If it has been quiet on the blog in the past few days, there were two reasons ... one of them is to be found in the aftermath of the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. Michèl, Mark and I had to set the course for the future development of the blog project…

Off to Sweden!
Off to Sweden!

Our reader structure has changed. The blog has become more international and at the same time more Scandinavian. Michèl, who lives Saab with all his heart, maintains close contact with Stallbacka. He has brought the piece of Saab Heimatland I have been looking for to the blog. At the same time - and we do not forget that - our roots are in the German-speaking area.

Saab is passion, regardless of origin and language. In order to make reading easier for our international readers, to develop the blog further in the direction of the future and internationality, there are profound changes. Today we say goodbye to the classic blog layout of the last years, go in the direction of portal or magazine style.

This makes navigation easier for visitors. The most recent articles are logically in the first row, below that is the international section with our English articles. At the same time as the changeover, we addressed our worst problem - the lack of time. Blog = hobby, very time consuming! If family and friends suffer because of the writing and the Saabs don't get enough exercise, that's not a good thing. The consequence is clear: we have to pull the plug on two projects.

The Saab classic theme is coming back ...

The blog should be about cars from the beginning. This topic has been neglected in recent years by the events surrounding the brand. Especially the classic Saabs found too little attention. So that these treasures from Trollhättan do not get lost in the daily flood of economic articles, they got a new home during the Spyker era on our Youngtimer Blog. Our modified layout allows classic items to be arranged so that readers interested in rusty hobby will find them here at first glance. The classic and youngtimer blog is history, a short episode. It remains as an archive, new articles appear here on the blog.

At the same time we say goodbye to our event site Saabmidsommar, because even events will be published here only in the future, which makes the future administration much easier for the team.

There was something else ... There are two reasons why things are a little quieter on our pages. We have worked through the first. Reason number 2 is a short blog break on my part. After the layout changes are on the way, I treat myself to a week without Saab. Regeneration is a must, daily writing takes a lot of creativity. Michèl and Mark keep an eye on the current developments and also have Saab in their hearts and maybe in their writing… 😉

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  • IOS seems to take time to load the dynamic start page, it did not work satisfactorily for our IOS devices either. We have reduced the amount of data to be loaded, possibly there are still old elements in the cache.

  • Hello, a great update! Unfortunately, the page does not work in the IOS.

  • Did you manage great, great! Give Tom a nice and relaxing holiday!

  • Finally another sign of life 🙂 inform about bookmarks! (I was already worried ...)
    The redesign of the site has been successful. Clear and clear, as we are used to from SAAB… .Fits for me! The time without information was worth it! 😉
    How many hours a day go into the country can only be guessed at….
    Therefore, the vacation from the blog is more than OK! The forces and the energy want to be treated well ... and I, as a beneficiary, look forward to “fresh” information from the land of the elk!

  • I am always happy to receive new reports from the blog. And I hope it never ends I believe that he is very time-consuming! But I think we are all grateful to you for that!
    I just like to read the reports and always enjoy when it comes to the brand.

    Thumbs up! And nice relaxing vacation. Thank you! greetings from Frankfurt

  • I love it! Especially good if you do not look every day. everything clearly!

  • Good rest at the well-deserved break! ! !

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