Orio (Saab) regional warehouse Frankfurt / Main

Good Saab messages are promised, good Saab messages are delivered. We are in a premiere week. After a successful trial operation is now the regional warehouse of the Orio Germany in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main in operation.

Orio (Saab) regional camp Neu-Isenburg
Orio (Saab) regional camp Neu-Isenburg

Orio, the exclusive supplier for Saab original parts, has more than 2.500 components in stock at its distribution partner DB Schenker on an area of ​​1.100 square meters. For Orio AB it is the first warehouse in the euro area. A first that offers many advantages and helps to minimize currency risk. The fact that Germany was chosen as the location shows the importance of the market in the world of Saab and is a result of the good work that is being done in Eschborn.

The connection to Sweden has improved with the new warehouse. Nyköping trucks will drive to Neu-Isenburg daily on weekdays; the first regular transport is on its way today.

2.500 square meter Saab-original bearings
2.500 square meter Saab-original bearings

The benefit for us and the Saab partners is tangible. Deliveries from Neu-Isenburg have a shorter delivery time than orders that are processed in Nyköping. The IRIS system checks the availability of incoming orders and gives preference to the German location if the inventory is positive.

Spare parts delivered by the Hessian regional warehouse are, if they are ordered up to 12: 00 clock, the next day before 7: 00 clock at the Saab service points. The delivery time is halved. Good news!

More than 1.100 spare parts available from stock.
More than 1.100 spare parts available from stock.

From now on Saab will supply partners in Germany and Austria. The service partners in Switzerland will follow soon and will also benefit from shorter delivery times. Orio will continuously optimize the stock in the German regional warehouse and adapt it to the needs of the market. In addition, they will continue to invest significant sums in the Saab brand and expand their business. The old IRIS ordering system will disappear over the next few months.

It will be replaced by a new, Internet-based ordering system that has already been introduced in Sweden. In the summer months, the pilot operation will start with selected Saab partners in Germany and Austria. After a successful pilot phase, the introduction takes place at all contracting parties.

The advantages of the new logistics base are obvious - they affect our daily life with Saab. Shorter delivery times, high availability. The week brings a start that could not be better. It continues positively. Our tour to the festival starts, on Thursday we celebrate a Saab premiere. More good news would be welcome!

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  • Exactly, I also have concerns that in Orio really does what the old vehicles need. In my opinion, that is not in the interest either.

    Because only if the replacement parts are also available for the old 900, 9000, 900 II, 9-3 and the newer and they are not sold at pharmacy prices, as is the case today, the SAAB drivers will consider using the vehicles longer drive or invest at all. It makes absolutely no sense if, as has already been written, already scrapped and perhaps better parts at horrendous prices sought and, if found, be installed.

    Unfortunately, this is too much for profit and thinking is clearly too short-term! In the case of the post-production, the tools are already there and written off, so that with fair calculation, the prices can be correspondingly cheaper. This is also shown by other suppliers such as Skandix, that good products can also be produced at much lower prices. Before GM took over the spare parts division, almost everything was available at SAAB. Subsequently, it was redimensioned.

    If ORIO wants SAAB vehicles to be preserved and the postproductions can still be made in large quantities, then it is indispensable that just for the 20 years old vehicles again an interior carpet is available. Especially for the convertible, there is no real chance for saddlery solutions, since it needs the mold here. And not even for the 10 years old vehicles there is an interior carpet more in the assortment. Or sealing strips or door rubbers. Or spoiler kit on the convertible. At some point, every rubber is at the end. And then?? Cheap parts become a problem.

    Hoping that someone else has an accident in favor of his vehicle or slaughtering his car to get a bit better part is stupid. Because if you want to keep the cars on the road, then it should not be a lucrative business to slaughter cars and sell the parts, as it is currently clearly the case with SAAB.

    Exactly these points are in other manufacturers (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, VW), which is perhaps less in the spare parts for profit, a lot better position. It is even easier at SAAB, since many parts were produced cross-cutting in other models and for a very long time.

    And like many others, I don't trust ORIO. Because what is missing in the old 900s and in the 900 convertibles ... that will still not exist. I have no hope of that and that prices will go down. That would be awesome, but this is about profit.

    The central warehouse for D, A and CH is, in economic terms, rather a smart move and certainly a good idea for optimization. Even if the Swiss are supplied directly, at some point ORIO Switzerland will no longer need its own warehouse.

  • In Belgium, the Beherman Group is on Saab to supply spare parts and our Saab garage now has to order directly from Orio in Sweden.
    Is perhaps also looked after from Neu-Isenburg?

    • Delivery via Frankfurt will probably be the next logical step.

      • Would have liked very much.

  • Good news, although that was already standard in the past.

    It looks to me like Orio is currently a part-shifter. They trade in spare parts. But only those that are easy to get, speak of the manufacturers of the parts.

    What they are not doing right now, either on their own initiative or by commissioning, is to have out-of-print parts made out of print, if there is no active manufacturer. For example, if a new manufacturer must be found. Or parts could be made quickest in Trollhättan, where currently is not produced.

    And the high school of care, the further development of the vehicles, is a long way off. Improving the aerodynamics, send the clear glass rear lights from the 9-5 from the Saab Museum, LED headlights, active vibration dampers for the 1.9 TiD in 9-5, etc, we probably will not see any more of Orio.

  • 9-5 Aero: Your named parts suppliers are also dependent on Orio. One supplies reconditioned original parts, which are twice as expensive as the identical OEM parts for certain Volvo models…. X900: Radiator grille without chrome looks nice. and you have to paint it again. I'm behind me for my 901 oblique snout. Used ones are offered for up to 400 euros. Well and at Volvo you can get a gearbox or parts for a 15-year-old V40 that came from Renault at the time, which is half cheaper at Renault….

    • As I said - first of all, I respect that Orio has succeeded or is still in the process of rebuilding the supply chain. It is legitimate to want to earn money in the process. If Orio does a good job, I have no problem being addicted to it.

      With the necessary possibility in the customer service to refill I specifically the following :.
      When replacing the fuel pump for an 9-5 Aero SC from 2007, neither ORIO nor the SAAB base was able to provide a properly functioning replacement. Despite repeated requests, ORIO does not comment directly on the SAAB base. The vehicle was already 3 1 day in the workshop for this purpose and Orio was involved.
      Of product liability you probably nothing there and the problem remains unresolved. It's frustrating. There is still room for improvement here.

  • Unfortunately, I have to agree with Uli. As nice and good as a regional warehouse from Orio sounds / reads. There are no spare parts, which I also had to laboriously collect for my 901 last year and pay dearly. These were in detail the front grille, headlight adjustment motors, indicator glasses, headlight glasses including reflectors and sheet metal, sheet metal, sheet metal ... I do not get the money back. Other manufacturers of young and old timers have been doing better for years. I am thinking primarily of Porsche. At the moment I'm wavering between selling and mothballing my 901….

  • Of course, not everything is optimal, but do not understand the excitement. Grille not Chrome for 86er Steili was delivered without hesitation, on the occasion even the 3. Brake lamp eingetütet. Yes, that is also available from the Orio (#9567223). Ask the other Swedes for parts for 30 years old treasures. They are chasing you from the farm!

  • At first this is good news. It is good that Orio makes every effort to supply the SAAB vehicles with spare parts and keep them on the road.

    I have already noticed that there are now and then difficulties with the delivery of spare parts not only for "old" vehicles and that Orio has a hard time making a statement. Orio could do a little more at this point.

    For the sake of fairness, there are alternatives:


  • Very good NEWS! Orio sees a long-term perspective with SAAB, which makes me happy!

  • For me the opening of a regional warehouse is a very positive fact - period.

    The future will show how successful Orio's work for Saab will be in the long term and for which other partners Orio may work in this regional warehouse in the future.

  • Are great news! Strange that some people still always something to complain about because 23 years after the end of production is not all available and if, then the provider wants to see a lot more plasticine. Shocking, something like that

    • So only someone who does not speak it speaks.

  • @Greif08: Your comment is pretty rash. It may be that the company construct NEVS does not come to its feet. But there are still enough Saab vehicles that want to be operated on the road. And they need spare parts.

    BUT: I want to know when FINALLY important, long no longer available parts for older Saab vehicles will be available again ?! Transmission parts for Saab 901 for example, decorative parts ... MOST OF IT IS NOT available! As a result, dealers who have located parts can gild them, and the used parts trade is flourishing. But do you always want to use scraped-off old stuff?

    I finally want to know if and when ORIO commits to at least reissue the most requested parts for older vehicles or at least to provide the licenses and tools / molds / data to be able to reproduce them at least enthusiastically! On Internet forums such as Saab-Cars.de would be quickly in the shortest time and with the help of Saab workshops such as enthusiasts quickly build a list of those parts that would be urgently needed immediately. But apparently, this area is not of interest, otherwise you could hear, for example, finally of new old parts of Orio for the Youngtimer.

    I also miss clearer words from the operators of saabblog. If this forum is really independent and driven by enthusiasm, then it is urgently time to put your finger in the wounds. From my point of view, it was already a mistake to quarter the “youngtimers” in their own blog. What good would that be?

    I can only say: I spent a lot of time thinking about buying a 9-3 III Sportcombi. But the continued poor availability of parts already in bread and butter cars like the 901 gives me to think. If not even wheel arch or a grille are available, the last oversize pistons are traded for 1300 Euro and the last available, unpainted bumper skin for an 901 convertible in Europe costs 800 Euro, then I can not believe that Orio synonymous for an 9 -3 III will have spare parts ready within a few years.

    Guys, that's the problem! I have no confidence in Orio. I do not think they are really trying to do anything for the scene. Rather, the offer is focused on parts that are self-propelled. Experiments with reproductions (even smaller quantities) for older cars are not in demand.

    On the other hand, Orio starts producing parts for other brands. One should understand another.

    This is my opinion. I'm sorry. I like to be convinced of the opposite.

    • Uli, it's not our style to scream out loud and put your finger in wounds. We are in constant dialogue with Orio, we know exactly what is going on in terms of classics and youngtimers. It is better to act a little more discreetly, because in our opinion you can achieve more.
      Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied, you are free to seek a dialogue with Orio. Forum operators are also welcome to do so; their own initiative is needed. Phone numbers are known, in Eschborn they look forward to the dialogue.

    • If it's just a radiator grille (chrome finish) for a 901 “steep nose”, no problem.
      In stock!

    • See also just a skimming off

  • Hi Tom,

    Thank you for the detailed information about the new spare parts warehouse.

    This would be a nice “treat” for the new main shareholder in spe - Mahindra seems to have messed it up again. They just don't get anything baked.

    I myself would be thrilled if a real professional from the automotive industry would strike. Example: Carlos Ghosn - Nissan and Renault no longer have a marketable luxury car in their portfolio.

    I could imagine that it would be another good challenge for Carlos Ghosn to get the cart afloat again in Trollhättan (and of course globally) - he already achieved a masterpiece with Nissan (they were also at the bottom years ago) ).

    Such a caliber would be just right for our brand - Jiang + Bergman, if not already done, get in touch with the right big ones in the automotive sector !!!!

    • Hello Mr. Rudolf,

      Upper class at Renault-Nissan is called Infiniti and they are quite successful and build good vehicles. Nissan a masterpiece ... I don't know, thousands of employees had to follow
      the entry of Renault at Nissan in March 1999 believe in it.
      Qualitatively, Nissan's cars have also gotten worse under the Ghosn leadership than it did
      at Nissan was the case. It was saved at the expense of quality.
      Good vehicles like Laurel, Bluebird, Stanza and Sunny have not existed for a long time.
      Ghons really does not need NEVS / SAAB. They only need capital, then it works
      with miner and his troop.

      • @capri 73
        Surely superfluous employees had to leave Nissan - Nissan was too bloated in terms of its workforce. In my specific example, with good leadership under Ghosn in Trollhättan, additional employees would be required and not the other way around!

        Cars like the Nissan Qashqai (now the main source of income in the group) are doing well. However, I haven't seen an Infiniti in Hamburg's streets for weeks - there can be no talk of a successful artifact without any tradition (here it is not just a lack of tradition).

        It is also doubtful whether Bergman + Co. is really only due to a lack of money. In the past, with a top-class NEVS troop, the investors would have given each other the handle - they need a new main shareholder who will take over the shop including management and have now recognized this themselves!

  • Because there are still enough of us crazy people who refuse to drive a car other than a Saab, even though there's no new one. And they have to be taken care of. Thanks, Orio.

    • Well, as a madman I do not see myself straight

  • I think that's great and great! But I wonder watum Orio is so pure for Saab ?! The end is foreseeable.

    • Probably that pays off in advance? ? ?

      At least if the underlying forecasts on maintenance duration, annual mileage, etc. (ultimately the owner behavior) will apply as well. Orio has that in his own hands as well.

      To ensure that the demand for parts does not drop prematurely and rapidly, approved SAABs must be moved diligently, must not fail for a long time, and the owners' trust in the supply must not be sustainably damaged. 1.100 different items, however, does not seem like much to me.

      An interview with Orio exactly would be interesting.

      In any case, it's good news

      • There will be an interview with Orio Germany CEO JP Schuhmacher on the blog soon!

        • Class ! ! !

          No wonder the blog is part of daily reading for many.

    • Two things that should be known as background information: There are, of course, predictions in Orio's house how the Saab stock will evolve over the next decade. Fortunately, more vehicles remain on the road than originally thought, the Saab business is more stable and long-term than predicted.
      In addition, Orio builds parallel additional product lines for other manufacturers, will be long-term multi-legged.

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