Saabfestival 2015: Racing on Kinnekulle ring

Grim looks. Helmets. Roaring turbo's. The pungent smell of burnt rubber and sweat combined. The second day of the Saabfestival 2015 offered all this and more. Hundreds of SAAB's were present at the Kinnekulle ring for a full day of racing on one of Sweden's finest tracks.



With this year's Saab Festival, a much-desired element was re-launched: the race track. while the test drives with the 9-3N on the SAAB factory test track that had NEVS had the day before, got your own SAAB on an actual race track what something many festival attendees had truly been longing for. Saab Turbo Club of Sweden, one of the largest SAAB clubs in the country and true experts in the field. 2,072 km northeast of Trollhättan. 80 km track northeast of Trollhättan.


Several videos were made by the participants, but the below clip by Robert Sundberg is probably one of the best impressions from the event.

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    Nice video; gives a good impression of the drivers must have experienced. The Sonnet I; what did one of the originals build?

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      Thanks for the feedback! As to the Sonnet I question: yes, this is indeed one of the originals. There was a sign behind the windshield with more information about the car but I don't recall all the details. Maybe one of our readers knows?

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