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Things develop ... slowly - as it seems. But - and this is amazing for me in a concrete case - in a positive direction. Long-term patient NEVS seems to be on the road to recovery, adding up the facts of the last few days.

Saab plant Trollhattan
Saab plant Trollhattan

The Facts: 469 573 creditors are fully paid, with the remaining companies yesterday having the promised first installment in their accounts. Deadline was the 13.Juni, and NEVS paid a few days earlier. Mid-October, the balance payments are due, NEVS would then be debt-free.

As announced on Friday, later confirmed by TTELA and yesterday by Sweden Radio, another partner has found its way into the Stallbacka. It is unclear whether it is a new major shareholder, or just an additional shareholder. The contracts are signed, NEVS and the unknown party but not ready to communicate details, as press chief Östlund announced.

This is not very satisfying for us as a blogger, and the community wants to finally see facts. But the behavior shows that one has learned from the mistakes of the past. A contract is only a contract when the money is in the account, so the maxim. A healthy attitude.

The latest developments are exciting, maybe you just added another chapter to the Saab saga. In the days before the festival in Stallbacka, a busy frequency of visitors was noted, which is difficult to classify. The origin of the delegation was Asian, but not from China. One forecast: in the future it could secure more than one major shareholder financing and future of the plant, and (maybe) the Saab brand. If long-term financing and the industrial background of the new shareholders are correct, the opportunity for a return of the brand name to Trollhättan would be given. We will see ! Let's go to the options!

Soon production in the factory again?

A future pillar of NEVS should be contract production and development. At the press conference in front of international fans, NEVS CEO Bergman spoke about the future distribution of production capacity. In 3 shift operation, 180.000 vehicles could be built per year. Two-thirds are to wear the Saab logo (!), A third of which is planned as future contract manufacturing. These vehicles would have a different brand on the hood. Was it just coincidence or intention that the speech came to this topic?

The contract manufacturing plans seem more concrete and more advanced than they seem. After the summer holidays preparations for commissioned production should start, then up to 60.000 vehicles of a foreign brand in the Saab factory could run off the belts each year. This, as I said, is an unconfirmed option, but with a likelihood that it might be accurate.

For Trollhättan and the Saab plant this development would be more than welcome. Lack of work and prospects are still a big issue in Saab City, though not as oppressive as a year or two ago. Getting the factory up and running, keeping it running in 1 shift operation, until new Saab models may roll off the line in 2 to 4 years ago, is the challenge for NEVS. If it succeeds, a big step towards stability and future for the automobile location Trollhättan would be done. I would wish !

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  • Nice plans for a plant at capacity ... but which staff please? Where should the qualified people come from, is the Stammmannschaft still there that has produced the last piece?

    • According to NEVS, fewer than 5 employees were lost during the reconstruction. Former Saab employees to win the production, so that the team to enlarge, should not be difficult. Unemployment is still very high in this profession.

  • Is the sheet turning? Looks like dead people live longer. That's exciting again.

  • Puuuh ... I have to sit down and sip an espresso! One is not so used to "positive" sounding news from and about NEVS!

  • Hi,
    Actually I was through with the topic SAAB because never ending negative story. Despite everything I can not leave it and follow the developments daily with a bit of residual hope on future Saabs. When I saw a new 93 in the show room of a traditional SAAB partner a few days ago, the fire blazed up again, of course. I wish the NEVS guys manage this Herculean task. Also and especially because of the employees, the supplier industry and the region around SAAB City. But also because at some point I would like to have a new SAAB again. At the moment I think about the products from Gothenburg and they are also communicating a great Scandinavian spirit at the moment. The new XC 90 is coming to our door! A nigel nail new SAAB convertible would be my dream. So as a supplement. I am patient and wait! Tom; Thank you for the positive news.

    Erik 900

    • Well, I have not bought a "brand new convertible", but an 2009 2.0T Aero with just 40'000 km. Bought just under a month ago. He would have to hold for a while

  • oh, 11. June at 11: 11 Clock ð, ™

    • Perfectly timed!
      Kind greeting

  • 82% of the creditors have the 1. Tranche (!) On their accounts.
    That does not mean that 82% of the creditors have received their funds that have been MADE. Or am I wrong?
    Quote: A contract is only a contract when the money is in the account, so the maxim. A healthy attitude. 🠙, 🠙,
    Therefore, I will continue to wait neutral ..., these 3,5 months to October are no longer a "problem".
    The fact that the company premises with automotive life (whatever brand ...) is to be filled, is good news for the local people. But also good news wants to be proven with deeds ....
    Quote: But the behavior shows that one has learned from the mistakes of the past.
    What is this for a contractor, the NEVS now does not believe the contract?
    If I, as an entrepreneur, personally sign a CONTRACT with a PARTNER, then I stand by the writing. Agreements. Point.
    Or my contractor may belong at some point to the "wrong" party ....
    Furthermore, a lot of smoke candles around NEVS. Too bad.

    • There are the small creditors with amounts up to 500.000 crowns were fully paid, the rest got the first installment. There was a little more than 10 million €.
      When it comes to public relations, you can not be happy with it. Either you hold tight until everything is fixed to 100% or not. The announcements at 99,99% do not really make it any better. We know the story of the past with a certain city in China, which despite binding contracts (closed under strange circumstances) not today

  • Whatever and whatever !! Would anyone still have believed that NEVS is actually still on the ball and interested in the production with SAAB's (whenever) to start !? No!! It's like you say Tom, amazing !! And so we should take it. The one, two months until the next info, hey, for us it has become the blink of an eye ;-)!

  • Just press Boa thumb: ')

  • I never gave up believing in SAAB and NEVS. However, my 9-5 SC has given way to an E-UP and I have become a committed e-car driver. My 9-3 SS from '08 also keeps at least 2 years. Then I order an 9-3 EV. At least the news sounds like my plan could work out

    • What is an 9-5 SS? Salad oil slicer so maybe biodiesel

      • SC = Sportcombi, ss = Sportsedan = Limousine, can also be found in various brochures. There used to be CC = CombiCoupe or 16S = 16 valves sport

  • Both highly interesting - both in terms of other players (hopefully it will not be too many cooks ... ..) and in terms of running alongside other manufacturers.

    More information from Sweden is now welcome!

  • I believe only when the tapes are running again and the first "new" at the dealer.

    My 9-5 has only 50tsd. Down., Can wait a bit.

  • 120000 cars should carry the SAAB logo !? And who should buy them? If the freaks are satisfied again, what then? Courting from Audi and BMW .... No, that's definitely not going to fly.

    • Now the next step must be taken and new shareholders come on board. In a few years the new products will decide what happens. It's still a very long time, too early for forecasts.

    • The freaks of all countries have at least a pent up pent-up demand ...

      Also, the brand loyalty of non-freaks is a lot less than even two decades ago. The fact that people virtually buy a life-long Mercedes, an Opel, BMW or VW after another hardly occurs anymore.

      Also, hardly a model of the mentioned brands is no longer suitable that automobile enthusiasts would entrench their neck on the street because of them. For what? The next of this kind will come around the corner in 10 seconds at the latest.

      I count here rather to the depressive black-eyes. At least from the point of view of the optimists. I consider myself a realist. As such, I think SAAB - if enough capital were in the background, good and up-to-date products were launched and, above all, well-marketed - would actually have this sales potential.

      Just yesterday I parked on a highway parking lot one next to a black Bentley Continental. He was admired unreservedly by two older gentlemen, who now alternately devoted themselves to both cars - giving a profane SC the same attention as the luxury goods.

      It is not the few freaks who still cling to their SAABs, but the large mass of those interested with the desire for individuals who would enable such sales figures. Conversely, 120.000 cars worldwide and every year would not stand in the way of the nimbus of the individual.

      Felt 120.000 Audis and BMWs I saw yesterday alone in Germany, on just 600 Km track and in a single day, but only 2 SAAB (one from the inside).

      Anyway, for a Saabian future, NEVS would have to stretch significantly. And that 's why I' m also a realist (or just a passer - by, if it 's popular).

      • I feel the same. The phenomenon is that all those who drive in a black Audi or BMW, how individual they are on their way!

        SAAB only sold cars around the 120000 in the very best of years! How should this work in a saturated market in the near future? Competitive market? Yes, ok, but if you want to suppress them?

        • The comment by Hans Hürsch has plausibly explained the whole thing - predatory competition or predatory market is not meant here. It is about the fact that brand loyalty is nowadays no longer in the foreground and customers of common brands such as BMW or Audi etc. also sometimes alternatively access a well-made vehicle from another manufacturer (neither BMW nor Audi etc. would be out of the market for this reason be displaced).

          Such purchase decisions in addition to the purchase decisions of so-called freaks could certainly ensure survival for NEVS / SAAB.

    • Was in line with usual pre-crisis sales figures, and would only allow for survival but not fierce flourishing. Does not seem exaggerated. And quite possible, Alfa was also down through, and then came the 156, and went away like hot cakes. Bentley and Maserati have also been closer to the abyss. Not to mention the wild success story of Skoda.

  • It remains to be seen if they can even use the Saab logo again. I'm still skeptical if the NEVS guys still get something decent baked. After the last few years, my confidence in NEVS is still well below zero. Before that has changed the still some rabbits from the hat.

  • Exciting to read

    Lg from Thuringia

  • Friends - believe me - with SAAB (at least what the letters once meant) the Schmarrn has nothing to do.
    Here only grasshoppers cavort - but very small, flight and hüpfunfähige, in learning and craft mode.
    Anyone who has any sense for SAAB or the former spirit behind these letters does not expect anything from these trainees in the automobile puppet theater.
    What should come out there, who should sell it and above all - who will buy something like that!
    At best, they build something for anyone. Ants Lohngewerkel.
    No spirit and certainly not one of SAAB.
    Here for years absolutely every chance has been dumbed down!
    Long live the tradition of the incompetent - a horror.

  • I do not want to join this! I think it can become something. It only depends on the product. There are so many examples of this in the automotive industry, even from car brands that have a miserable to no image that it works. See Opel with the Mocha, or Adam, Fiat with the 500, or the premium brands Jaguar, Volvo! Where were they? And SAAB has a good image and thus has a much better starting position. Provided the money is secured. Then it will work!

  • The mentioned companies existed, had a name and intact distribution networks etc.
    Goods or are so alive!
    An unnamed factory building with some equipment and changing owners is not a car brand.
    Of course, the present or future owners might be able to build something there, fountain pens or latex articles, something with four wheels on my accountâ € "but what does that have to do with SAAB?
    I do not know the criteria for a possible new naming, but I can imagine that they are very high and could only be fulfilled with a special unique product.
    Where has that been since GM's time - until today?
    A crazy, ingenious visionary would just need it, with a revolutionary idea, only they are all extinct or otherwise busy.
    Only money alone is not sufficient - SAAB has always had a hard time, right from the start, but genius, flu and ingenuity have shaped the past.
    I do not see it!

    • The car is not designed and built at the executive level. But engineers and workers who have been with Saab for decades. Therefore, I agree with the above: if enough money is taken in hand, the team at Saab will also be able to build good cars again.

      • Then it's easy!
        Anyone who is rich enough is also a genius - or buys one.
        There's a lot of them in the special offer.
        In plain English, we will soon be driving all Chinese cars - those who currently have the necessary money.
        Strangely enough, many manufacturers used to have a lot of money and great talented engineers, but they did not build any cars like SAAB.
        You can tell the difference if you can recognize it.
        The reading of the book "The Spirit of SAAB" - more than a car by Rolf Bleeker - is helpful.

  • The spirit at that time was just not enough! And the money in the episode also not. I stick to it, first of all capital is needed to secure food for Gyro Gearloose. An automobile brand does not live because it produces cars, but also sells them. Everything else is vegetating, death with open eyes.

  • Some talk bad, the others have the pink glasses on and already believe in new SAAB's in high, survivable quantities. In the market can be seen - Nights.
    What some Power Point slides can do - yawn. Neither the one nor the other has anything of substance.

  • What's happening? I can not do without a new post ...

    LG from Berlin

    • On withdrawal? We are working on a comprehensive update of the blog ... Tomorrow (hopefully) it will go online!

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