IntSaab2015: Welcome to Sweden

We would like to welcome you to Sweden Automobile Giessen (“Sweden Automobile Giessen”) formerly known as Saab Zentrum Giessen. It's not so easy when you are a Saab reseller and suddenly there are no more new Saabs to order. Unfortunately there was already a Volvo dealership close by in Wetzlar so they started with servicing Volvos and now gained many new customers. They also sell new Volvos via a partner. They are really super friendly here so please make sure you visit them.

We warmly welcome you to Sweden Automobile Giessen, formerly known as Saab Zentrum Giessen. It's not that easy if you're a Saab dealer and suddenly there's more Saabs to order. Unfortunately, there was already an Volvo dealer in Wetzlar, so the Saab Zentrum Giessen started a Volvo service and got so many new customers. New Volvos are taught through a partner. All employees of Sweden Automobile Giessen are very friendly. So next time plan a visit there!


On the company grounds you can see Saabs and Volvo's together with the Saab and Volvo flags in the backgrounds. A rare sight for a Swedish tourist but a quite perfect match together.

On the grounds of the dealership you can see Saabs and Volvos together with the Saab and Volvo flags. A rare sight for a Swedish tourist, but they fit together perfectly.


Saab spotting


Just outside Sweden automobiles we spotted these two Saabs looking fantastic

Just outside Sweden Automobile Giessen we have discovered these fantastic looking Saabs.

This is the fourth post by Marcus and Manuela Bergfeldt about their experiences in participating in the IntSaab2015 event. SAAB 9-5NG from their home town of Tranås in Sweden to the Hesse region in Germany, and ultimately via France, Belgium and Denmark to IntSaab2015 host country Norway. Their previous posts can be found here and the next one will follow soon too!





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  • As far as the Opel dealerships are concerned, I can only agree with that. I also bought my current Saab from a (mainly) Opel dealership. According to its own advertising, the oldest Opel dealer still in the world. After the first production stop under Spyker's direction in spring 2011, the Saab signs were immediately removed there. After that I went to this company again because of a small problem and was there as a Saab customer with the words: We didn't use Saab anymore, just no more. Now, in most cases, a very well qualified free workshop around the corner does it, and if it gets a little more special, I just have to drive a few kilometers more.

  • I understand the frustration and can still do that. The observation is unfortunately true for the big dealers with the flash, but was Saab ever really at home there? Mostly not. For this reason, I have always preferred the small, traditional Saab partners, where the brand still has the appropriate value. Even if the journey is a bit longer.

  • If you drive Saab, you are simply in the advantage. It sounds so nice. But I can not sign this anymore. I drive two of these magnificent vehicles, but I will now separate from one. Compulsory. There are only problems with spare parts procurement, the service suffers, stress is programmed.
    Sorry, I'm sorry, I won't go along with this anymore. The only workshop in question - formerly a Saab dealer and service center - is now mostly only Opel or something-affine. As a Saab customer, you always stand in line for repairs. Behind the Opel workers, although they could easily go to any other workshop. I, on the other hand, feared because the ingenious Saab master has to deal with other shit.
    Recently: engine icon lights up and they actually offer me an appointment in two weeks. Am I supposed to ride a bike for a daily distance of at least 70 km? I do not mind anymore.
    I've loved my dream brand, Saab, since 1992, but I'll be swapping my Aero for a Volvo XC90. I just don't feel like having grumbling workshop staff and half-hearted improvisation. And the fear of not getting any help when things get tight. Driving a Saab is simply no longer an advantage. Morally maybe, but in practice by no means. Shit, shit, shit!

  • Marcus & Manuela put a lot of effort into this, there is work behind them. I'm happy that you are doing that, it's Saab Spirit 😉

  • Great thing these 2 language articles. Since you can get used to it. You can already speak a little English, but in German reading is then a lot more relaxed. Thanks for that, I would be glad about more of them.

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