love at first sight

Another Saab story! Our Saab reader cup , which we ship for the first time after the festival, this time goes to Marco in the Upper Lusatia!

My Saab, which daily makes life a little nicer for me and for us (my wife, our son and myself), is an 9-3 SC BJ 2007. When this 2005 series was shown for the first time, it was clear to me that I must have driven such a car in my life.

Saab siblings among themselves
Saab siblings among themselves

It was, or is still like the famous love at first sight. But first to the beginning of my Saab story.

In the GDR, the selection for me (as not particularly car-interested child) of unusual favorite cars was not particularly large. But then a few years after the turn of the century (about 1995) our art teacher drove to the schoolyard with a Saab 900 Turbo, the acquaintance of the brand was made in Sweden. At first I went to the 900er several times a day to wonder if he should like me or not. The other models from Saab could not lead me to a quick result at that time. The interest of the brand was still great, because these vehicles were something of their own.

10 Years later I accidentally discovered the Saab 9-3 SC on the internet and I started to re-engage with the brand and this time without leaving it again.

After many years traveling the business and thus using all sorts of makes, my last purchase of 2010 had no great claims except long-distance capability. Everything was examined and suddenly the idea came to look at Saab. As luck would have it, there was a reasonable offer of a 9-3 SC with almost full equipment (only heater is missing).

Since then I have been driving many kilometers Saab and almost always with a smile. Despite some economic KO criteria, the car was and is always being repaired. From clutch damage, to defective swirl flaps with intake manifold replacement, to an almost undetectable leak in the cooling circuit.

Even if I do not have to drive or drive and just walk past the car, I have to smile. This is also true of other Saabs, which one sees every now and then in the area. In addition, there are a few smaller stories that highlight the car or the brand in addition.

- In the queue in front of a barrier, there was suddenly a knock on my window. A nice man from Ingolstadt behind me had to tell me that he very much regretted having exchanged his 9-3 for an A4. He always wished me a safe journey and left with a smile.

- When buying a new xenon burner, the seller just said "have fun swapping". I don't know what he meant. I'm out to the car, bonnet open, removal and later reinstalling the filler neck of the wiper system, changing the burner and you're done. On the Internet you can read that 99% of the manufacturers require extensive dismantling of the bumpers and more. Incredible.

- When installing the child seat for the offspring, the installation instructions contain something of "fumbling" about how to attach a reboarder with belts to the front seat. At Saab there are extra fastening eyelets in the rail of the front seats. No fumbling, strapping, done.

Other small things are the Nightpanel, hidden gas spring in the trunk lid, bonnet without annoying handrail or the nice "fast belts" note in the 9-5 (workshop car).

Some of it may also be available from other manufacturers, but in the overall package it makes the Saab so incredibly valuable. I hope we have LAAANGE joy with him. And let him forgive me for occasionally looking for a younger model. But it speaks clearly for him that so far no offer was able to exchange it with a heavy heart maybe.

There are certainly many more beautiful, good and safe cars, but none that intrigues me as a real non-car enthusiast. And now only the thriller in Trollhättan need a happy ending ☺

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    Right, that's the way it is. And the nice thing is that you never messed things up at Saab, but just did it, and that's what makes Saab special for me.

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    Nice to the point. It's really often the many well thought-out little things that make our cars so adorable and different from the crowd.

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