NEVS is growing in Trollhättan and Tianjin

Following the recent announcement of two new Chinese investors (The city of Tianjin (THT) and Beijing State Research Information Technology (SRIT)), NEVS is turning words into action.
New staff is being hired in Trollhattan and the R & D center will start work on June 28th.

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Significant steps forward (and very timely ones ...) to execute on the newly announced partnerships. President Mattias Bergman has confirmed earlier this month that several additional partnerships have been signed We are now awaiting the public announcements of these partnerships, especially around a new majority owner ...

"The construction of Nevs' Chinese factory in Tianjin starts June 28
To mark the start of construction of Nevs' new energy vehicle factory in China, and the establishment of a R & D center, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held in Tianjin June 28.

The Tianjin manufacturing plant wants to be Nevs' second global production base focused on EVs, initially for the Chinese market. Nevs' research, development and production will be managed from its headquarters in Trollhättan. "Source.

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