5. Saab Stammtisch Central Germany

On June 13.06.2015th, 5, just a few days after the Sweden trip to Trollhättan, the next Saab event was already on the agenda. Marc from Apolda organized the XNUMXth Saab get-together in Central Germany.

Saab Stammtisch Central Germany
Saab Stammtisch Central Germany

The meeting point was 13 p.m. at the Feininger Tower, at the A00-Mellingen / Apolda motorway exit, followed by a photo shoot of the participants. After all, 4 vehicles from 9 Saab series had arrived (5, 900, 9000-9 I, 3-9 II and 3-9). Marc has a scenic route via Umpferstedt, Apolda, Naumburg to. Bad Sulza picked out where he had reserved in the Ratskeller.

Punctually before a heavy rain shower, we arrived in front of the Ratskeller and converted the market square to Saab-Platz. This was followed by 2 hours of lively Saab conversations (and others) over refreshments and food. All in all a very nice afternoon with new acquaintances among like-minded people.

Thanks again to Marc for the organization. The next Saab Stammtisch Central Germany is to take place in the late summer / early autumn in the Gotha area. Exact details will be announced in the diary.

3 thoughts on "5. Saab Stammtisch Central Germany"

  • Can only confirm.
    Great people, great cars and a very nice tour.
    Thanks to the organizers! Nice that there is now also in central Germany a regular's table. I'm looking forward to the next tour.
    All Saab friends a nice weekend, even if it does not look like Cabriowetter.

    • Was a nice ride! Even if we then turned to Leipzig for the dreary but great Groenemeyerkonzert. Thank you to the organizers. Wolfgang from Erfurt

  • Long live the Stammtisch !!

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