The Italian moments in life ...

A Gamma Coupe, a Flavia, Fulvia, Appia Limousines. Hand on heart - when did we last see only one of these cars in traffic? Eternal, and yet the Italian moments in life lurk where we do not expect.

Saab 9-5 meets Lancia Appia
Saab 9-5 meets Lancia Appia

In the deepest Franconian province about. If we leave the highway unplanned, buy a can of Sprite at the gas station. Then - on the way back to the main artery - he is there ... the Italian moment! A free workshop, a Flavia sedan in front of it. Reason for another stopover, and then the automotive heart starts beating ...

Flavia was only the beginning. Further back on the site is a series of Appia sedans, we find a Gamma Coupe, a Fulvia, another Flavia, and so on. Automobile delicacies from a bygone era, between some Fiats and Alfas. I am immune to modern cars if they do not wear Saab lettering. But with old Lancias, I can weaken.

A Lancia Delta Integrale Evolutione 2 has always been at the top of my wish list; The first topic I found better than the 9000 CC, the Montecarlo I liked anyway.

Nice that they exist. Companies that restore their cultural heritage such as these Lancias and bring them back to the streets. That's the good news about the pictures. Here are imports that have made it across the Alps, expecting a second life. The automotive soul is happy. Every classic Lancia, like our Saabs, is a friendly splash of color on a threadbare gray on our streets. Back from the Italian gourmet experiences to the Swedish moments in life ..

Saab Inside, number 3
Saab Inside, number 3

Swedish moments in life ..

Inside Saab, the customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH, we always get some print versions available. The latest edition is already the number 3, the copies go to the blog crew, also the winner of the Ursaabs our Saab reader story has a copy in the post.

The rest of the magazines we usually distribute in the community, in different ways. Since we still exactly 5 Saab Roadster from our unbeatable favorable action In stock, we will add an issue of Inside Saab to every order. At least we are doubling the pleasure of our customers, because the Saab magazine is not available for purchase and only a few, few dealers have ordered print runs. The current issue is also available on the Web as a PDF.

The Saab design packages action for the 9-3 is still running. If you like, you can give your Saab a new outfit. A PDF as download has the Orio Germany for all members of the service club online. The action is a good idea, I think, and to invest the right argument in the Saab is not mine today. This provides blog supporters with the advertisement for new Saab engines:

Saab arguments from
Saab arguments from

There is nothing to add. Allen Saab drivers a nice, long weekend and many automotive gourmet experiences!

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  • To the Roadster: let's face it, you can not give a child to play anymore, right ?! Scratched, and then the collector's value is gone.

    • Toys are there to play. That is then patina may be so

    • Actually yes, and not. The Roadster is quite robust and actually designed as a "toy". We have been around for about 10 years, having children of various friends had their first, big Saab pleasure with it. Nothing has happened except for a quirk in the wood bumper.

  • I've always liked the Lancia Gamma very much ... they would not have had the idea to put all ancillaries on the timing chain as well ...

    • Anyone who gets involved with a gamma must already know what he is doing. A Saab was built with noticeably more love at all times. Also exciting is the third beta series with the dashboard of Bellini. Pure design and zeitgeist

      • The irony of the matter is that Lancia is really un-Italian in terms of reliability and longevity and otherwise has always built very stable models. But sometimes you exaggerate it in terms of technology ... the idea behind the saving of the V-belt is indeed praiseworthy and understandable, but just saved at the wrong end.

        And yes, the beta .... already has something of classic Jaguar, so at first glance. Timelessly beautiful.

  • In addition to my three Saab I own a Fulvia Berlina, built 1972 and a Lancia Delta HF of the first series, built in 1984. From the latter, there is probably no 10 more in Europe. The two Lancias are a lot of fun, are real little luxury car. Above all, the Delta HF is still very good for today's conditions. Lancia and Saab are somehow a soul mate, right?

    • In any case. Unfortunately, they also have the same fate, both were or are driven by Americans, who simply do not understand the brands on the wall

      • Yes, it is a shame! My two heart brands, Saab and Lancia, just do not exist anymore! And it's exactly as you say, the Americans did not understand that. When I look at the Lancia Flavia convertible today ......

  • Yes, the Italians ...

    Probably not untypical for SAAB riders, again and again in this direction. The same thing happened to me.

    And I still hope that in the future Alfa could again put together an everyday and long-distance suitable as well as sufficiently large car on the legs. At some point you will need a new car and, if possible, a service network.

    Happy a much weitmaschigeres than VW-Audi-Skoda but a little narrower than for classic cars or SAAB.

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