Orio Germany: relaunch of the websites

For a long time the web presence of Orio Deutschland GmbH used the old, clear Saab style. Since 2011 barely changed in principle, but always kept fresh with current issues, it was also a piece of conserved Saab culture. Past ! Since last week there is a new appearance.

Orio with new Saab website
Orio with new Saab website

The change is not a surprise; the completely redesigned style already existed in Sweden. The new design for Germany, Austria and Switzerland adapts to mobile devices and is easy to use. The menu navigation is very easy, the navigation on the upper right edge leaves no questions unanswered.

The colors correspond to the current Orio CI and mix with the traditional light shades that are familiar from Saab to create a new style of their own. Do you like the result? If not at first, then at second glance. At the latest when you have arrived at the chapter “Our History”. Orio lets the spirit of Saab live on, it is written there. I'll take that as a promise for the next few years.

Well then, congratulations on your new website, Orio Germany!

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    New style and yet saabig. Not bad!

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