Premiere: Saab 9000 SC

The best Saab stories are easy to tell. If you do not want to treat us to new cars in Sweden, then we build ourselves some. This is how 2014 / 15 launched the Saab 9000 SC project in winter. A Saab that never before existed, celebrating its premiere today in Kiel and on the blog.

Premiere: Saab 9000 SC
Premiere: Saab 9000 SC

Saab premieres have become rare due to the tenacious Swedish refusal. One could give up and only care about what is on the road. Or, ultimately, make Saab dreams come true, build cars on their own.

Logically, we chose the latter, more difficult route. Anything else would be bland and would only have disappointed our readers and the community. There is enough boredom, so let's build a Saab. For actions like this one needs the right environment: positively Saab infected personalities, for example. As we know, some of them live in Kiel, which is the cornerstone of the challenge. Take a little courage, a pinch of madness, and you're right in the middle of the Saab 9000 SC project.

The idea for the Saab 9000 station wagon came from Markus Lafrentz, the moral support for the realization came from the blog. The challenge: to build a real Saab.

There have already been people who have transplanted a Lancia Thema rear end into a 9000. Kids stuff! An exercise that creates a hybrid of different worlds. Who doesn't do anything really well. Anyone who has ever compared the floor pan of the Saab 9000 and Lancia Thema is clear that both vehicles have nothing in common apart from identical dimensions. Saab safety thinking and Italian lightweight construction do not go hand in hand. Philosophies of life collide.

We chose security “Made by Trollhättan”.

The road to the Saab 9000 SC, a large station wagon with the rear of the Saab 9000 CS, is ambitious. A challenge that must be mastered. How would he have looked, the 9000er SC, if he had run off the line from 1993 in Sweden? The tailgate, a piece of Saab DNA from the 9000 over 900 II to the last 2012 Saab 9-5 sports car, how can we integrate them?

The operation on the sheet metal led to an astonishing result. The project started in winter with an idea has become a real Saab. Which, in fact, could have rolled off the tapes in the 90s. If the load cover of the Saab 9000-9 station wagon then also fits - completely unexpectedly - in the 5 SC, the operation can be considered a success.

Today is premiere in Kiel. A statement for Saab, the spirit and the vitality of the brand. An 9000 Aero became an 9000 SC. The roof and the Alcantara skies donated an Italian cousin, the rear and side windows are also from the south. The rest is custom made, or made of Trollhättan, like the original lining of the cargo space.

The station wagon, which is only available once, will accompany us to Sweden to the Saab Festival. Of course I drove it beforehand - it's really fun! The test report and more information about the 9000 SC project will be posted on the blog after the festival. It doesn't have to stay with a Saab 9000 SC. Inquiries for further modifications have already been received. Even more dreams could hit the streets. Saab, that's what we make of it.

19 thoughts on "Premiere: Saab 9000 SC"

  • I'm speechless, just awesome !!
    Even more interior than in the CS, respect !! Good work !! 🙂

  • Cool!

    Really a great job, congratulations! And the fact that the launch of a “new” Saab is finally going to be celebrated again is simply brilliant - and it proves that things can work quite well without NEVS 🙂

    And congratulations also to “i.ant.kal”, who had already guessed correctly on June 3rd in view of the photo published in the corresponding article. Whereby: It wasn't that difficult ... rather pretty obvious 🙂 Especially since, as mentioned by “saab-owl”, there have already been similar studies and the Lancia Thema developed together with the 9000 series is already in a very similar form as Station wagon was available.

  • Really great, I would take one right away! And then in this wonderful dark green color! Why are not green cars being offered or sold anymore?

    Wish you all great days in Sweden, I'm pretty jealous of you, but I was last year in Trollhätten. It's just a bit further from us than from Kiel! Greetings from the CH, Hans

  • Nice car, I'll watch it live in Trollhättan tomorrow !!!

  • I'm also looking forward to more photos.
    For example, from the open tailgate.

    ... and then I would be interested in how much more storage space it offers compared to the CS.

  • RESPECT, big achievement!

  • He has become great! A great achievement!

  • “We don't make compromises. We make Saabs. "

  • Nice work! However, I miss the rear windscreen wiper that is mandatory for station wagons - should it be retrofitted at some point?

  • Great! I pull my imaginary hat to you☺ !! Nice idea.

  • next, please have a 9-5 1 hatch!
    I've already done a few rehearsals ...

  • WOW! Perfectly successful, if there had been, I would drive him now. I like it better than any other station wagon (apart from the new 9-5, which unfortunately is too big for me).

    Great praise. And the icing on the icing on the cake (: D) are the rims.
    I'll say it again: perfect.

  • Respect!!! I'm glad he got the 9000 flashback. Looks really interesting. Respect!!! Congratulations. Are there photos of the inside too?

    Have fun in sweden!!!

  • Terrific!
    Congratulations to the successful operation on SAAB! And then also in dark green color! NOBLE!!! ELEGANT u. TIMELESS!!!
    Take good care of it…. ;-), have a good trip!
    The SAAB event begins with a pleasing bang! So it can go on !!!

  • Great work ... from the Citroen DS-21 pick-up to the Peugeot cross between station wagons and racing yachts, I've seen a few crazy unique pieces, but this is really one that can be used in practice.

    I don't know if that was intentional - but in the 9-5 station wagon (old and new 9-5) the C-pillar is identical to the sedan, the flanks from there are filled with windows - just like your one-off. For me, a clear continuation of the SAAB DNA that you succeeded in, whether on purpose or without.

    Good work!

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