Erik Carlsson, Mr. Saab, is no longer with us ...

It was on the Saab Festival 2010. And I was excited. Erik Carlsson was traveling with his friends in the Bilmuseum, and I took the courage to speak to him. Because he was the living Saab legend. However, courage was not needed, as was quickly established.

Erik Carlsson, parting 2013 at the festival. Today forever.
Erik Carlsson, parting 2013 at the festival. Today forever.

"Where are you from, my son ..." were his first words. And then he told about rallies in the Taunus, about his experiences in Frankfurt, and that he would start towards Hockenheim the next weekend.

His warmth of the heart, his Saab enthusiasm, his strong personality and the lovable way of dealing with people ... all of this could be felt in the first few words. "My son ..." that was more than a polite phrase to an excited fan. Saab was family to him, and everyone whose heart beat for Saab was part of his world.

A strong Saab heart stopped beating today. I have tears in my eyes as I write these lines. Erik Carlsson, Mr. Saab, was 86 years old. A blessed age, and yet ... We will miss you, Mr. Saab!

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  • When I was a bub, I saw pictures of Mr.Saab unbelievably what he could bring out of the little Saab! a superstar has died but stays awake in our hearts. I suspect him of being part of the Saab family.

  • For me personally a big hit, a fine guy through and through, I've known him for over 30 years, always on the carpet and always in a good mood, despite his age and his pain! He always called me personally when he needed new two-stroke pistons for his racing! I mourn for him. Will always think of him !!!

  • What a sad news! This kind of news always shows how finite everything is.
    A big piece of Saab history and above all a great person has left. As long as the story of Saab is told, it will be remembered. Take care, Erik!

  • A very sad news, just before the SAAB meeting!
    RIP dear Erik, you will miss SAAB and the SAAB family ... ..your family too, of course!
    Your loved ones own my thoughts.

  • 2006 Saab meeting in Ljungbyhed in Sweden. We exchanged a few words with him and he put his autograph on my Saab cap. Great person, great personality. Rest in peace!

  • A great sportsman left us. I knew Him personally, now my thoughts are with the relatives.

  • I will ask Michèl to contact the Bilmuseum. I think the idea is very nice, we look at what works and what is desired.

  • Hi Tom,

    Maybe we should pay tribute to him this Friday, 40 Euro should be no problem with 100 vehicles.

    Maybe a wreath with a picture and the words “Last Honor…” in Swedish for the museum or something.


  • Just read the sad news.
    I had a nice conversation with him and got an autograph for the festival 2013.
    He asked where I came from and was amazed to drive over 2 km for 2000 days.
    Rest in peace.

  • Oh God. And so close to the festival. I was so hoping to see him. Mr. SAAB left. Rest in peace.

  • A piece of Saab history comes to an end ...

  • A really sad day.

    Words can not fill the void that has been torn today.

    Erik, you will miss us.

  • Sad to hear something like that ... Sorry about that shortly before the 2015 festival in Sweden.

    I hope it's not a sign and saab doesn't die. They have probably already died, but we all hope that of course it will continue ..

    Eric goodbye and have a good trip…. Rest in peace.

  • I also had two opportunities to speak to him at a SAAB meeting - a really nice guy! One of my SAAB models was personally signed by him.
    A really sad day for the SAAB community!
    Rest in peace!

    If that is not a sign that this sad event coincides with the news from Sweden….

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