The Anna Project

I usually tell Saab stories from the beginning. With Anna, a Saab 9000 Anniversary from 1998, everything is different. We start with the happy ending. The Saab has been preoccupying us for more than two years, and it is pure coincidence that it fits in with the 30 year Saab 9000 theme on the blog. Actually he should have ended up with the recycler or the export ...

The Anna: Saab 9000 1998, first hand.
The Anna: Saab 9000 1998, first hand.

Because, and that's the bitter truth, nobody wanted to have 2013 in the spring. Hmm ... Why investing in a neglected first-hand 9000er with just a few miles is a long story with a sad aftertaste ... that we'll tell after the Saab Festival. Including the complete restoration story. In Kiel, at the beginning of our tour to Sweden, Anna will be in the showroom. As an example, how to make a great Saab out of an unloved object of utility again.

It is time for the 9000 series to deal with this topic. 4.937 Saab 9000 were 1. January 2011 admitted in Germany. 4 years later, the number has almost halved with 2.718 vehicles. Consumption vehicles disappear, the 9000 becomes a lover and heart matter.

The 9000 is an exceptional vehicle. If I had the choice to go through life with a modern cookie jar or a Saab 9000, I would always and always prefer the Saab. Because it is robust, affordable in maintenance, fast, comfortable and stylish and the perfect multitool. As an encore, he has a fascinating Trollhättan turbo under the hood. Modern cookie jars, on the other hand, are bland and have their programmed expiration date. They are just cars. The 9000er is more. A companion for life. If you get involved ...

A restoration in a classic car is a tricky thing. Money you invest in the car is returned in the form of extended life - less than value. At Anna we chose the middle ground. Something more than necessary, but no showroom quality. The traces of neglect have disappeared, so that the maintenance backlog. The list of spare parts is impressive (or terrifying) long, the Orio will have been happy.

A particularly sensitive point was the rust on the window frame. A theme that occurs again and again in the 9000. Saab is innocent - the rust is the unfortunate result of a disk repair on the big chain. This factor must not be the exitus for our vehicles. Generations of Porsche and Mercedes classics had and still have the problem, but the owners have invested. If we want to keep our vehicles, we too need to take care of it. We did it, the result speaks for itself!

In a restoration, optics also play a role. Anna was severely neglected. The 9000er wore scratches and dents like an old warrior. These were carefully removed, the Saab was partially repainted without taking his patina. Because he has his story, is a car that was built more than 17 years ago in Trollhättan. Traces of use may and should be, but not traces of wear. We have also accepted this philosophy in the interior. Leather with cracks - replace or repair? We opted for the repair, otherwise the seats would have lost the patina of the years, which would have been a pity.

Anna, our Saab 9000 Anniversary, did not finish until last week. She is ready for another 10 or 15 years carefree car life, regular maintenance provided. To kick off our tour, the workshop crew of the Saab center Kiel tell a lot about the Anna Restoration. The result was worth it. An appraiser on site gives Anna a 3 +. Very close to the 2 state, which is very rare. Nice for a Saab, which nobody wanted ;-) ...

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  • ... and now probably everyone wants to have it ?! 😉
    what happens to the car? Is he staying at the blog or in Kiel, or even on sale?

  • I would want to have it! Fits 100% into my prey scheme

  • Scratches and dents? As a long-time fan of French cars, and more often France driver (on vacation), I call that not damage, but standard equipment

    But it still looks very elegant - hardly anything to see from use.

    • You can see it in some places already. Alternative would have been a complete paint job. However, it destroys the history of 17 years, not nice 😉

  • I am in Kiel today and will take a look at Anna, if he / she is already in the showroom.

  • Good 9000 have become rare. I would also like to have such a project, preferably Anni from 97 or 98. Unfortunately, the offers are so rare that the search needs a lingering breath.

    • My brother has another 9000er in the garden that is slaughtered. Interior is almost empty but engine is still there. If you are interested .. vehicle is available at Kassel 37247

      • Great written! I can feel your opinion. I love our 9000cse 2.3t. Bought by a retiree because the heating did not go for little money.

        Of course, he also struggles with rust at the rear, the trunk, the window frame and the sunroof. No matter. I love the 9000. We have just bought an 901 turbo and I am still driving a 9-5 ng. But I like to drive from all saab 9000. That's driving a car and just perfect for so little money!

        Even though I'm only 25 years old, I'm infected and addicted ... Addicted to the strange Sweden cars that not all people like and know the least. Because that's exactly why I love the brand so ..

        And especially the 9000. We will never give you more!

        greetings from Frankfurt

    • I have one of the last about 600 produced 9000 ever (model year 1998, first registration 30.06.1998) and would long term a beautiful 9000 with LPG and trailer hitch as long-distance vehicle and also, in case of cases, towing vehicle.
      Honestly, I am so late 9000 (an Anniversary in midnight blue metallic with beige, original Anniversaryausstattung), grad with its rather low mileage of currently about 171.000km and absolute original condition, but too bad. So I'm ready to hand it over, and then I'd rather get a base that does not "hurt" quite as much, for example, when 900er pulling is required a bit more.
      Just write, maybe directly via Tom, who sees and knows my e-mail address, if you are interested.

      Incidentally, I have recently stopped by for interest in Kiel, there is, still hidden under a car cover, an 9000 with a special tail - probably the surprise for the soon following event?

      • In itself, the comment should be directly under the trolls Franc, on him I referred to my "offer".

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