Premiere: Saab 9000 SC

The best SAAB stories are easy to tell. If Sweden does not give us any new cars, then we'll just build them ourselves. That's the SAAB 9000 SportCombi project in winter 2014 / 15. A SAAB has never seen the light of day before, but is celebrating its premiere today at Kiel and on the blog.

Premiere: Saab 9000 SC
Premiere: Saab 9000 SC

Saab premieres have become rare given the scarce Swedish output. You could just accept this and just focus on what's on the streets. Or, in the ultimate SAAB spirit, you could actually decide to build yourself.

Logically, we have chosen the latter, the more challenging way. Everything else would only disappoint our readers and the community. There is already enough boredom in the world, so we shall build a SAAB! For actions like this, the right environment is required: positive SAAB-infected people for example. Some of them live - as we know - in Kiel, providing the cornerstone for this challenge. Then you take some courage, add a pinch of insanity and the SAAB 9000 SC project is born!

The idea for the SAAB 9000 SportCombi came from Markus Lafrentz, the moral support for the project. The task: to build a real SAAB.

Transplanting the back of a Lancia onto a 9000 had already been done by others. Kids stuff! An exercise resulting in a hybrid of different worlds. Nothing really makes sense. Anyone who ever compared the chassis of the SAAB 9000 with the Lancia wants to have that in common apart from identical dimensions. SAAB security thinking and Italian lightweight do not really go hand in hand. This is where life philosophies collide.

We opted for safety, "Made by Trollhättan".

The SAAB 9000 SC is a large station wagon with the rear of the SAAB 9000 CS, is ambitious. A challenge that you must master. What might the 9000 SC have looked like, if it had rolled off the Swedish production line in 1993? The tail gate, a piece of SAAB DNA from the 9000 to the 900 II up to the last 2012 SAAB 9 5 SportCombi, how we can integrate them?

The operation resulted in an amazing result. SAAB. The project that started in the winter. It could have been rolled out of the assembly line in the 1990s. And when it turns out that - unexpectedly - the load compartment cover of the SAAB 9-5 actually fits into our 9000 SC then I would argue that the surgery was successful.

Today is the premiere in Kiel. A statement for SAAB, the spirit and vitality of the brand. A 9000 Aero became a 9000 SC. An Italian cousin donated the roof and the Alcantara liner, so the rear and side windows are so from the South. The rest is individually made, or from Trollhättan, Sweden, like the original lining of the luggage compartment.

This now newborn SportCombi wants to accompany us to Sweden to the Saabfestival. Of course I have driven it too - it is really fun! The test report and more information about 9000 SC project will appear on this blog after the festival. It should not stay with a SAAB 9000 SC only. There are already requests for more transformations. More dreams could appear on the road. SAAB, is what we make of it.

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  • Well done Markus !!! Hope you can sell some of these.

  • Wauw; that is a very nice car !!!!!
    Perfect project; love to see this car on the road once.
    Does it drive in the neighborhood of Kiel, or somewhere else in Germany?
    I want to keep my eyes open.

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