IntSaab2015: SAAB Passion In Hesse

We have arrived at my wife´s birthplace in Biebertal-Fellingshausen outside Giessen. The home of a true Saab family. One car is missing as the old Saab 9000 recently broke down and was too old and too expensive to repair. So sadly only 2 Saabs left. If someone wants to buy the old 9000 it's for sale by "Sweden Automobile casting". We are going there tomorrow to take some pictures of the location.
We arrived at the parents of my wife in Biebertal-Fellingshausen outside of Giessen. This is where a real Saab family lives. A car is missing, the old Saab 9000 was recently broken and was too old and too expensive to repair. That's why there are only two Saabs left. If anyone is interested in the old Saab 9000, he is at Car dealership Sweden Automobile Giessen to buy. We will go there tomorrow and take some pictures of the dealership.



Daniel & Manfred. The "new" 9-5 that has been parked in the garage almost since new has almost only been used to travel to Sweden but now they have only 2 cars so it's a daily driver.

Daniel & Manfred with the ”new” Saab 9-5 that was parked in the garage and has since been taken out of the garage almost only for trips to Sweden. It now has to be used for daily trips as the family only has two Saabs.

This is the third post by Marcus and Manuela Bergfeldt about their experiences in participating in the IntSaab2015 event. SAAB 9-5NG from their home town of Tranås in Sweden to the Hesse region in Germany, and ultimately via France, Belgium and Denmark to IntSaab2015 host country Norway. Their previous posts can be found here and the next one will follow soon too!

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  • Hello Kochje, have sent you an e-mail!

  • Marcus, Knowing your route I suggest we meet at the border between Belgium and Paris. Mons on the E19. If you cross the border on the E19 it is at the border of a huge parking.
    I want to be able to meet you on your way to Paris. I drive a Saab 9.30-9 NG in Java Black.

  • Hello, we are leaving 6 am on Friday morning and going via Köln, Huy, Namur, Charleroi and Mons on route to Paris. We have about 660 km. So it will take some time. Any suggestions on where to what to see would be great. On the way back to Germany we travel via Metz and Saarbrücken 🙂 Regards Marcus, Manuela & Günter 🙂

  • That would be really nice and I think it can work in some cases, depending on the type of article and the author (s). In this case, we are really lucky that one of the authors is in fact German so that makes the additional language part easier. For some others (eg Tom's or my own editorials) it is more tricky but we'll keep it in mind 🙂

  • Maybe we should expect Swedish / German / English in the future? kinda funny here

  • To water? One of the biggest SAAB Eldorado in Germany; o)

  • If you come ......

  • Manuela and Marcus, I'm coming to Belgium, we can organize a get-together with Saab friends but we need a little bit of what you want to drive through.
    We would like to do that and when it is possible we are happy to assist. I am living close to Louvain, 20 KM South of Brussels.

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