Saab 9-3 Aero 2014 on the test track in Trollhättan

During the festival, NEVS made a great effort to offer fans a Saabic supporting program. One of the highlights was the test drive with an 2014er Aero on the in-house test track at the Saab factory.

Saab 9 3 Aero 2014 on the test track, Saab plant Trollhattan
Saab 9 3 Aero 2014 on the test track, Saab plant Trollhattan

The car itself is not much to say. The qualities - such as the powerful turbo and the perfectly tuned chassis - are well known and have already been featured on the blog. Co-blogger Michèl is a satisfied owner of a NEVS 9-3; be Post a few months ago, the vehicle describes very well.

While I was on the road near Trollhättan on Friday to wind up with a less enjoyable topic, Mark and Heiko were on the test track. The video clips from the test track are the subject of the article today; they show that there was a lot of driving pleasure with the Aero. My sad post will follow on the blog next week.

For readers who were not there, take a look at the track with impressions of the 2014er Aero, which has undeniably dynamic qualities. After the first circuit, the 9-3 goes very slowly into the steep curve, and you get an approximate, impressive impression of the inclination angle of the curve.

At the final shaking track, NEVS proves that in Trollhättan you still have expertise in vehicle construction and can build sport sedans in first-class quality.

Let's go, have fun!

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  • It was definitely a very nice and exciting experience. NEVS has been really hard. The downer was of course to see how empty it was throughout the plant. But the employees conveyed a sense of confidence, which was also noticeable in the mood of the NEVS employees.

  • The video about the "Rüttelstrecke" I found great. The road situation is still perfect! The car is perfect for cobblestone passages!
    When video about the slow ride through the steep curve, you have really had the feeling, right after re. to tip over because the tilt angle was sooo strong?
    How many degrees was spoken ???
    Curious greetings

    • I think it was between 20 ° and 30 °. The effect in the car may also be a bit different. It is noteworthy that there was no creaking or creaking of the body or the chassis could be heard. Everything was quiet as on a flat piece of road. Is just a really good car and technically perfectly matched. I did not feel like the car was about to tip. With Heiko and me was still an Australian SAAB driver with his approximately 4-5 years old son (of course in the child seat) here. The little boy had fun and joked on the track and in the steep turn.

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