Impressions from Trollhättan

The Saab family mourns Erik Carlsson, and everyone does it in his own way. Today, mails from fans came into my mailbox; they told of encounters with him. At the Bilmuseum, 6 vehicles, which stand for its unparalleled rallying career, have been rolled to pride of place.

Trollhattan mourns Erik Carlsson. Dairy shop in Trollhattan-Stromslund
Trollhattan mourns Erik Carlsson. Dairy shop in Trollhattan-Stromslund

Friends and companions met in the museum, the TTELA shows pictures of today. Because Carlsson comes from Trollhättan, the whole city seems in mourning. NEVS sat, a beautiful gesture, the Sweden flag at half-mast and pointed Instagram a photo of Erik Carlsson in the factory.

The small dairy shop in the district of Strömslund, where Carlsson was born, decorated his shop window in memory of the Saab legend. The attachment of the people in Trollhättan with Erik Carlsson seems limitless.

The upcoming festival will bring back a lot of memories of Erik Carlsson. The stories from his life that made us laugh. Life goes on, the Saab saga too. We are all Saab, we keep the memory of a great athlete alive.

Next week our tour starts in the direction of Sweden; on Friday we'll meet in Trollhättan!

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  • A very stylish and at the same time individual SAABige tribute to Erik Carlsson. Wonderful. I hope for Erik that the last path will also be taken in the SAAB….
    The loss of this human legend continues to make me sad. It hurts.

  • I replaced my stolen 2.3t BioPower sedan, EZ 7/07, after almost 280.000 largely unproblematic km with a 9-5 2.3T Aero sedan, EZ 4/04, approx. 140.000 km. The baptism of fire goes on Thursday with the other loved one to Trollhättan, so to speak to Mecca ...
    See you (hopefully) ...
    Saabian greetings

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