4. June 2015. Saab premiere.

Is it just me? I get involved in discussions several times a week in Saab. People I have never seen before want to talk to me about the brand. The range goes from “great car, Saab has built quality ..." over "... too bad that they no longer exist" up to "... but they drive an exotic car".

Saab Spyshot ...
Saab Spyshot ...

It's shocking, but we're already in the 5th year without a new car ... let's ignore the short-term production of NEVS. Except for us fans, nobody had registered that anyway. The more Saab mutates into a matter of the heart and lover, the more people seem to find the vehicles good. Because hardly anyone who wants to talk to me about Saab has owned one before. It does not matter which Saab I drive. The 9000s always get sympathy, the 9-5 NG anyway, Turbo X has to be liked, the 9-3 I Aero is the least noticeable.

The Saab story is not over. Firstly, because the brand is too good to let go forever. On the other hand, because everything is still open in Trollhättan and the blog continues to be read more than 100.000 times per month. The interest in the brand - unbroken! And because we are somehow moving in a vacuum, because we have no home, we make our Saab story ourselves.

We bring Saab dreams on the road!

We put automobile dreams on the streets, specifically. The date and location have already been determined: June 4, 2015, Saab Center Kiel. The participants of our tour to the Saab Festival in Sweden are guests of a premiere. We show two exciting options in the showroom, how Saab dreams can become reality ...

... as a restoration

This year we celebrate 30 years Saab 9000. Our Rallye Plates on the tour to Trollhättan also pick up on this topic. Fittingly, we have awakened a Saab 9000 from his slumber. After two years of service, we brought him back to the road with some effort. From a sad, neglected first-hand 9000 Anniversary became a beautiful car again. With addictive potential and the will-i-have reflex.

Restoration, preparation. That's nice, but not so spectacular. It's even better, there is air up.

… As a Saab premiere

The second possibility to realize automobile Saab dreams is even more exciting and very exciting. With an extra strong dose of Saab Spirit. We show our guests in Kiel at the 4. June from 14.00 watch a Saab that they have never seen before. We celebrate, as promised in the winter on the blog, a Saab premiere.

Incredible? And how ... The spirit of the brand lives. More on site in Kiel and on June 4th exclusively here on the blog!

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  • Somehow it doesn't work for me. Whether I'm on the road with the 95 NG, the yellow 93 convertible or the 93 Aero Coupe, I am never asked about the Saab brand! CH has become a very boring Audi country! Audi in black is a real nuisance for us ...

  • .. what is that actually for a new picture at the top of the blog navigation bar?
    Looks like a 9-3 but somehow very different?

  • No ... and at the time when the police were calling from Offenbach, Barbara Rudnik also drove a 900 ...

  • Is not the only crime scene commissar with Saab. Faber in Dortmund also drives one.

  • I don't know if anyone else noticed (but it definitely is ...), but:

    Sunday, May 17.05.2015th, 2015, shortly after 9000h, ARD. A new crime scene team from Frankfurt. And what car does the inspector drive? A SAAB 30 in dark blue. In my opinion, a reasonable coincidence for the XNUMXth anniversary of this type, especially in the SAAB “heartland” of Germany, Hesse. And the right answer to Swedish thrillers, which have been favoring German manufacturers of one car lately.

  • 9-5NG, virus is in it! would like to know more. I am also strong
    Virus infected, I have 6 Saabs …… .also in Frankfurt. You could
    maybe report, under 01795788552@email.de
    greetings from Frankfurt

  • Do I actually drive a Saab? Since 2009 I have had 3 cars with '9000' on the tailgate, one with 93 on the tailgate and one with 900 on the tailgate and 'FORTY' on the sides. Is that 5 Saabs, or just 1? 😉

  • I also feel like the SAAB has been attracting more attention lately. Especially with the 9000 there have been some “neck dislocations” and conversations in recent weeks.
    The 900 II goes a bit between the 9-3 I, which we often use.

  • I'm curious. Tom, we'll be ready for the 4e June.

  • Man, man, that's mean. What the hell is this SAAB in the picture? Rear spoiler, sedan? What please? Wait 2 weeks? Is that possible?

  • Saab driving is simply an attitude towards life - and non-Saabians notice that too ... 🙂 Can only share your experience, I am always spoken to: And only positively!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you again in Kiel and in the Saab cradle Trollhättan ... - and I'm looking forward to the surprise!

    Saabische greetings from Augsburg

  • Also have this saab virus and are now approved for saab No. 7 and all. I am happy and satisfied with what we have even if many people said we were crazy. No matter

    I'm looking forward to Kiel, I'm looking forward to Sweden! And the surprise 🙂

    greetings from Frankfurt

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