Saab Festival 2015

The Saab Festival 2015 in Trollhättan is over. It was a remarkable event and the 3 crazy days in Sweden give some hope for the future of the brand. On the very first day there was an exciting start - we were able to experience NEVS 2.0.

Saab 9000 SC and Saab 9-5 NG SC from Blogger Michèl
Saab 9000 SC and Saab 9-5 NG SC from Blogger Michèl

In the run-up to the festival, NEVS was excluded from participation. A decision that was not really comprehensible from the fan's point of view. At events of this kind, it should only be about fans, brand cult, not about economic and political sensitivities. After all, on Sunday there was a NEVS 9-3 EV in front of the museum, a good signal.

NEVS therefore presented itself on its own premises on Friday and cleverly took the opportunity. Communicative like never before - a new kind of openness. The laboratories were open to visitors, they could experience Saab history and maybe (?) The future on guided tours.

In any case, there was a lot of Saab spirit to discover, because the walls tell of the glorious past. Saab 900 and 9000 are still present in the hallways of the laboratory wing as if production had only been stopped a few weeks ago. Charming…

NEVS executives and other personalities who have Saab's past were on location for the weekend. Background talks were lavish as never before, that I could hardly believe it. So we had never experienced NEVS. Hope on the horizon? Perhaps ! NEVS, that is to say, will soon report more about the future.

If you wanted, you could hunt down the test track with the NEVS 9-3, and many fans did that. Saturday was quieter. The Swedes celebrated their national holiday. Not every festival visitor was drawn to the Racetrack, many used the time to visit Gothenburg or to explore the area around Trollhättan.

For the Saab Spirit started on Sunday really. After a somewhat hesitant start, the area around the Saab Bilmuseum filled up with cars. The queue in the driveway temporarily jammed from the parking lots back to the roundabout. The predicted 900 vehicles were safe, probably even more. A clearer statement for Saab enthusiasm can not exist. All series were on-site, from Saab 92B to 9-5 NG. The quality of the featured vehicles was noticeably better than in previous years; the last Saab series mutated into a collector's item.

The 9000, whose birthday was only marginally celebrated, was at least allocated parking spaces directly in front of the museum, and some exhibits recalled the history of the model. Unfortunately, the really interesting copies stayed in the magazine, a missed opportunity for an otherwise great festival.

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  • Most likely, it was based on it, the DKW was very fashionable. The specifications for Sachsenring were so rigid that the drawings would not have been used.
    The chassis, front fenders and the doors of the previous model had to be used on the 601.

  • By the way, can it be that a few drawings of the DKW Junior have taken it back to Audi's home country and were used there as a template for the Trabant?

  • This is not to compare, because the new Auto Union was introduced since 1949 in the Federal Republic and of course from the pre-war period known. The trademark was the four intertwined rings, this was true for all brands of the group, ie Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. The after the 2. Auto Union GmbH, founded in Ingolstadt in the First World War, revived the DKW brand first. After Daimler-Benz took over the company, the large DKW models were renamed Auto Union, while the small models (Junior later F11 / F12) were still sold as DKW. Since everything ran under the 4 rings, these renaming were hardly noticed. Likewise it behaved with the F103 the successor of the last DKW model the F102. Both ran together for a short time together from the band and stood side by side in the sales room and were advertised in common flyers. Whether Audi or DKW was there quite unimportant, because both there was the Auto Union dealer!

    If there were not the trademark problem at Saab, we would certainly already have a use of the name. You can see at BAIC-Shenbao who uses the Saab lettering in China how to do it and how to use the tools and rights that have been purchased to put competitive cars to the test.

  • Not to forget: Mark & ​​Michèl and I also have a job and a family. Both have priority. In the evening there is something to read on the blog 😉

  • Seems to have been really exciting and very stressful days. Is really strange and unusually quiet since here on the blog. I wish you good rest Tom and look forward to the articles after the fading of your aftermath

  • Great ... I've always wanted to buy the mill. Is it also available with a B235E unit? Or can I at least weld the turbocharger to it? 😉

  • I think the idea and that is implemented something ingenious. Only real fans can do that.

  • The Saab 9000 SC cuts a really good figure next to the Saab 9-5 NG SC and looks as if it actually rolled off the production line in exactly the same way ...

    I was not sure how to find the project so far. Batty it is always. I had to decide for myself only if I find it positively batty. The thing is awesome!

  • Even if you hardly believe it from today's point of view:
    AUDI did not exist between 1945 and 1965. After the war, the factory halls in Zwickau were dismantled. Only in the year 1965 a new car was manufactured under the name AUDI in Ingolstadt.
    A comeback can work. Even today, the automotive industry is facing a change. That's why SAAB needs a strong partner. And then it can work.
    I really hope the SAAB story is updated faster than AUDI.

  • It was a great event !!! I was constantly thinking, how can a brand with such fans only extinction? There were plenty of Germans, Dutch, Russians, Poles and many more from abroad.
    If one calculates all the Saab together on-site one surely comes on over 1000 cars.

    But many locals did not even know that a Saab festival was taking place. The brand is probably so present only with us fans. The average car driver buys what he gets the cheapest or has a lot of prestige.

    Nevertheless, I do not give up hope !!!

  • Meanwhile, I'm glad that they keep the tapes clean and make some money, and keep the team together until better times come. Who knows, maybe Apple?

  • Contract work for other automobile manufacturers also brings money into the till - on the other hand, news about the valued brand is of course of much greater interest for the global SAAB community. After what feels like an eternity, we would like to finally get visible results for the famous 4 letters!

  • It was really great, Saab has the best fans in the world! I'm just struggling a little with the aftermath ... So just a short article 😉

  • The laboratories were “prepared”, of course. Since pre-facelift 9-3 were brought out to demonstrate something. NEVS really tried to show the visitors. And what Swade says is true.

  • The Bergman's lecture, as expected, contained no news. It was a gesture for the international fans, and absolutely fine for me. The background information is positive, but unfortunately not enough for us to publish it. Our impression is that NEVS will soon be providing facts on the development via the official channels. A little more patience ...

  • According to Swade, the 900 and 9000 were apparently so present in the laboratory wing because they did not want to show the current work and instead clamped older pieces in the measuring devices because NEVS is currently developing for customers from the automotive industry who do not necessarily know this want to leave. Not to mention the phoenix ...

    If that's true, that would be a good sign.

  • Finally….. ! 🙂
    Wonderful pictures and interesting information suggest a trip to Trollhättan which is exciting in every respect ...
    The fan base is available!
    NEVS ...., time will tell! 😉
    Thanks Tom!

  • Was there any news on the NEVS future or where the NEVS future trend should go in the background discussions or the lecture by Mr. Bergman?
    Above all, of course, as far as the naming rights are concerned, or what concerns the future major shareholder, who should reasonably be from the automotive industry. The Chinese mentioned recently can not be the final salvation and sustainability for NEVS.

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