Pre-tour Kiel - Trollhättan: program online!

The clock is ticking ... the anticipation increases day by day! Tomorrow we will get the rally and name plates for the registered participants from production. On Wednesday the blogger starts in the fully loaded Turbo X in the direction of Kiel; Our pre-tour to Trollhättan begins on Thursday and we are celebrating a Saab premiere in Kiel!

Orio - Saab Lanyards for the pre-tour.
Orio - Saab lanyards for the pre-tour.

The program to Pre-Tour is as Download available, the blog crew and the Saab Center in Kiel are looking forward to welcoming the participants soon. It will be an exciting day! We start at 10:00 a.m., from 14:00 p.m. we bring Saab dreams to the streets with our premiere, show that Anna project. In addition, Saab-Talk is on the program. Guests who do not accompany us on the tour to the north are welcome!

The weather seems good to us for the trip to Sweden! Just in time for the Saab Festival, temperatures in Trollhättan are set to switch to summer.

Even more interesting than expected is our big, international Saab Event through the development at NEVS. Some time ago a contribution from this site seemed impossible. Now confirms what was at the beginning of last week hinted. NEVS wants to open factory and labs as well as the test track for the fans.

Yes, I know one or two fans who now get an increased heart rate. But it's true, Michèl got it in his last Article described. On Tuesday, details are on be available. A very nice and exciting affair; a great chance to tour the hallowed halls in the Stallbacka. More news over the next few days!

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    Have fun, a lot of friendship, a lot of new things from the NEVS and for everything; a lot of Saabism.
    Tom, we have to stay at home every day to read this blog more intensiever than before

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    I wish you a lot of fun and pleasure !!

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    That would be awesome if we could visit the birthplace of our great cars from inside. There is also the desire to drive up a Nevs 9-3 again. But first I'm looking forward to Kiel, people and especially the Saabs there.

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      Seems to be that you can drive on the NEVS 9-3 test track. As a belated birthday present ... 😉 See you on Thursday!

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