NEVS presents Chinese partners

NEVS today presented two new Chinese business partners. NEVS CEO Bergman presented the further plans at a press conference. NEVS wants to become a successful provider of e-mobility. A new partner with 30% is the coastal city of Tianjin, another with a smaller share is a Research and Development Center (SRIT) in the Chinese capital. The software of the future NEVS EVs will be supplied by the Chinese development partner.


NEVS plans to build a manufacturing and development center in Tianjin; The focus of NEVS will be on e-mobility in the future. Trollhättan and the work are an important location (?) And should remain so, according to press officer Östlund. The new plant is scheduled to go into operation in two years, as long as the necessary components are delivered from Trollhättan. Here the NEVS press release as Download.

It is unclear under which name the new electric cars will be marketed. Unconfirmed rumors name Dong Feng as a possible actor in the background. NEVS received $ 40 million from its partners today. That is enough to pay off the debt and stabilize the financial situation, says Bergman. When production will start in Sweden is still unclear. There is no date. NEVS did not want to comment on the Saab trademark rights, which NEVS no longer has. The Swedish radio reporters will take up the topic again in an interview today.

NEVS will soon announce further partnerships, including a new vehicle production (?).

Updates to follow ...

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  • Another follow-up: storry around the Saab factory could be just as interesting
    become, like a storry around a southern meat factory ……… great prospects.

  • Thanks Tom and greetings from Frankfurt! I feel like screaming.
    Klartext, a work was former provider by the administrator
    Passing without a condition, such as production of vehicles
    to socialize.

    Is that correct.?

    From the country where I come from, hundreds of factories have been privatized
    or revived by bankruptcy or shut down. Never have
    I heard that a eg., hydraulic plant now produces tennis balls. Either
    find someone who is the alignment and equipment accordingly
    get in or get flattened.

    I'm in the blog from the beginning, great respect. Somehow, that's me
    Supplement for NEVS and the circumstances escaped.

    That means NEVS can do what it wants until further notice
    Cutting chicken legs, painting tractors, storing wheat ......
    or build up a fitness studio ...

    Pretty sad. So plant is practically dead, as for living just there
    and in the car world landscape no space is free.

    Then we just wait, but without goosebumps and adrenaline with "breaking news"
    that maybe will not exist anymore.

    Now, I will put every screw to mine
    2 xCSE 9000 anni
    1 × 93
    1 × 901
    1 × 95
    maintain and lubricate. No one is sold and every quarter of a year will be
    another admitted.

    Have a nice weekend

  • NEVS could also get into the production of plush elk and revolutionize the toy industry ...
    Seriously: NEVS is free in all decisions and if you pay bills and taxes on time, there are no deadlines. What we saw this week was an interim result, nothing more. There's something coming up. So, enjoy Saab, be patient.

  • Thank you Tom!
    Do I see it right, should a new major shareholder (who intends to build cars)
    So majority owners come on board that in this case NEVS with adopted
    10-20% shares could stay on board?
    Would not it have been more sensible to set a new bankruptcy for new providers
    to search and find directly.
    The situation seems to me as if a sparrow sold his dwelling to an eagle
    want to live with this then there?
    In my view, absurd situation.
    Are there no deadlines on the part of the state, court order from a factory
    to have to make a living object.
    Theoretically, if nobody is looking over their shoulders, they could peel potatoes with 1000 workers?
    Thanks for any clarification already.

  • Could someone illustrate the near future to me?
    What I know, NEVS is out of the reconstruction. How long
    Can you continue your drifting at crawl without loot
    To make changes and progress?
    How long can you wait at empty factory buildings without a running
    Production, hold on?
    Are appointments in the room?
    The contract was awarded to NEVS to produce cars.
    Meanwhile I take care of my Saabs (6) and do not sell one.

    • There are no appointments in the room. But action is needed. The next steps are (from a purely logical point of view) a new main shareholder & a detailed business plan. Let's assume that is how it will go.

  • Wait - we've been doing this for years. On what and on whom? I haven't seen anything from NEVS until now, apart from an assembled Meccano-level electric vehicle. You don't even have a competitive technology to be successful in the targeted market segment.
    Even a business plan looks different. This is at best a further declaration of intent. There have been more than enough of them so far. The market will find the answer for NEVS. Most likely without me.

    • NEVS has not yet presented a business plan. It will soon be presented in the course of the presentation of further partners (main shareholder?). I had prepared a detailed article on this subject, but rejected it. Firstly, because there is no motivation on my part to offer NEVS a platform, and secondly because the blog takes a break today out of respect for Mr. Saab.

      • Still a pity.
        Unfortunately, you do not find out anywhere else

        • Wait. Could be really exciting soon ... 😉

          • But you also know how to set fire

    • A further developed electric SAAB should be in no way inferior to a 9-5 Aero - quite apart from the environmental compatibility!

      Good things take time.

      • I do not have anything against electro, on the contrary. That would certainly have its charm and is a real variant for the next vehicle purchase. Reasons why this vehicle should come from NEVS, there is less than none today. There are enough other manufacturers who have not only declarations of intent but purchasable vehicles on the market.

  • In the Autobild it is also stated that Nevs has a strong interest in the designer (Eduard Gray) of the Saab 9-3 Marklll. He says it's about "Saab models as e-cars". And that they are negotiating with him seriously.

  • It's a shame that NEVS can hardly address former SAAB enthusiasts with its currently publicized business plan - as is well known, electromobility has been overslept in Europe, with a few exceptions.

    But maybe we will be pleasantly surprised (also regarding the other partner companies, which have not yet been made public).

    Another series with conventional SAAB technology in addition to the electric vehicles would be particularly desirable for Europe and also very useful for NEVS as a second pillar - let's see what else they have on the pan.

    In addition, as is well known, the name SAAB only returns if vehicles at SAAB level are still produced in Trollhättan - I also consider proven turbo technology in new packaging (same design as that of the new e-fleet) to be quite possible here.

    With luck, it could even lead to an all-round good outcome - we should just wait and see now.

  • SAAB ... RIP 🙁
    Too bad for us users and friends of the turbo technology!
    Good for the region when the outstanding funds are finally paid and the former troll color is given a certain "life" again. For whoever….
    Vehicles from China do not come to my farm!
    The Chinese "authority thinking" should be the know-how of the future ...., we will surely get it from Tom.
    My SAAB is being maintained!

  • Wolfgang Schmel spokes out what I meanwhile think.
    I cherish and maintain my two Saabs, an 9.3 Lim from 2004 and an 9.3 convertible from 2000, and enjoy my extensive collection of Saab books and models.
    Many Saabutensilien of various kinds complete the two showcases.
    It will probably not be again, at least not in our sense.
    Just nice that ed the Saabtreffen and exits.
    We are looking forward to the next one in Thuringia.

  • That's it. 🙁
    Hopefully, this Chinese dilettante dreamer NEVS will never regain the naming rights to the once great name Saab!
    Even manufacturers like Tesla with years of experience and incredible pioneering spirit do not manage to work profitably.

  • I think so too. I will take care of my 93 SC and ride for as long as it gives me pleasure and it is somewhat economical. Maybe a Saab convertible as a hobby. Not more! I'm not on Youngtimer synonymous.

  • What the heck - the whole thing has nothing to do with SAAB for a long time anyway. Then there's a new story. At least one can now pay the suppliers and the employees.

    My 9-5 Aero SC OG from 2007 passed the TüV with 270 km today without any complaints and shows little signs of fatigue. Let's see how long it can last with good care. That may take a while. Then something else comes afterwards. I won't invest any more money in a suicide mission with speculators or in business crime stories from Sweden. For me, youngtimers are no longer an option for everyday life.

  • hmmm, I wished for other news than what has come now ...

  • What should the electrical operation look like, battery or fuel cell? Only the latter has a future!
    To all this back and forth I can only say that I am happy to drive a Saab and that this is my last mobile pedestal.

    Also that the spare part question for SAAB in the meantime by ORION was apparently solved also in the sense of all Saabbesitzer.

    Otherwise you can just wait and drink tea ...

  • Let's only hope that this time also financial resources are available in the longer term and remain certain tasks in Sweden (production for European markets and, for example, also keep things like design and safety engineering in Trollhättan).

    If these things are not resolved satisfactorily for the region, there should be a problem with the recovery of the SAAB trademark rights. Without rights to the brand, the whole thing will be crowned without success - even with the SAAB emblem, it is now a Herculean task to get the cart afloat again.

  • ... I will probably have to go inside again and think about whether the (SAAB) supply is enough!?!

    • A good idea. I'm just counting

  • Somehow that sounds exactly like when NEVS first went public and announced its utopian vision ...

    As gloomy as the whole story looks at the moment, everything also has its good side: that “NEVS and the coastal town and the development center” will ever be granted the right to sell its products (if there should ever be any, which here probably very few really interested) with the name SAAB seems to me to be very, very unlikely. But this means that the chance is at least theoretically preserved that the history of SAAB as a manufacturer of innovative cars will perhaps continue in some form at some point ...

    • NEVS has today preserved an option and secured liquidity. There was nothing more. Let's wait…

  • Everything has been said in advance, we care for our Saab's and we look forward to it. I don't expect anything from Chinese donors, especially no more desirable cars!

  • China no one wants scrap.

  • One should now hope for “one more thing”. I don't think there is any more reason for hope. In the press release from NEVS (No Electric Vehicle Seen) the crucial word SAAB does not even appear. We are obviously dealing with sleight of hand of the worst kind. You shimmy from one embarrassed solution to the next, trust in NEVS cannot arise with a single partner.

  • Hmmm…. that was actually not the news that a SAAB fan had hoped for:
    It's just about NEVS, not SAAB! This suggests that SAAB should be finally buried as a car brand! There will probably be nothing new, as a SAAB fan would wish.
    The other news are not really hopeful:
    New partners, all from China, plant in China, main market also in China - we already had all of that and it never worked!

    If there is no real news, you are just trying to build up a little suspense at the moment, that's not great ...

  • What does the statement with the two new Chinese partners mean? NEVS goes to 100% Electric. Saab's ingenious turbocharged internal combustion engines are buried. NEVS goes China, not USA and Europe as well! I will always drive and love Saab. I enjoy every day at my great Saab, who are in the garage and are also driven by me daily. Furthermore, I will certainly in the next few years, one or the other special Saab me. And every day, I enjoy my Saab Literature and Saab Model collection, which gives an overview of an exceptional automotive brand that has unfortunately only lived from 1946 to 2012.

  • I had unfortunately feared something like that and see my future with Saab in my garage !!!

  • Another Chinese city where political leaders can change quickly. Again people as partners who have no idea of ​​automotive engineering. Is the people at NEVS still to help. Pity for Trollhättan and shame about the old Saab factory that has fallen into the hands of these people.

  • Is that actually news?

  • Is that something new? Focus on electric cars, people from China who are in charge and therefore probably also focus on the Chinese market. So everything the same. Thus, the matter has settled for me well. NEVS is not Saab, and hopefully these people will never get the naming rights of Saab again

  • nevs? ah yes right ... thought they all fell asleep. Two more Chinese partners, two more uncertain sources of money, great! So nothing Mahindra ... I'm also slowly sure that they will never again be allowed to build anything with a Saab emblem, to be honest, that's good!
    Saab died 2009.

  • Nice for the region ... I can't think of more.
    Then go straight to the garage and tinker with the 9000der ... and don't think about NEWS!

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