • Thanks for the action, just ordered one.

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