My way to Saab

Saab reader story.

At the age of about 7 years, I was allowed to help my neighbor repair his car. In summer 1983 there was nothing more exciting for me! After completing my homework, I ran to his garage and was allowed to work with sandpaper the hubcaps, the rims and a fender.

Saab 9-3 by Marc-Michael
Saab 9-3

He had a buyer for his car, but had some conditions attached to the purchase. She wanted, among other things, in addition to rims in body color and the elimination of accident damage and one or the other rust point. I can still remember today how I was surprised that a car at least 10 years older than my parents' Opel had so much less rust.

Even the Chromelenker of my bike (a green Klettrad of Kettler) had more rust. Also it was much more difficult to sand the paint from the sheet than accidentally causing a scratch in the paint of my parents' car with the brake lever of my bike. After about 2 weeks of daily work, I had really loved the car and was sad when the day the vehicle was handed over. As a reminder, he made pictures of me in front of his car, which he gave me then. It was a green SAAB 96 Bj. 1970.

About 8 years later I was sitting with classmates during a free period (illegally) on the windowsill of our classroom on the second floor. We could see the street from our window. There was a zebra crossing directly below us. On this day, it was hot and the summer holidays were just around the corner, we heard Roxette's then current summer hit "Joyride" on the street. The song gradually got louder until we saw where it came from.

A black cabriolet with black leather seats and striking, unusual alloy wheels stopped in front of the crosswalk. The driver looked very relaxed and seemed to be enjoying his ride. It was a SAAB 900 Turbo Cabrio - probably built in 1991. From that moment it was clear to me that my first car would be a convertible! After my apprenticeship it was time. I found a 1990 VW Golf Cabriolet. It was black and had black leatherette seats. I had never regretted buying my strawberry basket in the 12 years I had been driving it almost every day. My girlfriend did not share my enthusiasm for this car to the same extent. The seats were too hot in summer, there was no air conditioning, there were no airbags, the doors were too thin, the trunk was too small, the wind was too loud (and made conversations from 100 km / h impossible) and finally a mirror was missing the sun visor on the passenger side 😉. One thing she made absolutely clear to me: if I were thinking of young people, the car had to go. So the specification was written and a combination was the logical consequence.

However, the station wagons were not very convincing at the time. A VW Passat was very spacious, but had an uninspired interior. Unfortunately, he shared this property with the Ford Mondeo, whose rear lights I liked, but since the driving experience takes place in the interior, it was still out of the question. Despite premium claims, a Mercedes was too susceptible to rust. The interior of the Opel smelled unpleasant of plastic and the BMW was simply too expensive to maintain. What remained were French, Italian or Japanese vehicles - and these were out of the question for me: Too susceptible to repairs, too divan, too playful.

As luck would have it, one morning in January, 2013 tore because of the extreme cold of my Golf's V-belts. I urgently needed to work. When my friend's father recognized my predicament, he unhesitatingly gave me the car keys of his SAAB 9-5 station wagon. His car jumped confidently and let me through the deep snow thanks to his Forderachsenantriebs safely threading into the traffic. The leather seats were comfortable. The interior immediately after the start comfortably warm. I heard radio on my way to work. The sound quality was very pleasant. At the traffic light I noticed the clever mechanics of the cup holder. How about having a second SAAB in the family? In the evening I went on the Internet on research.

2 Months later, a SAAB 9 3 1.8T Vector SportCombi Bj. 2005 was upon us. And what can I say: Even the next generation was not long in coming!

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

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  • That reads wonderfully, especially the passage with the Roxette hit about it - the way of writing is very successful. Unfortunately the story ends so abruptly - has it been cut, will there be a second part?

    You captured the 'hockey stick' design element perfectly in the field path image, which shows the SportCombi at an angle from the back of the passenger side ... the transition to the further path, that's exactly what I like. I think the photo is really well done. Please more of it if there is more. 🙂

  • Nice story. Especially the beginning with the 96. This could be the beginning of a whole book.

    I wish the paint on my 9-5 SC chrome glasses also had the qualities described. Unfortunately, you can basically rub off the top layers. A single carelessness and the gray primer becomes visible ...

    For the paint was probably more environmentally friendly than in the last century?
    A fundamental phenomenon of younger cars?

  • Wonderful! Very pleasant to start the day with this SAAB story!

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