Ready for Trollhattan!

The Turbo X, packed with accessories for our tour to Saab Festival, is in the carport. In a few minutes we start towards Kiel. The showroom in the Saab center is already prepared for the fans and our tomorrow's premiere!

Anna project in the foreground, the premiere object in the background.
Anna project in the foreground, the premiere object in the background.

Rally Plates for the participants, with our 30 year Saab 9000 motto, are on board. The anticipation of the Saab event of the summer is rising. The blogger team and that Car dealership Lafrentz are looking forward to tomorrow. We have prepared a saabic program. The Anna project, a neglected Saab 9000 turns into an object of desire, is a program point.

Together with the Saab premiere “We bring Saab dreams to the streets”, Anna is the focus of visitors on Thursday. For everyone who cannot be there live in Kiel, it will be exciting on the blog from 14 p.m. onwards. The secret Saab project drops the covers ... 😉

Saab rally and nameplates for the tour.
Saab rally and nameplates for the tour.

Due to the strained traffic situation between Hamburg and Kiel, travelers who wish to start our event or the ferry to Sweden tomorrow will be given directions for their arrival:

Alternative 1: Drive south Hamburg on the A1 direction Lübeck, then drive on the A21 in the direction of Kiel. Unfortunately it is also used by many trucks ....

Alternative 2: Behind the Elbtunnel (VOR HH Schnelsen!) On the A23 direction west coast and behind Itzehoe on the B77 direction Rendsburg. From Rendsburg on the A 210 direction Kiel. Very relaxed to drive!

The local knowledge comes from readers Mountain goat, Thanks a lot for this! All Saab fans have a good and relaxed journey, whether via Kiel or directly to Saab-City! Where NEVS will open the factory gates on Friday ... A friendly gesture and for some visitors the unique opportunity to visit the factory. Mark, Michèl and I are looking forward to the fans and a lot of Saab Spirit! See you at the festival!

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  • Have a good trip and we are there every day from afar

  • I wish all SAABians a great weekend around their SAAB and SAAB basically!
    Have fun and enjoy yourself in Kiel! I am very excited about the release of the secret ... and look forward to the report in the blog! 🙂
    Good crossing to Sweden, the home of our mobile trolls. Positive experiences in Trollcity and lots of nice conversations with like-minded people about SAAB! The weather is definitely right! Perfect for (the most beautiful) convertibles 😉! I'm happy as a “back home” about good reports here in the blog….

  • I wish you a good trip and a safe return home ... I'll see you there next time.

  • That's what you get, Tom

  • I wish you a lot of Saabian fun in Kiel and Trollhättan from Itzehoe. Always a hand's breadth of air under the wings….

  • At 14 p.m. on Thursday we will reveal the secret, that's all there is to it. Sleep once ... 😉

  • Protective hoods with logo are an idea, but the quality must be right.

  • The guys from Kiel seem to have a soft spot for refurbishing silver 9000s, this time even with a glass roof, very nice! It's hard to believe that the car should be “disposed of”. When will the protective hoods with logo be available in the shop, Tom?

  • Hey, which Anti-Saab canceled my comment? First he was there and now he is gone! What's the point? I'll complain.

  • Wish you maximum fun and bring good news !!!

  • Hello Tom, I wish you and yours a nice time in Trollhättan. Make us some great pictures. Unfortunately, I can not be there this year. Good bye!

  • Exactly! I'm also looking forward to news (from the first source). I'm not evaluating the actions at the NEVS festival. 😉

  • Have fun and a lot of luck, I'm jealous! Hey, does Anna get a combo ?!

  • interesting a 9000 station wagon. 🙂
    I have to go to the 14. March 2014 and think the youngtimerblog.
    1 + 1 ...
    Maybe I am wrong too.

  • Uiiii…. I would have loved to see “the secret project”!
    I'm very excited now !!! 😉 🙂

    In any case, have fun everyone at the weekend (the weather seems to be right - at least here)!

    PS: I just set my beautiful Saab backwards slightly yesterday to a traffic ... for me the week is over! 🙁

  • Hello.

    I wish you all a nice Saabiges WE.

    How I would like to be there! Unfortunately, it did not work again this year!

    Best regards and have fun


  • Have a good flight and have fun for everyone! I'm looking forward to the “revelations”!

  • Good ride Tom and all others. I am happy for you and wish you many great experiences. For me it does not work this year unfortunately.
    Wait impatiently for the reports.
    Saabian greetings

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