NEVS welcomes Saab festival attendees- program details

NEVS promised excitement just a few days ago and now the details of the program for Friday the 5th of June are out. Several activities will be available between 10:00 and 16:00, including a guided tour through the Research & Development Lab where they'll be showing how they develop and test cars. The program manager for the Electric Vehicle line will be speaking about the first produced car and there will be opportunities to drive a 9-3N on the company test track. And there's more ...


Location: NEVS, “Tekniska receptionen / Technical gate”, Flygfolkvägen, Trollhättan.

  • Guided Lab Tour with introduction to NEVS testing facilities (20 mins)
    times: 10: 00 / 11: 00 / 12: 00 / 13: 00 / 14: 00 / 15: 00
  • Seminar “From sketch to complete product” - introduction to how a high-quality vehicle is built. (30 mins)
    times: 10: 30 / 12: 30 / 13: 30 / 14: 30 / 15: 30
  • Presentation “The future for NEVS” by NEVS President Mattias Bergman
    time: 11: 30
  • Drive on the test track with one of the NEVS professional drivers in a 9-3 Aero MY14

There will be shuttle transport offered throughout the day between the factory grounds and the Saab Museum, starting 09:45.
Lunch restaurant “Saltes” (just next door to “Tekniska receptionen / Technical gate”) will be open between 11:00 and 15:00.

See also the original NEVS press releases in English and in Swedish.





SAAB Festival 2015
More details on the main program for Friday, Saturday and Sunday can be found on the Saabmuseum website

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