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On Monday we are guaranteed to have good Saab news on the blog. Before that, a short look into the wide world, especially to China, is on the agenda. The good old Saab engines with the unique Trionic continue their careers. Now comes the B205 in the rustic Beiijing car BJ40.

Beiijing Auto BJ40 - soon with Saab Turbo
Beiijing Auto BJ40 - soon with Saab Turbo

204 Saab Turbo PS and 280 Nm will power the off-roader in the future. The Car News China reports a BJ40 with B205 engine; in September, the new variant Premiere on the Chengdu Auto Show celebrate. Interesting is the story, because Car News China has found an indication that provides an indication of the B235. The famous engine, which was a legendary B234 in the Saab 9000 on the way, later as B235 Evolution in the 9-5 up to 260 horsepower has disappeared from the scene.

BAIC bought the rights to the 2.3 liter in 2009; so far it has not appeared in any model. In BJ40 Car News China found a docket with an engine designation changed from 23 to 20. Are the Chinese working on the 2.3 liter as a hot turbo in various models? For the first time, we would be seriously jealous of BAIC customers and continue to monitor developments.

If we stay in China de facto, we switch to Borgward. Not only the money for the comeback comes from the Far East, even if the returnees want to establish their headquarters in Stuttgart in August.

Borgward ...

Borgward Erlkoenig - first official photo. Image: Borgward
Borgward Erlkoenig - first official photo. Picture: Borgward

The engine plant and production in Beijing is ready to start, and a first official Erlkönig photo of the Borgward SUV is in circulation. And still - the short update about Borgward could be rewritten with “Every beginning is difficult".

Borgward is active, there is one Youtube Channel, Twitter account, Instagram and so on. The number of followers shows how long the path that has to be taken on the comeback can be seen. On Youtube there are 85, Twitter 165, Instagram 56. That is to say the least - nothing. Almost 3 months after the Geneva Motor Show, the first sign of life in what felt like 1.000 years, the brand is not yet enthusiastic.

After all, Borgward was able to get an experienced manager on board with former Daimler man Ulrich Walker. Walker worked for Daimler in China and the Far East until 2013, previously managing the small car brand Smart.

And otherwise? The date for the IAA stands. There, the production version of the SUV to be seen. The design comes from Einar Hareide, who was with Saab for a long time. Shortly thereafter, the first new Borgward should roll to customers in China and some emerging markets. 3 SUV wants to bring Borgward in the first step on the market, later then limousines and other variants. It will be an exciting long way.


Saab 1.6 with variable compression
Saab 1.6 with variable compression

Do we remember the Saab engine with variable compression? A 1.6 liter 5 cylinder engine that was developed between 2000 and 2001 and then stopped by GM? The topic is still haunting the mind, now Porsche is developing the idea. But under a different sign ...

While Saab changed the compression with hydraulic lifting or lowering of parts of the motor housing, the Porsche version of the piston should be raised or lowered in two positions via a piston pin placement. Porsche Consulting has applied for a patent for this idea. Exciting, because maybe comes on this way an original Saab idea to the series.

At least one Saab 9-5 with variable compression is still in existence today. It belongs to the holdings of the museum in Trollhättan. With Saab it continues on the weekend. We're publishing reader stories, and our tour to Sweden schedule goes live!

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  • Is actually known, who now builds the H-engine? Is the manufacturer the same for BAIC and Saabparts?

  • Does the Senova D320 have a motor with 2,3 l and the designation B235R?

  • I mean, I can remember that around 2005 (?) Mercedes worked on a SVC-like technology by changing the piston stroke. A few copies were built for demonstration purposes, but it was not ready for series production. They called it “Diesotto” - such a strange word just sticks 🙂

    • When SAAB went public with it, German "experts" said that it couldn't work - but test vehicles were already doing their laps in Sweden 🙂.

  • About Borgward:
    What alternatives are there currently for “individualists & lateral thinkers” interested in buying?
    About NEVS:
    If there is still no experienced car manufacturer on board, then the patient, who has been brain-dead for years, will only be kept alive artificially!
    On the subject of "variable compression":
    The last lasting revolution in engine construction was the TDI. Everything that came afterwards was and still is being tested by the customer and has thrown thousands of users some immensely high bills due to major engine damage.
    My conclusion: (So far) nothing new under the sun….

  • If you spin things a little further with Baic and the further developed Saab engines, it could theoretically happen, the engines experience a second life in a Borgward in Europe. Foton belongs to Baic, who knows, who knows? When the old Saab designer is already "applied" at Borgward. (Please don't take it too seriously, make fun)

  • blank

    To the Mice milking, these hints.

    With the countdown (Saab premiere 2015 in 6 days) the announcement for Monday may have nothing or not directly to do with. The time does not fit ...

    On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor, I believe that Tom has to make sure that Saab drivers are looking forward to going to the office on Monday and sitting in front of their computer.

    A real message?

    In addition a good one?

    I lack faith and yet I'm curious like a crossbow! ! !

    On the other hand, Borgward leaves me completely cold and disinterested. In the great and world-powerful China it is felt as a deep humiliation that scratches the national pride that you cannot get your cars to Europe and your own brands not globally.

    How can it be that the great China here receives rejection, while the South Korean and certainly the Japanese automobile industry for several decades now droves of European customers expire?

    Borgward becomes an attempt to sell Chinese cars with a bit of German-European camouflage. That's OK, but it's not exciting.

  • There is the big question if there is something good to report about SAAB or about NEVS and if there is any connection in the future. In Tom's commentary on the NEVS New Affiliate's article, he makes one or the other suggestion that we may experience an unsuspected (positive?) Surprise. Is sometimes almost nasty as he knows how to drive the tension to the extreme.

    • Small, subtle distinctions, that's what it's about.

  • Is there any good news from Saab? I'm curious!

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